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4 Gorgeous Plants That You'll Need to Try REALLY Hard to Kill

low maintenance plants indoor

I’m convinced that these plants survive on sheer will alone.

My entire adult life I've been one walking talking plant killer. You could literally take me and spray me on your lawn to kill every dandelion. Put me in the vicinity of a plant, and it's going to be dead. It's ridiculous. Or shall I say it was ridiculous because my whole life has changed; I'm a new woman. Now, under my care, not only can plants live but they can thrive. Everything changed for me once I stepped up my plant care knowledge and learned that while I may love all plants, not all of them can flourish in my environment. The key for me was finding those plants that do best in my home's surroundings and just buying a bunch of them. The first thing you should consider and the main thing I never considered was my lighting.

My apartment has loads of windows in the rear so imagine my surprise when I strutted into the local plant nursery and was told that my apartment actually gets insufficient sunlight. Don't be like me, be a good plant mom and learn how much natural light your home really gets.

South facing windows x lots of windows = high light

East or West facing windows x lots of windows = medium light

North facing windows x lots of windows = low light

Any direction facing windows x few windows = low light

Again, my apartment is of the low light variety which means that I have a lot of north facing windows. I'm so happy that I went into a knowledgeable local plant nursery and had my plant wisdom upgraded by the wonderful shopkeeper. Otherwise, I would've walked around, tossed every pretty plant into my basket. Then bewildered and frustrated, I would have watched them die slowly. Instead, I took home plants that are STILL ALIVE today so I'm here to share these blessings with you so that you too can stop serial killing your plants.

I'm only mentioning plants that thrive in low light and infrequent watering so that you have some time to remember to water them.


No.1 The Snake Plant

Sansevieria trifasciata

I keep snake plants in my office where I only have 2 windows that face the North. They're thriving wonderfully with the low light and with infrequent watering.


No. 2 The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Ficus Lyrata

I am absolutely in love with my Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees. I have 2 in my living room where I have 2 windows and a glass patio door that faces the north. Therefore, these plants get more light than my Snake Plants. Still, they like to get somewhat dry in between watering.

These plants are so gorgeous and attract loads of compliments from my guests. They can grow pretty tall depending on the size of pot you plant them in. The one extra bit of maintenance for this plant is periodically wiping dust off of the leaves. Because the leaves are so large and flat, they collect dust which can prevent them from maximum sun absorption.


No. 3 The ZZ Plant


This beauty is native to Eastern Africa, specifically Kenya down through Northern South Africa. Therefore it's no surprise that they can really thrive in a dry environment but also low light as well.


No. 4 The Dumb Canes


I see these plants everywhere and now it makes sense why. They're really easy to care for because they thrive in medium to low light and need to dry out between watering. If there's anything I'm good at, it's letting plants thrive.

So, those are the four! Now say these positive affirmations with me so that you feel empowered to go out, get some plants, and keep them alive.

"I am fully capable of taking care of plants"

"Plants live full lives under my care"

"I am not a plant serial killer; I'm the opposite of that."