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How To Have A “Hot Girl Summer” All Year Long



I don’t know about you, but there seems to be only one question buzzing through the minds of all the women I know, “Am I having a hot girl summer?” At the very least, you have likely seen this question floating around social media or your favorite femme-targeted publications. The phrase “hot girl summer” launched into virility earlier this year and has rooted itself in Millenials’ everyday jargon.

Having a hot girl summer is all about embracing yourself (and all your glorious flaws), cutting off negative energy, and feeling as fly as humanly possible. To some, this may seem a little vain. All the bikini clad-pictures on Instagram and hashtags on Twitter have certainly enlisted a few eye rolls from me, but I hesitate to call the movement shallow. In fact, I think it is anything but. And manifesting your own hot girl summer is not simply selfish, it’s self-care.

For one, it is an affirmation! By claiming your “hot girl summer,” you are already speaking positivity into your life. It takes confidence to be a hot girl; and if this confidence does not come naturally to you, it helps to look into the mirror and chant, “I am a hot girl. I am having a hot girl summer! I AM A HOT GIRL AND I AM HAVING A HOT GIRL SUMMER!” Trust me, it works; I do it all the time. (And I mean...ALL the time).

The best part of all is that in order to be this “hot girl,” you do not have to rely on physical attractiveness alone. The sexiness “hot girls” exude comes from their apologeticness. As women, the differences in our skin color, hair type, weight, nose shape, leg length, etc. are often judged, compared, or ridiculed, especially on social media. Beauty companies think they are in control of who looks good and who does not; who gets to be called beautiful and who does not. “Hot girl summer” throws all of that bullshit out the window. There are no height and weight prerequisites, the only requirement is confidence.

Another reason I am such a big fan of such a small phrase is because of the way it has united so many women across the planet. This is one of the things the internet does best–make our giant world seem a little bit smaller. As previously mentioned, the phrase has rooted itself in our global popular culture. People who do not even speak English or live in countries outside of the United States use it to caption their photos and posts.

Having a hot girl summer, Ireland style

It also connects fans to major celebrities including superstar Miley Cyrus,

Singing sisters Chloe x Halle,

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith,

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I'LL take that joyful hot girl summer thank you🌞✨

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And of course, rapper Megan thee Stallion, the woman who first coined the iconic phrase.

This feels like a good time to reiterate that there is no physical look to being a “hot girl,” only an attitude. According to Stallion, the hottest girl of them all, "Your actions make you a 'hot girl.' You have to be someone who is energetic, the life of the party, just really nice, you know what I'm saying...You have to be able to put that confidence in other people and get along with all the girls and just like have a good time. Just be unapologetically you. You just have to be lit.”

If there is any chance that you have not yet heard of Megan (and I bet that chance is slim), the young rapper stems from Houston and has absolutely exploded onto the music scene. Her hit records include “Cash Shit,” “Big Ole Freak,” and yes, even a song titled “Hot Girl Summer” featuring Nicki Minaj. Not only are her songs certified bops, the latter of which debuted in the top 10 Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts, but they are all about women embracing their raunchy and rowdy sexuality.

I am not going to sugarcoat it, Megan thee Stallion lyrics can get downright filthy. She details positions and skills that I can just barellllllllyyyyyyyyy wrap my mind around. But, is it weird that that makes me love them (and her) even more? Women, particularly black women like Megan, are rarely praised on such a worldwide level for being openly sexual and graphic. Often times, our explicitness is degraded or we are brainwashed into thinking our desires are shameful when in reality, they are just plain fun.

How to Have a Hot Girl Summer All Year Long, According to Megan Thee Stallion

So you understand the significance of the motto and admire all the women embracing it, but still want more clarification on how to have your own “hot girl summer?” Then, we’ve got you covered. Here is some Megan thee Stallion-approved advice to inspire the “hot girl” in you.

1. Growth can happen at any time.

"We're taking this hot girl summer into the winter. We don't care. Just put on a jacket." - Megan thee Stallion

“Hot girl summer” is not just a season, it is a state of being. That means you do not have to be concerned with the fact that summer is coming to an end when you have the potential to be a proud, confident human being all year long. Instead of always trying to curate great moments or months, work towards manifesting a great life.

2. Support your sisters, whenever, wherever and however you can.

"Nicki [Minaj] is so sweet. We went live together, and then literally that night, she did her verse, and they sent it to me the next day and I was like, ‘This is a joke.’ Like y’a'll are playing with me right now. I can't believe Nicki Minaj just laid her verse down on my track.” -Megan thee Stallion

Supporting other women is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to harness your “hot girl” energy, especially if you work in a male-dominated industry as Megan and Nicki do. Check-in on your girlfriends, make sure to interview as many women as you do men when searching for a new employee, ask the single mothers in your life if you can come over and cook dinner one night. Do whatever you can to lift a fellow sister up and be sure to accept that kindness when it is returned onto you.

3. Comparison serves no useful purpose. It’s time to get rid of it.

"I really, really, really like both of them [Cardi B and her supposed rival Nicki Minaj]...They're two different people, two different rappers. It's not even the same. I feel like we need to stop trying to compare them...I love both of them.” -Megan thee Stallion

Comparison is the thief of joy. Not only does it bring down other women, which directly opposes rule number 2, but it also creates unrealistic expectations that you can never reach. None of us can! Of course, I am not the smartest, strongest, prettiest girl in the world (hell, not even in my office), but another woman’s shine does not dull my own. The more we embrace this, the stronger we all become.

4. Don’t beat yourself up for starting late. It is always better than giving up.

I need all the hot girls to get y’alls head in the game! The summer isn’t over yet!” -Megan thee Stallion

As previously mentioned, the summer is coming to an end, but I promise you it is not over yet. Whatever goals that you set for yourself at the top of this new season can still be accomplished. Old habits die hard, and sometimes it takes an exhausting amount of determination to make positive changes. Whatever intentions are still resting on your heart can be fulfilled; trust that you have an army of “hot girls” believing in you every step of the way.

5. Stay open to this life and all it will continue to offer you.

Got a whole lot of options 'cause you know a bitch poppin.” -“Hot Girl Summer” by Megan thee Stallion

There is no doubt in my mind that the options Megan were referring to in this song are men that want to have sex with her, but this advice still rings true for other aspects of life. The only constant in this world is change. You may be facing a change of relationship or job or city, all of which can be extremely scary, but all of which you are also more than capable of handling. None of us are born with a map detailing the course of our lives; we just have to be open to adapting to what comes next.

While many songs become popular and their lyrics repeated, “hot girl summer” is wholly unique. The phrase may still seem silly, but there is no denying its impact. As a woman, it is an affirmation of power and a reminder to support other women around me. It is no wonder that it has elevated beyond the point of social media trend; today, it is a bonafide mantra.