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Mars Is Going Retrograde, Here's What You Should Know (Get Ready)

mars in retrograde 2018

First, a few dates to remember: June 26th - Mars begins its two-month retrograde starting in Aquarius, where it will then dip back into Capricorn on August 12th.

Second, keep in mind that planetary retrogrades mean to review, slooooow down.

Third, know that Mars; the planet of action, momentum, willpower, and anger; doesn’t like to do anything slow (unless maybe Mars is in Taurus).

So, what can we expect when Mars goes retrograde? We can expect frustration and issues related to how we deal with anger to come up. We may be pushed to get clear on the things that we are willing to fight for (and those we’re not). We may also experience delays – especially when it comes to launching brand new initiatives. We may experience a lack of energy and motivation and confidence too. Second-guessing oneself and the action to take is not unusual under a Mars retrograde. In the case of sexual relationships, Mars retrograde could also deliver sexual chemistry that’s DOA.

Word on the astrological streets is that Mars retrograde is not a good time for initiating a fight or a legal battle with others, but I haven’t seen enough examples of this to say that this is true. What I do know is that as someone that has Mars retrograde in my birth chart, I often try to avoid getting into battles with others, unless someone pushes my buttons enough where I explode in a mushroom cloud of rage. (I’m working on this). But that’s what Mars retrograde does; it forces you to confront your anger, your hang-ups with self-confidence, and whether or not the things you’re putting your energy into are worth it.

With Mars going retrograde in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn – the sign that upholds the rules and regulations (Capricorn) and the sign that loves to break them (Aquarius) – we should expect to examine the ways we’ve let preexisting rules and societal norms hold us back, hold us down, and hold us in limbo. As a collective, we may not only be called to examine if we’ve been blindly following the rules in place but how we should actually go about changing the rules as Aquarius is a sign that can be great with ideas but not so great with application. The “ideas” that the current U.S. administration has about immigration and other issues is an example of the negative side to Mars in Aquarius, while the authorities and the rules in place (represented by Capricorn) have made it possible to propagate them.

Though on a more personal and individual level, here is what each zodiac can expect from Mars retrograde from June 26 - August 27:

Aries: It’s time to reassess the friendships you’re willing to ride or die for because not everyone you’re willing to go to bat for may be ready to do the same for you. Meanwhile, when it comes to the causes you believe in are you rallying for the right cause? Pick and choose your battles wisely. Lastly, in terms of your career, you may need to rethink your direction. Look before you leap.

Taurus: If you’ve been bumping heads with your supervisor or manager as of late, it may be time to reassess if what you’re pumping your energy into is a good use of your time. If not, it may be time to strategize an exit plan or hold off on launching any big initiatives for the time being. At the same time, your confidence could use a boost. Reconnect with your sense of adventure.

Gemini: Are there beliefs and perceptions you’ve been holding on to as of late that need to be re examined or released? And when it comes to a vision that you want to see come true, what kind of actions are you taking to ensure that it does? It’s time to find out. Financially, it’s time to reassess your strategy for getting out of debt. Overall, it’s time to reclaim the power you’ve been giving away.

Cancer: While the way in which you bond and meld with others is often what makes people seek you out in the first place, sometimes those bonds can erode your boundaries and sense of agency. It’s time to redraw those boundaries and get clear on what’s yours and what’s not, resources and emotional baggage included. Meanwhile, it may be time to let a relationship finally fizzle out.

Leo: If you and your significant other or someone close to you haven’t been seeing eye to eye, now may be the time to start working things out and learning the power of fighting fairly with someone you love. Can the two of you address the issue without it going nuclear? That’s how scars form. On another note, if you haven’t be as active lately or overindulging on junk food, it’s time for a change.

Virgo: You’re a true powerhouse but you might not have the energy or the time to keep up with everything you may be piling onto your plate. Now is the time for working smarter and not harder as you don’t want to burn out or put your well-being at risk. Also, if you’ve been working too hard, it’s time to reconnect to your source of fun. Don’t second-guess your right to take up space.

Libra: You may want to move full-steam ahead with a romantic relationship, but you can’t force something that’s not meant to be. If the person you’re interested in is all fluff and no action, you may have to pump the brakes. On another note, you may need to go back to the drawing board with a creative endeavor. At home, things get intense. Be proactive about creating a personal sanctuary.

Scorpio: As someone that feels things deeply, it can be easy to internalize your anger and stew. However, if a family member (like a parent) continually pushes your buttons, it’s time to stop giving them that kind of power over you. Before you react to something they do or say, ask yourself if you’re giving them too much energy. Meanwhile, it’s time to improve how you communicate with others.

Sagittarius: You’re a free thinker but it may be time to challenge ideas and perceptions you have that may be holding you back and robbing you of your freedom. On a different note, Sagittarius, not everything that comes to your mind needs to be said out loud. Practice some discretion. Financially, it’s time to slow down on the spending and to make sure you’re getting your fair due. .

Capricorn: Are you allowing a lack of confidence prevent you from getting the things you really want? Or the things that you deserve? If the answer is yes, self-affirmation is the name of the name for you over these next few weeks. At the same time, you may need to dump a project or two, especially if the investment you’re making isn’t worth the return you’re getting. Don’t be afraid to quit.

Aquarius: You often cheerlead for others, but what about cheerleading for yourself? It’s not about being the loudest in the room, but recognizing that you deserve to be in the room, taking up space and expressing yourself how you see fit, period. But before you take off guns blazing, you may need to reassess your mission. Are you headed where you want to go? Also, Find a way to blow off steam.

Pisces: Your energy levels might be a bit wonky now, which means that your best bet is to channel your energy into activities and interests that benefit your peace of mind and well-being. This might even be a good time to reconnect with your spiritual energy if you’ve been feeling depleted. Speaking of feeling depleted, in terms of what you do for friends and when, protect your energy.