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I am so very pleased to announce that is now I AM & Co. The change comes after our Facebook announcement that our site's content would be transitioning from that of purely fitness based topics to a full breadth of issues by women for women. To be clear, we're not abandoning fitness, we're simply bringing more content to the table, and we're doing it in a way that feels good & fun. Still, while exciting, the decision to change the brand wasn't made lightly.

One of the central questions we had was would our current readership recognize us as a source of discussion beyond the gym, scale, and diet? I believe that answer is an overwhelming "yes." I also believe that we now have greater opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with our readers beyond the confinement of fitness. Understandably, the change opens us up to limitless possibilities to reach and connect with women about subjects we care about.

As we say goodbye to Fit Gal Ri, I must express exceptional pride in the brand and its impact on women all over the world. In the time since its birth, we've been able to help thousands of women every single month learn how to take control of and transform their bodies. Now we're reaching for more ways to help women feel empowered.

I AM is the conscious decision to obsess about what you love about yourself. I AM is self-affirming, and I AM & Co is the collection of content and products designed to help you do just that. Please join me in bidding farewell to Fit Gal Ri and welcoming I AM & Co, a refreshing and energetic online community for women.