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HBO’s Insecure Recap Season 3 Episode 7: Obsessed-Like



Check out our Season 3 Episode 7 Recap of Obsessed-Like.

If you didn’t already know, “Insecure” is back. The show follows late 20-something-year-old Issa, the namesake of real-life show creator and writer Issa Rae, as she tries to maneuver complicated relationships, challenging friendships, and a fizzling career in rapidly gentrifying Southern Los Angeles. The most recent, and second to last episode focused on our main girl Issa and her downward spiral into stalkerdom after getting “ghosted” by Nathan.

Where is Nathan?

Last night’s episode of “Insecure” was rightly titled “Obsessed-Like,” and showed Issa in a whole new (and slightly insane) light. While we can all relate to the feeling of rejection that comes when a new crush cuts off communication, Issa took things to a drastically different level. After several days of waking up to no new texts or calls from Nathan, the beautiful barber from Houston that we were introduced to in episode 1, Issa is convinced that he is ghosting her. She runs through a series of explanations as to why Nathan is no longer interested, including doubting her own actions and vulnerability.

Issa Goes Overboard

Ultimately, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She calls up Molly, who has remained a faithful partner in crime through all of these endeavors and asks for her accompaniment on what ends up being a stakeout in front of Nathan’s house. When waiting around proves not to be enough, Issa works up the nerve to ring the doorbell. The person who answers is none other than Nathan’s roommate Andrew, a ridiculously cute guy that Molly has just had a falling out with after a bad date. Under the guise of being in the neighborhood and needing to use the bathroom, the two enter the men's’ home and part ways. Issa goes on an obsessive search for Nathan, and Molly goes to smooth things over with Andrew. Unfortunately, both missions are incredibly unsuccessful.

Lawrence & Issa

In all honesty, I found this episode of “Insecure” to be on the slower side. With only one episode left in season 3, there seems like a lot left to wrap up. We still have no answers as to who Nathan really is, or why he is in hiding. Molly is constantly adding to her list of enemies at work and in her personal life. Kelli and Tiffany have not repaired their friendship. And Daniel is simply nowhere to be found. However, this episode did provide us with some undeniably great jokes-my favorite stemming from the revelation that Andrew once auditioned for the R&B boy band B2K-as well as an interesting final scene between Issa and her ex, Lawrence. The two grab coffee together after work and laugh as they reminisce on old neighbors and new dreams. The scene is intimate and adorable but had fans on Twitter completely divided.


As I have made clear throughout these recaps, I am not a huge fan of Lawrence and Issa as a couple. They have both been able to explore new passions and career paths without one another, but they still have a lot more growing to do on their own. As seen in this episode, Issa is still slacking on certain responsibilities that pertain to her part-time apartment manager job, is working on a pitch deck for her community block party idea, and is completely caught up with a man who disappeared on her. Lawrence, who has enjoyed a cycle of new dates, now has a sexually transmitted disease, is seeking guidance from reckless friends, and is teetering with his religious faith. The two of them getting back together seems like a surefire way to stay rooted in the past.

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All of this being said, one of the aspects I appreciate most about “Insecure” is that these characters aren’t anywhere close to perfect. They constantly misstep, go too far, and ignore all the consequences. In a way, the show almost transcends television and steps into something way more real. It holds a mirror up to our own friendships, relationships, and insecurities. It reminds us that it is okay not to be okay all the time. And that regardless of our setbacks or failures, we should all still strive towards a happy ending.