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What To Watch, Read, Hear, & Meditate On For June (Self-Care Guide)

june spiritual guide

Summer is here and there is sunshine in our hearts. As we swim cheerfully into June, I’d love to offer you a guide of my favorite spiritual picks for the month. This month’s theme is Joy. So,in this series, you’ll be introduced to practices, products, and inspiration to help guide you through the next few weeks and unearth your full joyous potential. Don’t feel pressured to try everything all at once.Instead, try as many or as few of my suggestions as you’d like. It’s never too late to practice self-care.

Picks for the Mind

What to Meditate To: Joy

Welcome more joy into your life by centering yourself this summer and using this guided meditation to help get you there. Carve out just 15 minutes for an experience that you’ll thank yourself for, for far longer. Meditation is not just great for your mind, it benefits for every part of your life.

Inspiration of the Month: Affirmations

"Let someone know you think they're amazing" - Quinta

We don’t always need to look outside to be inspired enough to create change and magic. The power to do that lives inside each and everyone one of us. Through the power of affirmation, we can work on reminding ourselves and harnessing our inner essence. Once you believe in yourself, everything is possible.

Book of the Month: The Book of Joy

The New York Times bestseller is an obvious choice for this month’s theme. Additionally, if you envision reading many books in the park, by the beach, in bed on a Sunday, or in your lover’s arms, check out these books for this coming season. Sometimes it takes falling into someone else’s world to find the full potential of yours.

Picks for the Body

Food of the month: Meals for Two

Whether it’s for your significant other, your family, or your best friend, sometimes the best part of food is sharing it with someone. Order in, cook together, or splurge on a night out. Whatever you do, make eye contact, put away technology, taste everything mindfully, and relish in the natural pleasure that comes from sharing a meal with someone authentically.

Scent of the month: Wild Orange

This citrusy aroma will invigorate you and let your soul taste of bit of the happiness you’ll be collecting throughout the month. It has been shown to boost positivity, along with some of these other good-mood fragrances I invite you to try.

Yoga pose of the month: Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Trees require sunlight to grow - a vibrant symbol of the season. They also bring us happiness and shade in these radiant summer months. Stand tall and confident in this elegant pose. In it, you’ll find inner and outer balance over time. Here’s how to master it and reach cloud nine (figuratively and literally).

Picks for the Spirit

Crystal of the month: Citrine

This stone innately emits joy. It also brings blissful transformation, positivity, and clarity. Carrying citrine is like carrying sunshine in your pocket, and so I suggest a pocket-sized stone. Citrine will help you focus and chase your dreams into the eternal summer and beyond. Keep happiness right at your fingertips, especially for a rainy day.

Goddess of the month: Cordelia

This goddess encourages you to go outside and live. Find your well-earned euphoria in the world and revive your spirit. Now that it’s warmer, make a bigger effort to spend more time outdoors. Meditate in nature. Take walks. Notice your surroundings. Take in the bliss that comes natural to the season.

Mantra of the month: The Green Tara Mantra

This mantra (a sound, word, or phrase practiced in repetition) helps direct you towards joy and helps liberate you from fear and anxiety. It is said to free you from the confines of what’s keeping you from being happy. Heal yourself with joy (listen to it here).

& don’t forget to check out your Astrology Report this month

In the theme of joy, read it with bright eyes, a smile, and a hand over your heart. Feel the warmth against your palm and recognize the power of your beating heart.

This will help you sink into the true meaning of your horoscope and guide you towards manifesting your destiny. The world is about to change for you, and speaking of horoscopes… do you feel a summer romance coming along?

As always, may your month open your mind, heal your body, and strengthen your spirit.