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These Happy Cows On Reddit Are Almost Too Pure For Words



Move over precious pups and charming cats. There’s a new animal in town that’s competing for your attention: Happy cows!!

Happy cows at Sanctuary Farms are the latest trend, and we are absolutely in love with these adorable creatures. I don’t know what it is about them; maybe it’s their spaced out ears, huge, round eyes or their adorable snouts, but happy cows are so stinkin’ cute.

The Reddit community seems to share our obsession because happy cows has been one of their most trending topics for a while now. My task was to find some of the most adorable happy cow posts on Reddit, and let me tell you = Easiest. Task. Ever.

I fell in love with these posts, and so will you!

These cows loved watching us play football, they enthusiastically followed it up and down the path until we left, it was adorable ❤️ from r/AnimalsBeingDerps

Cows love soccer too! 

A group of cows saw these two guys playing soccer and when they saw the ball being kicked down the road, they literally ran with the ball. We truly do not deserve cows. I would do anything to be in a field right now running alongside a herd of cows. Sigh, a girl can dream.

Grass Pupper Wants to Play! from r/happycows

Cow or puppy??

Now I get why they are referred to as “grass doggos”!

Plant_feline: I need this cow.

Happy cow goes to the beach for the first time from r/happycows

Cows tan too! 

This happy cow went to the beach for the first time ever! Poor thing, he doesn’t know the whole point of the beach is to play in the water, not the sand LOL!

Visited friends farmed animal rescue to see the cows get let into the grass for the summer and the highlight was getting cow kisses 🥰 from r/Animal_Sanctuary

Cow kisses are what I need in my life

I had no idea cows could be so affectionate! Where do I sign up to receive some free cow kisses?

B12ftw: that's a kissable snoot. :)

JMyers666: I love cow kisses! Like giant cats

Pippi and Forrest enjoying their lives at Farm Sanctuary from r/happycowgifs

Cows are just as awkward as we are!

This giant furbaby trying to run/hop is the cutest thing ever! I can’t run very well either, so on top of being cute, he/she is just so stinkin’ relatable!

Bee-sting: Hippity hoppity zoom zoom, The black one when he nearly falls over, so cute

Googiepop: Run Forrest run!!!

Jokerkat: Cows have the best tippy taps.

Hummingbird1969: This makes my heart smile!

A cow’s reaction to getting her hair done = cuteness overload

Not going to lie, I watched this video about 10 times. I make the exact same face when I’m getting my hair done—no joke, it happened yesterday! #NoShame #Obsessed

Farm kitty from r/cats

This cow and kitten snuggling is my new screensaver.

The floofy pair’s cuddles rival my own cuddles with my cat!

Patronus_peacock: Ceow

Stew_early: That is indisputably the sweetest thing I’ve seen all day.

SgtSiggy: moo cute

Lavendermermaid: Inter-species friendships are the best.

Vinnybleu: That is the most adorable photo I’ve seen in ages. Great shot!

Melanot: Two of my favorite things in one photo! ❤️

Nalmah: Farm kitty and milk doggo

Dasmassa420: I wish I could be the person that took this picture

Buggiejaxx2424: Omg. I don’t know whose more adorable. The kitty or the cows :)

Happy cows hop at Gratitude Gate Farm Sanctuary from r/Animal_Sanctuary

Cows jumping together in a field?? Call 911, my heart burst from cuteness overload! 

Jason the Steer Shares his Breakfast with His Friend Blake the Goose at Farm Sanctuary from r/happycows

Cow sharing his meal with a friendly goose= friendship goals <3

Blake the Goose and Jason the Cow are such close friends, they even share their meals together! Wow, cows are more considerate than most of the guys I’ve dated.

So Sweet I Can Barely Stand it from r/happycows

A Cow Hopping Around With a Pig

I think it’s safe to say that ALL animals are equally as obsessed and in love with happy cows as much as we are! But hey no fair pig, we wanted to play with the cow first!



When a cow is better at photoshoots than you are!

I feel like Tyra Banks would be so proud of this cow for slaying her photoshoot! Just look at the way she holds her basket of sunflowers—what a moo-tiful girl!

