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Attracting the Right Customers for Your Business


law of attraction business customers

Through your own beliefs you get to choose core customers who inherently understand your value, adore your business, and evangelize your products.

Before I was a steadfast Law of Attraction practitioner the idea of being what you wanted to attract already resonated with me. For example, I knew that if I wanted to attract my "perfect" man that I would need to work on myself as well. At the time, I hadn't applied that thinking in any cosmic sense. I just felt that it wouldn't be fair for me to expect for my mates to have their shit together if I didn't.

Now that I'm a Deliberate Creator I realize how much I sold myself short by isolating that "get what you give"thinking to romantic relationships. If life has shown me nothing else, it's that whatever I put out has always been what I got back. That said, it only recently occurred to me that I should be applying the law of attraction to every aspect of my business, including our customers and readers.

We've been in the middle of a transitional phase going from 100% fitness content to content around a breadth of topics. Therefore we are attracting a broader audience and in some instances a different reader than our core base. Additionally, I created the I AM Affirmation Card Decks, and they'd been selling on Etsy for a few months. In short, the changes made it so that we were in the midst of a prime opportunity for me to put my beliefs and tenacity to work. The most tangible example of my attracting the perfect customer base was related to the Affirmation Card Decks.

I know our card decks backward and forwards. I created the messaging; I created the design, and I chose the material. Each message came from my heart as I wrote them with my mother in mind. I imagined her standing in front of a mirror and telling herself how amazing she is (In hindsight I was also writing what I needed to be telling myself as well). Everything happened in a flash, and before I knew it, my cards were in pre-production. I reviewed them a few times with my printing company and didn't look at them again for two months. In that time I'd gotten them sold into bookstores with buyers going ga-ga over them and they were selling on Etsy. People were remarking how much they loved the messaging and design. But, my dirty little secret was that I hadn't held them in my hands since pre-production. The card decks were complete, and the inventory was in-house. But, I couldn't bring myself to open a pack. In hindsight, I think I was afraid of how I would feel about them once the magic of creating them had passed.

I'd been wondering when Etsy reviews were going to start coming in because there was a small part of me that questioned if the masses would genuinely love them. What would be the response to the product that came from my heart? What if online buyers didn't like them? I had pent up doubt that needed to be released. I needed to figure out how to get from my place of questioning and reluctance over to borderline arrogance. But, how?

Randomly, one night, a woman I'd never met recognized me from my cards and exclaimed how much she loved them. That was the moment. I felt foolish that I'd been afraid to experience my product in the way I'd hoped others would. So, I said to myself "Tarisha, just open a pack, you're ridiculous." I grabbed a pair of scissors, sliced open a pack, and a feeling of ease and relief rushed over me. I held a product in my hands that represented such an intimate experience and I was able to confirm what I already knew. I did something amazing. I loved the quality. They were helpful to me, and I thought they were beautiful. I felt that they were exceptional.

The next day our first Etsy review came in. The review read "awesome pick me ups and look beautiful." I couldn't help but agree.

So, my challenge to you is to take account of how you feel about your products and services. Are you unconvinced? Are you questioning the pricing? Are you worried about your value? Are you concerned about competition? I assure you that until you clean up your thinking, you will attract customers that you need to convince, who will haggle your pricing, etc. How you feel about your business will be reflected back to you in the customers you attract. Therefore, you can choose your customers through your own beliefs. Be the person who inherently understands your value, adores your business, and evangelizes your products and your customers will do the same.