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How To Balance Your Chakras - From Your Solar Plexus to Heart Chakra


There have been plenty of times in my life when I felt off balance but couldn’t quite figure out why. I used to believe it was just bad luck, that I was unfixable, and that I should get used to the instability.

It wasn’t until I started learning about chakras - your body’s energy centers - and how to balance your chakras, that I realized there was something I could do about the varying internal turmoil I sometimes experienced.

It was then that I stopped playing the victim and had clarity in my personal power. I discovered that I had the ability to adjust my energy, shift my mindset, and alter the vibes I was carrying around and giving off to the rest of the world.

I may not be able to control external circumstances that sometimes push me off balance, but I could take control of my energy and raise my vibration when the universe tests me. I could live a high-vibe life and pursue my wildest desires regardless of what is thrown at me.

If you’re feeling empowered by the idea of this, that’s because it is empowering! But, if you’re still new to chakras and energy healing, catch up on what the seven chakras are and how to know if your chakras are off-balance as we dive into how to balance your chakras.

If you already know that one or more of your chakras needs some work, that’s the first step. Being aware of which chakra is off-balance means you’re already more in-tune with yourself than you once were.

Through crystals, meditations, affirmations, foods, and more, I’ve curated a list of nurturing resources for each of your energy centers.

How To Balance Your Root Chakra

  • Grab one of these crystals: Botswana Agate, Hematite, Red Jasper.

  • Eat one of these foods: Red foods such as apples, cranberries, and cherries; foods with roots like potatoes, parsnips, carrots, and beets.

  • Try these activities: Walk barefoot outside and ground down into the earth, practice standing yoga poses, and find gratitude in owning your basic needs.

  • Recite this affirmation: I am safe, I am secure, and I feel grounded in my foundation.

  • Listen this meditation:

How To Balance Your Sacral Chakra

  • Grab one of these crystals: Carnelian, Amber, Orange Calcite.

  • Eat one of these foods: Orange foods like peppers, squash, tangerines, and oranges; orange spices like cumin, turmeric, and ginger; foods high in water and vitamins (A, B, and C).

  • Try these activities: Engage in intimate touch, journal about your deepest desires, observe and give love to your body, and do something creative.

  • Recite this affirmation: I am passionate and deeply aligned with my inner goddess.

  • Listen this meditation:

How To Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Grab one of these crystals: Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Pyrite.

  • Eat one of these foods: Yellow vegetables and light-green vegetables; soothing herbal teas with lemon; digestive-friendly foods like yogurt and oat bran.

  • Try these activities: Work on core exercises, practice belly breathwork, make firmer boundaries, and write down your accomplishments to affirm your personal power.

  • Recite this affirmation: I am a badass and have the power to shape my future.

  • Listen this meditation:

How To Balance Your Heart Chakra

  • Grab one of these crystals: Rose Quartz, Moss Agate, Malachite.

  • Eat one of these foods: Lots and lots of green foods like leafy vegetables, apples, avocados, and limes; tons of water; foods with healthy fats such as nuts.

  • Try these activities: Writing thank you letters, spending time with people you love and places you love, chest opening exercises, forgiving someone or forgiving yourself, and practicing self-love.

  • Recite this affirmation: I am full of love and boldly embrace vulnerability.

  • Listen this meditation:

How To Balance Your Throat Chakra

  • Grab one of these throat chakra stones: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Calcite, Turquoise.

  • Eat one of these foods: Blue fruits such as blueberries and blackberries; soothing liquids like coconut water and tea with raw honey; food with water elements.

  • Try these activities: Engaging in healthy debate, being near water and breathing in fresh air, getting things off of your chest, and practicing public speaking.

  • Recite this affirmation: I am proud of my voice and open to new perspectives.

  • Listen this meditation:

How To Balance Your Third Eye Chakra

  • Grab one of these crystals: Fluorite, Lolite, Lepidolite.

  • Eat one of these foods: Purple foods like acai, plums, eggplants, and purple cabbage; foods with Omega-3s like fish and flaxseed; dark chocolate.

  • Try these activities: Meditating, practicing yoga, going to places that open your mind to new perspectives (like hiking or traveling solo), attending exploratory workshops on topics you’re curious about, and making room for spontaneity.

  • Recite this affirmation: I am in harmony with my intuition and trust the universe.

  • Listen this meditation:

How To Balance Your Crown Chakra

  • Grab one of these crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite.

  • Eat one of these foods: Focus on detoxing; drink high-alkaline water, broths, and clear liquids; salt and cleansing herbs; and essential oils that are safe to digest. Consider some of the activities mentioned as "food for the soul" for this chakra.

  • Try these activities: Sitting in silence, seeing a healer (like Reiki), contemplating your life purpose, chanting mantras, and asking for guidance from Oracle cards or Angel cards.

  • Recite this affirmation: I am connected to my higher self and transcending towards enlightenment.

  • Listen this meditation:

Chakra Balancing Rituals

Sometimes it’s understanding how to balance your chakras is less about fixing a specific chakra and more about adding in daily rituals to keep yourself balanced. Find a personal ceremony that works for you, feeds your soul, and fits into your schedule.

Instead of considering it prevention, knowing how to balance your chakras is more of a routine way to tap into your inner goddess and manifest your innate-feminine power.

I asked Amber Lee-Lyons, Creator of Chakra Girl Business School and Chakra Girl Radio what you should know about how to balance your chakras. She said, “I do a morning ritual in my bath every morning to balance my chakras from a mind, body, soul, and energy perspective. I set the tone with meditation music, and it's the perfect space to slow down, journal, use your favorite crystals, visualize, and meditate.

Putting elite shungite and selenite in the bathwater cleanses energy and raises your vibration, and I love to burn palo santo in the washroom every morning to add in abundant and joyous energy. I also perform a quick reiki session each morning with selenite and whatever crystal corresponds with the chakras and intentions I'm working on that day.

I change the temperature of the water depending on what kind of mood I want to cultivate. If I want to feel calm and ease, I put the water to almost lukewarm. If I want to feel firey and action-oriented, I use warmer water to heat me at my core. The water supports me to tap into my feminine energy, and I find my journaling, my thoughts, and my day seem to flow effortlessly!”

Amber’s ritual sound amazing and makes me want to draw a bath ASAP. It’s also an easy and practical lesson in how to balance your chakras to encourage energy healing in your daily life.

When exploring how to balance your chakras, the main tip to remember is to avoid making it a to-do list or task that needs to be completed. Think of it purely as taking care of yourself, satiating your soul, and nourishing your mental and physical well-being.

Once you learn how to balance your chakras, your energy will feel well-balanced, and you’ll feel in optimal condition for manifesting all your desires. When your mind is clear, your heart is open, and your energy is centered, you’re oriented to get to know your highest self and reach your true potential.