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The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Finale Predictions: We Need It To Lighten Up

photo: courtesy hulu

photo: courtesy hulu

There’s no question that Handmaid’s Tale is one of the best shows out there. Every key factor that goes into the show is top-notch and full of women at every level - cinematographers, directors, writers and an incredible cast led by Elisabeth Moss (who was previously our favorite fiery copywriter Peggy Olson on Mad Men).

Each week I watch in agony, holding my breath, waiting for something good to happen...and it never does.

Ok, some very small good things happen, little beats that are supposed to make us appreciate the fleeting beauty in life and the minuscule moments that can be afforded in a place like Gilead. That’s what the writers are trying to do - hold us in suspense as we crawl, beg, and cry out for any scrap of hope, any dribble of goodness the way Aunt Lydia teases the handmaids with the false sense of a silver lining. It’s pretty genius.

But now I’m ready. I’m ready for something major to happen. There was a bomb in episode 7, set off in a suicide vest by Ofglen. Her valiant yet violent efforts got rid of a few officers but not the ones that matter to June and therefore to us.

With one episode left in season 2, here are some positive predictions that can hold us over until next time. Something to leave us with a little bit of hope. It’s summer,after all, let’s indulge ourselves.

June Escapes to Canada

photo: courtesy hulu

photo: courtesy hulu

But, for real this time.

Canada is already a maple-syrup flavored dream and it’s even more so in a world where the United States has become Gilead just south of its border. June almost made it to Canada twice. TWICE we had to watch as she ran through the woods or across an airstrip to a plane, only to be ripped apart from her daughter, or dragged out of the cockpit. It would be too easy, too soon, if she made it to the land of woolen mittens and socialized healthcare.

But what if she did make it? She can be reunited with Luke which would still leave us with a love triangle to sort out between her, Luke and Nick, and with two daughters by two different dads in Gilead she needs to rescue. With her husband Luke and her best friend Moira by her side in ‘Little America’ they can plot a way to save her children and bring down the entire Gilead structure. She has inside info about Commander Waterford. Maybe a trip to Canada is the only way to get the help she needs to then go back in and save America Wonder Woman style, dodging bullets and saving humanity based on her unyielding belief in love.

Or better yet, what if --

Canada Invades Gilead

photo: courtesy hulu

photo: courtesy hulu

Let’s be real, how long would Canada sit back and allow this horrific situation to unfold along the world’s longest unprotected border? I don’t believe it. Maybe they don’t have the military firepower to compete against Gilead. But the clips we’ve seen of Luke and Moira in ‘Little America’ in Toronto give the impression that Canada is doing just fine. How about they call up their allies, get out the choppers, the troops, the big guns, and take that mother***** hellscape of Gilead down already? Canada is sure looking like the passive fair weather friend at the moment - and it’s not a good look. Is Justin Trudeau still Prime Minister? Is Gilead really that powerful that the rest of the world can’t stop them? As Kate Gardner writes in The Mary Sue “There is no villain quite as insidious as the women who are complicit in Gilead’s rise and ability to stay in power.” The same is true for those governments that stand idly by in a situation as radical as this one, and Canada can’t play the role of sweet puppy dog forever (even though they are damn cute and friendly. Remember Justin Trudeau and the pandas?).

Because of their agreeable nature, they would be the perfect trojan horse. Remember when the Canadian Embassy in Iran hid all those Americans for three months (as seen in the movie Argo)? Canadians have got it in them! Don’t mind us, Gilead, we’re just playing hockey, acting polite - and oh whoops, did we just stop your evil takeover? Thank you very much would you like some poutine?

Rory Gilmore Leads the Rebellion

photo: courtesy hulu

photo: courtesy hulu

Last episode we saw poor Emily played by Alexis Bledel aka Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls (or Ofglen if you’re on the Gilead side of things) get reassigned to the officer who supposedly constructed the entire Gilead economic system. Emily has probably suffered the most, though there is so much suffering it’s hard to judge who’s had it worst. Commander Lawrence seems a bit strange but we’re not sure if it’s a good strange or a bad strange. His house is filled with art. It looks more like the den of an Anthropology Professor than a radical purveyor of Gilead’s financial system. His wife warns Emily of the horrible things he’s done, but it’s also clear she’s suffered a terrible mental breakdown through it all.

When he offers Emily a drink and knows everything about her past life and her attempts at escape, my heart raced: Is he another evil overlord? Or is his interest in her for a different purpose? Is he the one who can give the underground the advantage they need? So far any attempts at freedom have been small - handmaids trying to sneak out letters or helping to hide them but no one ever seems to get any traction. Will it take an insider to crack open a space for a resistance to rise? And will Emily lead the charge? She’s ready. We’re ready.

How do you think the season 2 finale will end? What are your positive predictions?