Goldenette2: You’re really milking it.

ShadowsDecoy: Flower Baby!

Wistalia: The most wholesome photo I’ve seen thus far

Deadsesh59: what an adorable little critter

Sage010101: Cows are the best!

What a happy cow! from r/aww

This cow is having a ball!

This sweetie pie is having such a fun time with her owner playing their version of fetch. I’m honestly very impressed that the cow that run up the hill to get the ball; that cow is in better shape than I am!

cyXie: Cows are basically dogs

Flamedevil: Moo dogs

Wehavetreeshere: This makes me so happy.

Themadhat1: Cows really are very smart and they like to goof around with you. I had friends... we would go out in the pastures and they would run across the field to come see you. We always brought buckets of treats (carrots apples etc). They loved to be chased. We developed a game of tag over time... and they would chase you down and give you a gentle head butt and take off. They would do this with you for hours. They were merry pranksters. If you so much as turn your back on them they would come up and give you a pretty good head butt and stand there like they were laughing.

LordMugsy Cow: “Throw the ball MOO! Hurry up and throw MOO! the ball. This is so MOO! Much fun. MOO!”

Cows are always there for each other

This cow was having the time of his life playing with this tool that helped rub his fur, and he wanted his buddy to join in! He quickly trolleps over to his buddy and nudges him, and then the cow friend starts to be happy and play with the toy too.

Ksmity7: They’re on a glee spree!

Necfu: They’re really milking the day

Chinookgod: TAG! Your turn bill!

Semthepenguin: Idk what I’m watching but it makes me happy

Hobomommy: This is so pure.

Superagent247: LOL That’s adorable!

Baby cows meet each other for the first time from r/aww

This is not a drill: Two adorable baby cows meet each other and I am sobbing for the rest of eternity

Honestly, this is the best video that exists on the internet. Like not to be dramatic, but I want a picture of the two cows kissing tattooed on my forehead. So freaking adorable and pure! (P.S. This video has 1.2 million views and I definitely know why!)

BSquirrel4: Holy cow that is cute!

Mountain_taste: Mooooooove over cat videos.

Butitscoldoutsidee: Very amoosing

MissEL17: "Did we just become best friends?" "Yep!"

Charley789: This is so mooving

Daphnegillie: This is so cute, friends forever

Scarymum: So cute! They kinda remind me of toddlers meeting for the first time.

Quartulus: I’m convinced cows are just dog goats.

Did you know cows have best friends? from r/Eyebleach

If a cow likes you, then we all like you.

Look at this cute little buddy taking an adorable selfie video with his owner. Honestly #friendship goals

Debre1024: This is some quality content right here.

Vicepope: Cows are homies

Deadrowan: Nothing like lying in the pasture of the ranch I once worked

at, having my view of the summer sky replaced with the face of a cow looking for a staring contest.

Saeyato: Udder pupper

Grace is very caring and likes to show kindness to even the littlest piggies (from Farm Animal Refuge) from r/gifs

Meet the most lovable cow ever

Grace the Cow might possibly be the most lovable creature ever? Her owners say she is super caring, and in this video you see her giving lots of sloppy kisses to a baby piglet. I think we could all take a lesson from Grace and spread more love!

Omega-3-6-9: Bless you for making everyone’s day a little better.

OffPathTravels: This encounter is adorable.

Nurdpie: This is literally what my dream life looks like and I’m crying from cuteness. Everything about this screams happiness and love. 🐮❤️🐽

Cmotdibbler: Sometimes I feel we don't deserve cows.

Well, if you’ve arrived to this part, congratulations! Your heart didn’t explode from cuteness overload! However, if you feel like you need even more happy cow content (hey, no judgement here!), I definitely recommend you follow these profiles on Instagram:

It’s crazy to think how animals just being their authentic selves can bring so much joy and happiness to us. Animals truly are a gift from above, and I’m so happy that cows are finally getting some much deserved time in the spotlight! Cows are just as beautiful and caring and adorable as puppies and cats, and it’s about time they get appreciated for their adorable selves.