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We Asked a Bunch of Women to Tell Us Their Leap of Faith Stories

leap of faith

We asked women in social media and in real life to share their leap of faith stories, and the experience was enlightening.

Many more women wanted to participate than could think of a leap of faith they'd taken. Some women were worried their stories wouldn’t be compelling to other people. Some women revealed that they couldn’t think of the last time they took a risk. One woman remarked, "I can't think of anything I'd make a leap of faith for, I have everything I need." Another woman described wanting to take a particular leap of faith but deciding not to because she feared its effect on her family. One woman replied with the simple answer... “none.”

Whether a leap of faith was taken or not, every conversation was enlightening. We were reminded that as women we still struggle to put ourselves first, and it can be difficult to permit ourselves to want for things when all our needs are met. Or, perhaps the introspection it takes to articulate desires is too uncomfortable?

Below are four women's responses to our inquiry. Their submissions were wake up calls that not every risk taken is to achieve a desire. Sometimes you have to leap because no one else will, because your emotional health is at stake, or because your entire life could use a shake-up.

I took an internship, saved every dime & paid for my first year of college

When I was 16, I heard about a summer internship program for inner city kids who wanted corporate job experience. Up until that point, the only job I’d held was working summers at an amusement park, and I didn’t want to go back. However, regarding this program, I knew that all I needed to do was get my foot in the door and wherever I landed that company would permanently hire me. It was worth a shot.

I applied to the program and was accepted a couple of weeks later. At the end of the program, I was offered a permanent part-time position which allowed me to save enough money to get me through my first year of college.

I cleaned up my "Friend's List" in my thirties

After age 30 I noticed several changes. The one that I struggled with the most was the idea that I needed to be more intentional with my friendships. I realized that I had maintained friendships with people solely based on how long they had been in my life, and not necessarily what they were adding to it.

I didn't feel comfortable holding on to people that I knew wouldn’t go out of their way to be present or show up for me in the ways that I was willing to do for them. So, I decided to cut ties with some of my oldest friends


I became a mom twice in one year

In the past year, I've taken on two major changes both scary and great in their own ways. One being, taking in my 7-year-old little sister as a foster kid. My husband and I stepped up to care for her while I was already 4 months pregnant with our first baby. That story is obviously still unfolding, but it feels good to see my sister thriving in our home.

...I also started a podcast

The second leap has been launching my own podcast with a dear friend. It was scary to put ourselves out there with all the fears of not knowing if anyone would listen if people wouldn't think it was "good," mostly putting ourselves out there for rejection. But we've had great feedback and listener-ship. Most importantly, it's been fun and an excellent outlet for creativity and talking about our greatest passions.

Where do I start? I left a business partnership, got divorced, and pursued my education..

I had the opportunity to pursue a business with my partner for almost seven years. However, instead, I decided to take that business solo but leverage my partner as a consultant. I'm following my dream on my own.During that time I also went through a divorce and decided I still needed to conquer the goal of higher education. So, I am an independent business owner in pursuit my Bachelor’s degree.

I feel like life is full of opportunities to take “leaps of faith”. I might even say daily. Which at times feels sucky and other times feels great.
— Twice a mom, also a podcaster...