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May Spiritual Guide: Growth


It’s the start of a new month and new beginnings are on the horizon. As we move gracefully into May, I’d love to offer you a guide for the month. This month’s theme is Growth. As a part of our new “Spiritual Guide” series, I’ll be introducing practices, products, and inspiration to help guide you through the next few weeks and unearth your full potential. Remember, outside of the month itself, each day is an opportunity to practice self-love and self-care.


Meditation of the month: Spiritual Growth

This great introductory meditation (and it’s only 10 minutes) will help ease you into the practice. It’ll allow you to open up to the month ahead and freshen your perspective on life in honor of Spring.

Inspiration of the month: TED

Outside of my favorite Instagram poets, I turn to TED talks when I need inspiration. This month, listen in on 10 TED Talks to Encourage Personal Development. From mindfulness, to reframing, to gratitude - this curated list will help open your mind to new possibilities within yourself.

Book of the month: The Power of Now: By, Eckhart Tolle

There is no time like the present and the time is now. This worldwide bestseller will help guide you on your spiritual journey and help you grow through the discovery of truth and light.


Food of the month: Thought

For May, use this food for thought as a starting point for practicing mindful eating. From sustainability to plating to savoring, you can learn how to enjoy your food more and be knowledgeable about the products you consume.

Scent of the month: Bergamot

Aromatherapy is known to reduce stress and sometimes evoke memories or stored emotions. This month, notice Bergamot as a fruity and citrusy way to celebrate yourself and alleviate anxiety in Spring. It brightens and helps regulate mood among other health benefits.

Yoga pose of the month: Tadasana

Tadasana, or more commonly known as “Mountain Pose” in yoga, is an active and grounding pose known to harmonize the body and mind. As a foundational pose, it’ll leave you feeling refreshed, lengthened, confident, and standing tall (literally) as you navigate the month.


Crystal of the month: Clear Quartz

One of the most utilized stones, clear quartz amplifies other crystals, strengthens your aura, and helps align your chakras. As we linger between seasons, we’re looking for balance and this is the perfect crystal to help us find it. Use clear quartz to activate and meditate.

Goddess of the month: Maia Maiestas

In Roman mythology, Maia was the goddess of Spring and the month of May comes from her name. She also represents growth, increase, and warmth - making this the perfect month to rise to the occasion and follow an ambition.

Mantra of the month: OM

As the world blossoms around us this Spring, chanting OM will help us be in harmony with the universe. Begin and end your meditation or yoga practices with this vibration to resonate and connect with your spirit.

May your month open your mind, heal your body, and strengthen your spirit.