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A Dad Captured A Video Of His Little Girl Crying & You Have To See It


While browsing Reddit I stumbled across this video with the title “Why are you crying…?”

I pressed play and the video was revealed to be that of a little girl on the floor in a fit of emotion. Her father, Willie Mack of East Liverpool Ohio, gently tried to coax her into articulating what was wrong. At one minute in, the overwhelmed and adorable little girl was standing, still unable to express herself, but her dad asked the magic question. That question, arguably the most important question of her life, was “what do you want to cheer you up?”

The little girl then mulled over her father’s suggestions of a snack and some music, ultimately stating that Fraggle Rock had good music and the show started with said feel-good music. She also thought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would make her feel better, or perhaps whatever her father thought she should have.

What could have been a bunk post that was passed over in search of a viral meme turned into one that received over 13k upvotes and 600 comments. Most of the comments were from people expressing how amazing it was that while the little girl couldn’t articulate what was bothering her she could, with the help of her father, figure out how to feel better.

Many people, myself included, could remember being that age and being upset without knowing the cause. Still, at that age I didn’t know how to make myself feel better. In fact, it seems that only now, as thirty-year old woman, I’m able to be more pragmatic about my mood. Other Redditors shared my sentiments. Check out the heart-warming display of empathy below.

I am actually impressed at this interaction. The child is likely unable to express why she feels sad because she simply doesn't possess the vocabulary and/or insight to articulate her feelings, which is perfectly normal even for adults sometimes. She appears to be trying to regulate her breathing as well which is impressive. The father talks in a neutral tone, asks appropriate questions, and suggests some healthy coping skills which she agrees to try. I wish I could show this to some of the families I work with! -RhinestoneTabby

As a grown woman, I can completely relate to her on this front. Sometimes all I need is a snack and some good music. - almondbuttered

I love her long explanation about Fraggle Rock, especially when she concludes thatmaybeit will make her feel better. Maybe a snack as well - 200Tabs

As a grown woman with depression, this made me cry, too. So awesome seeing such a young person knowing already what she needs to get out of her funk. It took me years to figure out the Fraggle Rock and PBJ trick - tinybrownbird

My friend watched my daughter melt down and cry for an undefined amount of time. As the mother of twin boys, she claims that she never had to endure this before. I just shrugged 🤷🏾‍♀️ and said, “eh, haven’t you just wanted to cry sometimes? It’s the same thing.” She had a bottle of water and some fruit loops and all was well in the world. - 200Tabs

You could see her trying to calm herself down by breathing slow in the beginning which is a really good skill to develop. I think sometimes that being that age is just daunting - the amount of stuff they have to learn and then also learning to mediate their own emotions and responses to everything around them must be overwhelming. I can understand her getting a little overwhelmed but it is nice to see her work with her dad to find a way to make herself feel better. - downtherabbithole_x

This isn’t very different from when I am having a depressive episode. Sad, don’t really know why, give some random reasons, need a snack. -imnotgrownupyet

That kid's ability to remain calm and voice what she needs was better than how most adults handle being hangry. - I_DR_NOW

I think it also speaks volumes of how fucking crazy emotions are. Like, she’s really articulate and well-spoken, obviously pretty smart, but she still can’t translate what all the chemicals are doing in her brain or why. It takes years, or decades, to get even halfway decent at that. - thecrazysloth

I've been off and on sad since Wednesday, and I do know why, but I can't figure out how to make it better. - TrekkiMonstr

I'm thirty years old, make more money in a year than I thought I'd ever see in my entire lifetime, and have everything I've ever wanted and I still have no idea how to articulate, or even really understand, why I feel how I feel at any given time. - DirtTrackDude

Awesome dad.. stay calm and communicate with your children. She is so cute. I remember having this situation with my kids only it was labyrinth we watched a thousand times. Your calm demeanour will grow onto her personality and when you grow old she will be your voice of reason. Peace - murph3062

I love this video, I distinctly remember being a kid and feeling sad to the point of crying and not knowing why. I also couldn’t articulate what would make me feel better. As a thirty-ish year old woman I’ve now reached the point of requesting fraggle rock and a snack when I need it. It’s called self-care. - the_fitertainer

This girl's gonna be fine, she figured it out before adulthood! - Fpooner_vs_Fpoonee

This kid is so SMART. So in tune with her emotion. So maturely controlling it. Takes her time and then explains a solution. This was beautiful, that girl, and her father are rare examples. - Random_G

“3 out of 5 work days this is basically me. Just trying to keep it together man” - sunnycmg

“Literally me when I’m on my period” - frankiiemarie23

“In touch with the human condition this one.” - mouseklip

“This is a really amazing example of child who has been encouraged, supported and allowed to develop strong self-regulation skills. Her deep breathing when she's trying not to completely fall apart, her ability to recognize and identify what might make her feel better. Well done, parents. Skills like that are invaluable.” - mamificlem

‘That man is awesome. she was crying and he didn't know why and all she did was sit there and he was just tryna figure out why she was crying. he did this all calm. this is probably doesn't seem like a big deal to others but growing up where being screamed at was on a daily, this warms me heart ❤” - allyally25

“I’m an adult and sometimes a good show and a snack is what I need to make me feel happy too. But omg I could hug that girl. She was trying to breathe through it. Her hand gestures. Saying “whatever you want me to have” but willing it to be a pbj. The cuteness was too much.” - thinkofthestory

“This is literally me as a 22 year old rn. The crying without being able to communicate well and not really knowing why I’m crying, the crying and needing snacks and suggesting a peanut butter and jelly. What an adorable kid. And what a great dad. My boyfriend usually has the same response.” - Anthrotitiology

“This doesn't stop when you get older” - logicpower1

So, what does it take to cheer you up when you’re feeling “big sad?” When I’m inexplicably upset, my go-to is a solid nap. Let us know in the comments!