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Libra Tattoos Perfect For The Cool & Charming Zodiac Sign



From September 23 to October 22, Libra season takes flight. Libras are air signs and they thrive on balance in their lives. Libra women are even-tempered and sweet but don’t cross them. They’ll come at you with a vengeance. Libra ladies believe in the scales of justice and they will make certain that justice is served.

Enough about our favorite peacekeepers Libras. Let’s talk about their tattoo style. Libras have some of the most inspired tattoos we have seen relating to their beloved zodiac. From scale designs to the alluring and powerful goddess of justice, Themis, Libra tattoos make us fall in love a little more every time.We hope these Libra tattoos inspire you for your next tattoo. Here are some of our favorites to show off the lady Libra in your life.

Cosmic Libra Tattoos

Because it relates to the Libra constellation, it’s no wonder that many Libras love cosmic tattoos. Here are some of our favorite cosmic-themed Libra tattoos.

Tattooer Ivan Molnar displays his talent with this mesmerizing sternum tattoo - a scale balanced with planets. The planets appear to resemble Mars and Neptune, the fourth planet of the inner four and the outer four. The coloring of the piece is exceptional.

Rafael Figini’s version of a planetary Libra tattoo has an attitude all its own. With a flaming moon for a head, this Libra strikes a pose to show off the scales on her top.

Black Girl Magic Libra Tattoos

These Libra queens have majorly inspired their own tattoos. The images are sexy, beautiful and magical, all in one. We are in awe of how fantastic they are.

Tattoo artist Brian Buckles takes on a more radical style of the Libra tattoo with this queen’s design. She is inspired by both her zodiac sign and the Black Lives Matter movement, and Buckle’s depiction makes a real statement through art.

This custom ink by Julie Juice is perfection when talking about Libra tattoos. The design is gorgeous from the curve of the woman’s waist to the Libra-symbol in her afro.

Thigh pieces are enticing in general, but this one by Oldtown Tattoo San Francisco is another story entirely. The look is exquisite from the tight curl of the woman’s hair right down to her chained scales of justice. Somehow, we don’t think this one is just about her zodiac sign.

Libra Tattoos With Trees

A tree accompanying a Libra scale is a force to be reckoned with. Because trees tend to symbolize growth, when paired with scales life is complete for a Libra. These are our favorite tree-inspired Libra tattoos for you to consider for your next piece of body art.

Matt Roland’s super-intricate “tree of life” Libra tattoo is sensational. The scales of justice balanced prominently on the branches of life tell a story of decisions not yet made.

Artist La Dame shrinks her “tree of life” and nestles it inside of a Hamsa hand-- the “hand of God” in many belief systems. The scales are evenly balanced on the tree boughs, and we love how pretty the idea behind this Libra tattoo is: the balance of universal rules working in harmony.

Cool-girl Libra Tattoos

Not every Libra lady has to have a simple tattoo. These cool Libra tattoos are perfect for the Libra trendsetter in your life.

Tattoo maven Harriet Heath inked this nonchalant Libra lady onto her client and we think she is killing the trend game. With bright pink hair, pink-tinted shades, alligator-style hair clips and a long necklace (with scales as her charm, no less) this Libra woman is unafraid and daring. She knows the world is her oyster, although she keeps it to herself.

Sophia Brown’s Libra tattoo puts abstract art to the test. Her depiction shows a Libra woman delicately balancing on the scales betwixt her heart and mind. This is a remarkably beautiful piece of art that we would love to see more of. We can tell there is a lot of thought behind its design.

The passion behind this Libra tattoo by Rakhee Shah (@rakhee_shah on Instagram) is unparalleled. The understanding and torture in the woman’s face are mesmerizingly apparent and the addition of the plants makes us wonder what could be on her mind. Her scales are unbalanced although they have the same botanicals between them. We know that Libras sometimes keep opinions to themselves to keep the peace, but maybe it’s throwing this Libra out of balance and upsetting her inner peace.

