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16 Leo Tattoos To Get That Are Bold, Proud & Impossible To Ignore



Calling all Leos! This one’s for you! Your favorite time of year is upon us, and we can’t wait to see you shine. Leo season is now, and we know you all want to be repping the best Leo tattoos around.

Leos are bold and brave individuals who know what they want and know how to get it. That’s why we are positive you all will love this zodiac ink for your lion-hearted spirits.

Celebrity Leo Tattoos

Celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Demi Lovato sport lion tattoos that pay homage to their zodiac signs. Jessica Alba has a sweet Leo constellation in tribute to her child who is a Leo as well.

Jessica Alba’s motherly tribute to the little Leo in her life is adorable. Celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo (@_dr_woo_ on Instagram) inked a Leo constellation on her forearm, and I am here for it! Alba has a constellation of each of her children’s zodiacs.

Dr. Woo (@_dr_woo_) is a tattoo artist favored by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Becky G, Emilia Clarke and many other celebrities. This awesome lion tattoo is just one of his many incredible pieces of body art that he’s done. I love how delicate his linework is.

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy (@bangbangnyc on Instagram) did an incredible Leo the Lion on Demi Lovato’s hand back in early 2017. We love the intensity of the feline beast’s gaze and fullness of his mane.

“Bang Bang” (@bangbangnyc) also decorated Cara Delevingne’s finger with a fierce Leo tattoo in mid-2018, and it is ferocious. We love her Leo pride.

Michelle Santana (@mnsantanatattoo on Instagram) is a popular celebrity tattoo artist and has done pieces for celebrities like Kendall Jenner and SZA. This beautiful lion tattoo is perfect for a Leo. The mane is wrapped with a wreath of daisies and roses; we are loving how dainty it is.

While there are a ton of different ways to rep the Leo zodiac sign in permanent ink, here are some of our favorites on social media right now.

Leo Portrait Tattoos

The lion portrait tattoo is pretty popular and we love how even in the same position the lion can be so different.

Rafa G. (@sorrymomtattoomoraira feature on Instagram) shows the softer side of the lion in this gorgeous blue-eyed beast. The softer shading and dotted features in the mane make the piece blend beautifully. The darkness on the muzzle creates such realistic dimension, and this big kitty is perfect for Leo season.

This tiny Leo tattoo by Paul Toadere (@paultoadere on Instagram) is the perfect inspo for your favorite Leo lady. It’s about twice the size of a Romanian coin (shown in the image) and intricate in its detail and linework. My favorite part of this portrait tattoo is the subtle white line detail used to define the eyes and whiskers on the cat. We know it probably took a while to get just enough of the mane defined! Toadere really outdid himself with this tiny lion and we are loving the look of tiny ferocity.

Mr. Jones ( on Instagram) has a more contemplative version of the Leo portrait tattoo, and it speaks to me. The face is only three-quarters of the way defined, with both eyes very apparent, and the upper left side of the face incorporating artistic slashes which give the entire piece a sense of intrigue. I feel that the incomplete nature of the image increases the intensity of the piece and relates to some of the qualities of a person with a Leo zodiac: it’s magnetic and alluring.

Cuban tattoo artist Lola (@glitterpoops_ on Instagram) shows her stuff with this fantastically beautiful Leo tattoo. You can see the lion’s head without so much as an outline, and if that is not talent then I don’t know what is. Lola places the most emphasis on the lion’s stunning, cerulean blue eyes by cleanly drawing them out of the face. The rest of the lion’s face forms from there, defined with a lotus on the forehead along with other swirly designs.

Naldo Ink (@naldo_ink_illustrator on Instagram) is a Buffalo, NY-based tattoo artist with a knack for gorgeous artwork. This Leo tattoo is beautifully accented with a multiple lotus flower design and striking blue eyes. The lioness is a queen, and we love this lion piece!

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoos

The Leo symbol is one of the cleanest and most simple ways of identifying yourself as a Leo. Here are two of our favorite Leo tattoos in symbol form.

Mariartsy’s ( on Instagram) Leo tattoo makes good use of the Leo symbol with a combination of red and black coloring, with the red definitely symbolizing the fire and ferocity of Leos themselves. I love the placement of the piece on the back of the neck; the minimalist way the script is layered over the red fire symbol is very simply attractive.

Tattoo artist Antonia’s ( on Instagram) Leo tattoo is a smooth and script-like version. I love how precisely filled the lines of the piece are! The placement on the side of the wrist is perfect for the symbol, and the size brings just enough attention to the piece.

Leo Constellation Tattoos

Talented tattooist Sasha’s (@sashaink on Instagram) Leo tattoo is a constellation accented by both a lion face and dainty vines. The lion’s eyes have an almost curious quality to them; the fine line technique of this ink is beautiful and delicate, and we love it!

Anna Corbett’s ( on Instagram) Leo tattoo is Leo representation in triplicate! The image of a lion and lioness against a night sky takes prominence along with the Leo constellation! The entire image is encased in a silhouette of a lion’s head, and we are here for it! This piece is so different from any other we’ve seen; it’s amazing!

One of Xiso Ink’s (@xiso_ink on Instagram) tattoo artists showcases their single-needle design with this adorable Leo constellation tattoo. The sunflowers directly in the middle are a perfect accent to the design.

Mackenzie Creedon (@mackatazz on Instagram) took inspiration from Disney’s “The Lion King” for this Leo tattoo, and we’re showing you just in time for the release of the live-action film! Creedon delicately fits the Leo constellation inside of the Simba image, and we are obsessing over it! It’s Leo creativity at its finest!

What better way to demonstrate some fierce self-love than to embrace your whole heart and soul, fire signs? Leos are graceful and dignified, yet wild and dazzling. You take all attention when you enter the room, and heck if you don’t deserve it! You are loving and sweet, but know how to stand up for your beliefs. These Leo tattoos definitely showcase the personality of the Leo zodiac, and we hope they inspire you for your next tattoo.