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You Won't Find Cuter Half Moon Manicure Designs Than These



Calling all moon-lovers, this one’s for you. Half-moon nails are taking the world by storm, and we think they are amazing. The design utilizes the negative space at the base of the cuticle (which we usually fill with color, and sometimes still do) and emphasizes the area in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Per the name, the style resembles a half-moon shape. Fellow moon-lover Ariana Grande would love these nails. It’s a fabulous new way to spice up your nail game, and we are here for it. I think of it as a crop top for my nails, if you will-- perfect for the summer months. Be ahead of the trend and try these half-moon beauties before the rest of your friends do.

Nail polish brand, OPI, recently claimed that half-moon nails are the new thing, and we couldn’t agree more. These stunning shiny/matte red combo nails are a perfect statement for the trend. The half-moon utilizes the negative space at the nail base, and it is so perfectly put together. Yes, OPI.

Half Moon Manicure Designs

Whether you shine like the sun or glow like the moon, a half-moon manicure will be a great new addition to your nail lookbook. And, talk about a conversation-starter. There are one thousand-and-one ways to try the trend. You really can’t go wrong with these eccentric-new nails.

Here are some of the best half-moon nail looks on Instagram right now.

Kandice Stone uses a sunny orange for her half-moon nails, and we love it like the summer sun. The matte color works wonders and makes me want a tall glass of OJ to sip on my front porch. They are gorgeous and simple, and I want them.

Akiko’s funky version of the half-moon nail trend combines the half-moon with french tips in varied shades of lavender, peach and mint; just perfect for the summer months. This inspo definitely makes me want to go out and get my nails done the same way.

Tiny is a Brooklyn-based nail artist with a real talent for her art. While her neon red talons aren’t the traditional definition of half-moon nails, they are absolutely worth their mention. I love the blue moon accent, and the slightly transparent shade of red is giving me life.

Nargis Khan has a super summery version of the half-moon nail. Hers look like orange slices, which I absolutely love. The pretty nude used on the upper portion of the nail is a fantastic complement to the design. These nails are a creamsicle dream.

Annie painted her customer’s nails with a retro peachy-nude shade and funky black and white half-moons. I love this nail design because it is so versatile, and with each bit of inspiration, it just keeps getting better.

Nail technician Louise is based out of Copenhagen, and her half-moon nails use a fun, multicolored glitter that reminds me of galaxy nails. I love it against the soft gray base, and the teeny dots are beautiful against the half-moons. She achieved the look with some half-moon stencils, according to the caption and we think she did an incredible job.

Mei Kawajiri has some fantastic half-moon designs that I am absolutely loving. These candy corn half-moon nails are fun and perfect for the Halloween season that will be upon us in the blink of an eye. Instead of just three shades, she uses red, yellow, and two oranges, and we adore them.

Her other, more-traditional set of half-moon nails are a personal favorite of mine. I have a thing for jelly nails, so I appreciate that aspect of this set. The dainty outlines of bright blue and jelly red half-moons remind me of a bomb pop, and heck if I don’t want to go and lounge by the pool at the sight of them.

Edinburgh-based nail artist Vanda plays to the power of the moon with her half-moon nail design. The lilac-colored base is adorable and plays the perfect backdrop to the delightful citrus slices showered on the half-moons of the nails. She calls them “summer fruits,” and her caption says they took a mere one hour and 15 minutes to complete. I would have taken five hours and not even come close to this level of artistry. These are majorly impressive, and I love them.

Keesha Carpenter’s abstract black and clear glitter half-moons nails are a sight to behold. Clear nails are definitely in, so why wouldn’t we combine two of the hottest trends into one single look? These are insane, and I have to give the girl props for her creativity.

Nail tech Sadie J for WAH Nails created these hot neon yellow half-moon nails in early June, and they go perfectly with the summer neon makeup trend. The negative stripes on the nails are cool as far as placement, and I like how the neon tips offset the neon half-moons. They are perfectly citrusy, and the lemon caption is accurate.

Joanne is a British Columbia-based nail artist, and I am obsessed with these precious Shibu Inu-inspired half-moon nails she created. The thumbs create an entire pupper when connected, and the rest of the nails use colors inspired by the Shibu Inu coat color palette. All of this, and not to mention they are perfectly shaped.

Nail guru Jay for WAH Nails brings her half-moon nails to life with this pretty cerulean and periwinkle set. She outlines the blue moons with an additional stripe of the same blue, bringing even more attention to the look. We definitely approve of this one.

Alex takes a fresh spin on the half-moon design and paints the nail tips in the shape of black hearts. See, there’s something for everyone-- even the ladies who love wearing black year round.

Celebrity Half Moon Manicure

Celebrity nail gurus love the half moon manicure trend. Here are some of our favorite looks by the people who paint the nails of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Miss Pop is an editorial nail artist who has been featured in ELLE, and multiple celebrities have worn her nail art. Her classically simple red-based half-moon nails show us exactly why negative space is so essential for drawing attention.

Celebrity nail guru Alicia Torello seems to have a knack for half-moon nails, and these four nail looks show us why. We love the nude style with pops of red, yellow, light blue and orange.

These more retro-looking half-moon nails remind me a bit of a kitchen from the 1980s. The lavender tips, coupled with a white and blue base, as well as dark gold half-moons, are more than I can even coherently describe. These babies are inspired for sure.

Watermelon is my favorite part of summer, so I am willing to go straight to my local nail salon and have this design done for me. The watermelon half-moons Torello displays are adorable and sweet accents to our current summer months.

Torello’s evil eye-inspired half-moon design is sure to attract some attention for you ladies. I love the concept of an evil eye’s protection value, and what better way to get the most out of them than to have them painted directly onto your nails in the season’s latest trend? Sign me up!

Tom Bachik has nail art that has graced the hands of celebrities like J Lo. and Selena Gomez, and this classy black and gold half-moon design is worn by the one-and-only Anne Hathaway. The gold strip beneath the deep black of the upper part of the nail has to be my favorite accent, hands down.

We love this trend, but half-moon nails probably won’t be sticking around for very long. It seems like most of the world is perfectly content with continuing to paint their entire nails, and we don’t blame them. I, personally, will be keeping this trend in my back pocket for the days when I feel my nails are slacking because nothing is more eccentric and sexy than negative space (I’m looking at you crop tops). We love the trend while it’s here, but every day has its end.