Libra Tattoos With Scales

The scales are the symbol of the Libra relating to the goddess of justice, and we found Libra scales all over Instagram. Prepare for Libra season with these sexy scale tattoos.

Orchids are incredibly difficult to portray in tattoo form, but artist Marina Latre shows us how it’s done. She shows off her talents with this gorgeous Libra tattoo. Her orchids wrap around the base of the scales and balance the scales perfectly.

Tattooer Jordan Taylor’s phoenix carries the scales on this Libra tattoo, although they are tethered to her by a chain. This Libra’s inner fire is well-kept, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just below the surface.

Tattoo artist Minh Do demonstrates her talents for this Libra tattoo. The scales are delicately shaded and accompanied by the date 09/29/11. The date must be significant to her client and the font used is gorgeous.

Masha’s watercolor Libra tattoo utilizes a simplistic style to enunciates the design. The scales are wrapped in a yin-yang to symbolize the equilibrium of the universe.

We love this Libra tattoo by Sixtyone Ink because of how incredibly realistic it looks. The scales are held by a delicate, yet sturdy base. It is almost as though you can reach out and remove the scales from her back as a three-dimensional object.

This Libra tattoo by artist Giovana Sieben Cuozzo depicts the Libra scales in all its glory. The scales of justice weigh a pair of sweet succulents that are ideal for the plant-loving Libra. Cuozzo’s handiwork is provocative and pretty.

Constellation Libra Tattoos

The Libra constellation is constructed of many different stars, creating a set of scales in the sky. It’s no wonder Libra women love tattooing the image on their bodies. Check out these gorgeous constellation Libra tattoos.

White ink is difficult to apply, but tattooer Molli knows how to get the job done. Her simple, white-ink Libra tattoo is perfect for the Libra woman who doesn’t want to share her tattoos with the world.

Tattoo artist Mina Ilić uses a more geometric style for her Libra constellation. She is careful to make the tiny stars symmetrical and added a thick triangle to accent the piece.

Paris-based tattoo artist Raphaële knows how to be delicate with her linework. This small Libra tattoo has beautiful placement on her client’s upper back, and Van Gogh-style shading around the stars of the constellation.

Artist Christine So knows how to add fun to her tattoo designs. This Libra tattoo is a constellation doused with brightly colored stars and planets. It really brings smiles to our faces.

Tattoo artist Emi decorated her client’s upper arm with a Libra constellation fit for the goddess she is. The tattoo design featured tiny flower buds in the shape of the Libra constellation.

Goddess Libra Tattoos

The Greek goddess of justice, Themis, is inspiration in-and-of herself and she is a favorite for sexy Libra tattoos. We just can’t get enough of them, and just look at the details. Here are some of our favorite goddess-inspired Libra tattoos.

This Libra tattoo by artist Erika Jay is a gorgeously complex depiction of the goddess Themis. As is tradition, the goddess wears a blindfold and holds her scales with the tip of her forefinger. The sun glows in the background and peonies decorate the rest of the space.

By tattooer Rui Lee this Themis-inspired Libra tattoo is quite literally killing the game. She holds her sword in her hands with her scales over her shoulders. The Libra constellation sits behind her head along with a pair of hibiscus flowers down below.

Artist Mariana Pinheiro tattoos the energies and constellations of the zodiac which surround her client in this goddess-inspired tattoo: sun in Scorpio, ascending in Aquarius and moon in the transition to Libra. We love this piece in all its entirety.

Carolina’s version of the divine goddess Themis takes center stage in her Libra tattoo. The goddess dangles the scales of justice over her head in a way that keeps them in perfect balance.

We are absolutely in love with Libra tattoos. Keep in mind that despite the sheer genius of these designs, there are a limitless number of ways to own your zodiac in tattoo-form. We can’t wait to see what you beautiful ladies come up with for your own Libra tattoos.