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How to Manifest Your Desires in Eight Steps

how to manifest your desires

The precise and clear method to manifest your desires.

I consider myself a mega manifestor just based on the sheer attention to and the acknowledgement of all the things I've brought into my life whether good or bad. I get into how we unintentionally manifest things we don't want into our lives in my I Am Affirmation article. However, in this article I'm going to teach you how to intentionally manifest things you DO want. It's really quite simple once you understand how important your feelings are. Your feelings send vibrations into the universe and by the law of attraction, you receive more experiences that make you feel more of those same feelings. Law of attraction is an exchange of feelings out feelings in. So, when it comes to your desires if you're making sure to send the right feelings out, you will manifest experiences and material things that reflect those feelings back to you. Think of your feelings as a key code that unlocks doors to your desires.

Step 1. Get Clear on What You Want

Step 2. Daydream About Your Desires

Step 3. Write Down How Achieving Your Desires Feel

Step 4. Consistently Feel the Feelings of Your Desires

Step 5. Practice Affirmations

Step 6. Let Go of How the Universe Will Make it Happen

Step 7. Appreciate Your Current Life As it is Now

Step 8. Expect Your Manifestations

Here are what steps one through five are like from my perspective

I really want to be in a fulfilling loving relationship. So, I daydream about that relationship. I imagine what our life would be like and the activities we'd do together. Then, I write down exactly how I feel when I daydream. I feel happy, excited, energetic, adventurous, and balanced. Perfect, now that I know what having that relationship feels like I have the key code to access it. Every day I punch in the code by purposefully doing things that make me feel happy, excited, energetic, adventurous and balanced. My actions don't have to be over-the-top to activate feelings. Take feeling adventurous for example. I don't have to go bungee jumping every day. I can explore a different section of Netflix. Maybe I take a different route home and adventure into a new neighborhood. Or, I could try a new lunch spot every day.

Steps five and six unfold like the following

I make sure that I'm as in love with myself as I expect my partner to be. The Law of Affirmation states that you bring about what you affirm. Therefore, I speak all of the wonderful things I AM. I am incredibly loving. I am such a good friend. I am really open and trusting. I repeat my I AM affirmations until I believe them and until it is impossible to walk past a mirror without saying "I am so sexy."

I feel so worthy and good that I don't wonder how my awesome partner will find me. I just like feeling great. Not caring is the first phase of releasing resistance to my manifestation.

Step seven is a real eye-opener

Next, I start taking inventory of all the things I appreciate about my life. I appreciate my long hot showers every morning because they help me feel comfortable. I appreciate that first cup of coffee every day because it helps me feel aware. I appreciate a particular co-worker because working with them is really easy. I quickly realize that before intentionally manifesting my desires I wasn't even aware of how many things I enjoyed about my life.

Step eight is really powerful because it is the second part of releasing doubt and resistance

Lastly, I expect my manifestations to happen with the same surety that the sun will rise every single day. It is impossible for me not to receive my vibrational matches. All I need to do is purposefully feel the same feelings of being in my relationship, and that's not a bad deal at all.