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No, You Can't Just Lose Your Stomach Fat

Spot Reducing Fat Is Impossible

What do I mean by "spot reducing?" Well to put it plainly, there is no food, exercise, or shape-ware known to man that will reduce the amount of fat you carry in a specific area of your body at your request. Where we carry our fat is predisposed for us genetically. When you have a free moment, take a look at your parents' physiques. Your physique likely mirrors theirs. If you are genetically predisposed to carry your body fat in your stomach, boobs, and back then those will be areas where you struggle to lean out.

Burning body fat is a process of consistent effort. Regardless of the area you carry your fat, it can and will be burned away with the proper diet and exercise plan. As you burn fat, you will burn it from all over your body. The areas you gain fat first, will likely be the last areas to lean out. Patience and consistency are key. In the end, you will reach your goal of that flat stomach, but in the meantime you will get leaner legs,back, and arms too.