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How to Affirm Your Awesomeness Every Single Day

positive affirmation card deck

Learn to obsess over what's right about you...

If only you obsessed over what's right about you rather than what your significant other, your boss, your kids, or your parents told you that you needed to fix.

No.1 Make speaking positively about yourself a daily practice

What you think about yourself is what you become so it's important to speak positively and lovingly about yourself every day. I created the I AM affirmation cards that help you affirm your greatness. The deck contains 30 cards for you to pull day. Each card begins with an "I Am" affirming statement followed by an additional uplifting message. It's impossible not to feel lighter and happier after routinely using them.

No. 2 Get comfortable accepting compliments

Stop meeting compliments with humility. If someone compliments your work don't respond with an "oh really?! I thought I could've done some things better." Learn to just say "oh, thank you!"

Society has taught us that humility is a virtue and that acknowledging our good qualities is conceit or braggadocios; this is especially true for women. Here's the thing, if someone compliments you and they feel put off by you accepting the compliment with a simple "thank you" then they weren't coming from a sincere place. Subconsciously their compliment was a gift that you needed to accept on their terms.

No. 3 Invert your self-criticism

Everything has an inverse. Light inverts dark, good inverts bad, nice inverts mean, clean inverts dirty, and Ying inverts Yang. When you find yourself being your own worst critic remember to stop and inverse the critique. I'll give you a personal example to illustrate what I mean. Personally, I'm terrible at keeping the bathroom tidy. However, I do a really good job at keeping the rest of the house organized. Therefore, if I begin the statement "I am terrible at keeping the bathroom......" I stop myself and state the inverse "I'm really awesome at keeping the kitchen, office, living room, and bedroom clean." Both statements mean the same thing, but only one is empowering and affirming.

Give it a try the next time you're about to criticize yourself. Make sure you stop and offer the affirming inverse.

I am not a good leader = I am good at taking direction

I am a bad cook = I am really good at appreciating flavors of meals or I am really good at picking entrees at restaurants.

No. 4 Remember that negativity is a reflection of a person's relationship with themselves

As I mentioned earlier everything in the universe works as an inverse. Where there is negativity there also exists equal parts positivity. People want to be happy. No one is avoiding feeling good. Everything we do in life we do because we think it will make us feel better. So remember that the level of negativity someone directs towards you is a direct reflection of the amount of positivity they wish they felt.

Those "Negative Nellies" don't feel good enough to lead with positivity which means they have an internal conflict with themselves. The negativity is cathartic momentarily but the momentum of it can make them spiral into a really dark place. Don't take it personally and stoop to their level. Always prioritize your relationship with yourself over the actions of others.