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HBO’s Insecure Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Familiar Like

photo: courtesy hbo

photo: courtesy hbo

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If you don’t already know, Insecure is back. The show follows late 20-something-year-old Issa, the namesake of real-life show creator and writer Issa Rae, as she tries to maneuver complicated relationships, challenging friendships, and a fizzling career in rapidly gentrifying Southern Los Angeles. The most recent episode finds Issa facing a number of apartment rejections while trying to move out of Daniel’s place, coming to terms with her dangerously low credit score, and getting and giving some necessary advice.

Episode two is rightly named “Familiar Like” seeing as much of the storyline features Issa and her “roommate” Daniel trying to get out of familiar situations. Issa is still trying to move out of Daniel’s apartment, but is having difficulty due to her very very unfortunate credit score (Think “below 450”- level unfortunate). One of the best moments of the episode features Issa’s recurring friend/financial advisor Kelli, played by Natasha Rothwell, breaking down just how broke Issa really is. Of course, Rothwell’s comedic timing is gold and her lines are meant to evoke laughter, but a truth shrouded in humor is still a truth nonetheless. Kelli is a friend to Issa and wants to see her thrive despite all odds, but when she explains that Issa’s credit tier is truly rock bottom, it serves as a wakeup call for Issa to make some necessary changes in her life.

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This is what Insecure does best. The show gives us a rare look into all aspects of a young woman’s growth and development; we see Issa win, lose, and transform. As a young woman watching the show, I can recognize so many places where Issa went wrong and try to avoid them my own life, but still, know full well that I may mess up too! When Issa is faced with this hard-hitting truth, she makes some changes. She cuts back on eating expenses at work:

She also realizes how important it is that she gives back to Daniel who, unlike her brother and best friends, is willing to let her crash at his place. At first, he gives her an end date, asking her to move out in a week, but by the end of the episode, even this request is levied. Although she has very little money (well, actually no money) to give him, Kelli’s reality check reminds her not to take advantage of this situation. She cleans his home, gives him some much-needed advice about checking his ego, and offers to be his wingman when a professional engagement falls through.

It should be noted that throughout this episode, quite a few of Daniel’s professional engagements fall through, allowing the show to shed a light on a harsh reality about developing a career. We all know how difficult it can be to step out of your comfort zone at work. When Issa’s co-workers get into a necessary discussion about rebranding the company’s problematic logo, Issa opts to shy away. When Daniel bombs his pitch to a man who could further his music producing career, he wallows in self-pity.

At some point, aspects of our lives like work, relationships, dreams may seem stagnant and progress may seem impossible. But the reality of this is that very little about these situations will change unless we do. And although change is usually daunting, it is rarely in vain. Once again, Insecure is hitting us with the reality check we need to revitalize our own lives!