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10 Journals With Prompts To Buy That Are Perfect For Your Thoughts

journals with prompts

These are the best guided creative journals for jotting down your thoughts, dreams, and ideas. Let these journals serve as tools to help you fill in the details of life.

Even though there are literally tons of premade greeting cards, memes, and anecdotes online to give and share with friends and families, there’s nothing quite like something you have written or came up with by yourself for your loved ones. For some this is quite easy as writing comes to them naturally. That doesn’t mean those less talented at writing can’t get their creative juices flowing.

One of the best ways to overcome a writer’s block or to get inspiration and motivation for the topic at hand is journals with prompts. Whether you’re trying to acquire your grandma’s habit of keeping a daily journal or write a personalized post card for your loved ones in the upcoming Christmas and Easter celebrations, journal prompts can go a long way to write up funny and witty stuff without exhausting yourself.

Journal prompt books are basically creative journal books with simple statements that offer you with ideas on the different things you could write about on a given topic. There are various journal prompt books both online and offline that have customized journal prompts for writers of all ages concerning different topics starting from self-help, health and spirituality to jokes and puns. After hours of diligently combing through online opinions as well friends and family members of our staff, here’s our take of the 10 best books and journals with the best journal prompts to get your thinking hat on!

1000 Awesome Writing Prompts- Ryan Andrew Kinder

Whether you’re a beginner level writer or a professional scribbler who has hit a writing block, there’s something for everyone in this awesome creative journal. Chockfull with journal prompts on different things, there is something for everyone in this book.

Split into different sections such as Beginners Writing Prompts, Constraint Writing, Flash Fiction and Ripper Prompts, there’s a thousand ways to get your creative juices flowing once you start using this book to mold your writing chops.

1000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder is currently available on Amazon.

The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

The Five Minute journal really holds true to its name. We liked it so much that we included it in our October 2018 Self-Care Guide. This journal puts positive psychology into motion by guiding you through different prompts that make you focus on all the wonderful things about your life. It helps you focus on gratitude rather than lack. It also includes weekly challenges and amazing quotes by historical figures. Just five minutes can really set your tone for the entire day and this journal is one of the best tools to help you do it.

The Five Minute Journal by Intelligent Change is currently available on Amazon.

Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self Exploration- Meera Lee Patel

Self-discovery and self-exploration sounds easy on pen and paper, but the hardest part of the journey is knowing where to start. This book filled with journal prompts for self-discovery is an excellent stepping stone to start off on the road to discovery for those wanting to get acquainted with their inner selves properly. This colorful and vibrant book not only offers journal prompts but fun activities and beautiful quotes as well.

Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self Exploration by Meera Lee Patel is currently available on Amazon.

Prompt Me: Creative Writing Journal And Workbook- Robin Woods

One of the most fun creative prompt books that I’ve come across, Prompt Me: Creative Writing Journal and Workbook by Robin Woods invites you to let your inner child loose by providing you with themes to write, collage and paint your way through to your heart’s content on a wide variety of fun topics. It has photo prompts, story started, fill-in-the-blanks, dialogue prompts and more to keep you busy for a long time.

Prompt Me: Creative Writing Journal and Workbook by Robin Woods is currently available on Amazon.

Rip The Page: Adventures in Creative Writing- Karen Benke

An excellent handbook for those looking for more unconventional ideas and concepts, Rip The Page: Adventures In Creative Writing is definitely a goldmine. Let your writing talents and imagination bloom with poems and prose as you unfurl your ideas in a spontaneous manner. Endorsed by prominent writers like Betsy Franco, Karen Kushman, Patricia Polacco and more, this creative journal prompt handbook is a must have for writing enthusiasts.

Rip The Page: Adventures In Creative Writing by Karen Benke is currently available on Amazon.

101 Creative Writing Exercises- Melissa Donovan

A practical choice for new writers who are striving to master the basics and fundamentals of creative writing, 101 Creative Writing Exercises is very effective in explaining the basic skills to master writing in a simplified manner. Learn the basics of free writing, journal and memoir writing, form poetry and free verse, as well as article and blog writing. Teachers can also benefit a lot by finding fun and interesting ways to make linguistic classes more compelling for student.

101 Creative Writing Exercises by Melissa Donovan is currently available on Amazon.

Wreck This Journal: To Create is to Destroy, Now With Even More Ways to Wreck- Keri Smith

A highly unconventional journal prompt book that has quickly become a crowd favorite among readers all around the globe, Keri Smith’s classic is on a class of its own. Witty and wicked at the same time, experience anarchy as you prod and dissect your own creations to bring out their full potential. The creative and quirky prompt which have been illustrated by the author herself, explore your creative side in a way you have never done it before.

Wreck This Journal: To Create is to Destroy, Now With Even More Ways to Wreck by Keri Smith is currently available on Amazon.

Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly- Gail Levine Carson

If you happen to be professional story writer who has hit a writing block, just do yourself a favor and pick a copy of this awesome book right away. Learn new ways to shape your stories by developing interesting and gripping beginning and endings, captivating character and dialogues and cook up plot twists no one will see coming. With her immense experience and effortless humor, Gail Carson Levine will show you the ropes to bringing your stories to life.

Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly by Gail Levine Carson is currently available on Amazon.

I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal

To be a true master at writing, one must master the art of rhetoric which breathes life into words. The principles of rhetoric can be observed in various facets of our everyday life yet we barely notice it. Filled with historical fun trivia’s and facts about the individuals who used the power of rhetoric to move the world, the book is also full of exercises and prompts to sharpen your written rhetoric skills.

You Talkin’ to Me?: Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama is currently available on Amazon.

A Writer’s Notebook: Unlocking The Writer Within You- Ralph Fletcher

A true writer knows the ingredients and ideas for successful and interesting writing come from observing commonplace events around us on a regular basis. For rookie writers this can be a hard habit to master, and for them this book is highly recommended. Connect with your inner writer as you keep track of different interesting things that happen in your life everyday by doing the exercises from this book.

A Writer’s Notebook: Unlocking The Writer Within You by Ralph Fletcher is currently available on Amazon.