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Hair Tinsel Is The Next Big Hair Trend & Beauty Hack



Over the last year we’ve seen an enormous amount of hair trends emerge and all because we have an unquenchable thirst for the “next big thing.” Oil slick hair, holographic hair, and every bangs hairstyle you can imagine, we’ve covered it. Now, I ask you to turn your attention to hair tinsel.

Sparkly hair is not just for festivals. Hair tinsel is both a hairstyle and a beauty hack. And, it’s this two-in-one trait that’ll cause the convenience-loving millennial to go bonkers for it. The ready to boom trend is a blinged out way to test-drive highlights.

Getting highlights is a journey, and it goes a little something like this. First, you start to feel like something is missing in your life. Weird stuff starts happening like: waking up in cold sweat, thinking you left the iron on. Or, you wonder if it’s time for a job change. In fact, what you’re feeling is neither of those things. What your experiencing is your body’s natural urge to get highlights. The time has come.

What follows is a Hair Highlights Pinterest Board and countless hours spent in the mirror imagining how you’ll look with them. Next, you bravely saunter into your hair salon, cellphone full of hair inspo pictures that only make your stylist more confused about what you want, and then it happens. According to science, about 60% of the time you only feel lukewarm about the finished product. But by that point, your hair has already taken the damage so your work is to “get comfortable” with your new do. Tinsel will eliminate that 60% chance.

Not gonna lie, if you’re big on DIY hairdos, installing them the first time will be the best upperbody workout you’ve ever had. Once you have the hang of it though, you’ll be a pro and can swap your “temporary bling highlights” whenever you want. Or, you can have your stylist install them for you. Properly installed strands last for about two months before they loosen and fall out.

How to Put in Hair Tinsel

Youtuber Sophie Hannah put together a feature DIY video if you’re up to the challenge.

Hair Tinsel is Heat Resistant

Quality tinsel is heat-resistant up to 392˚F and chemical free, so you can install and style your hair as usual with any blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron etc. And, they’ll stay put with your normal shampoo routine.

Now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way I’d like to submit into evidence proof that you’d have a lot of fun styling the colorful trend.

London's Keash Braids is the go-to destination for cool Brit girls. For Keash, hair is more than just hair. It's a canvas fit for glitter and bedazzlement. Every client leaves Keash's salon with a style wholly unique to them, and one that typically includes tinsel.

Bob haircuts are sexy but there's just no replacement for length. And even the cutest cuts can leave you yearning for past inches. So, what's a woman to do while she's letting her bob grow out and it's in the drab in-between stage? The answer is: go all-in on tinsel. Have fun with multiple colors.

Fun hair color options seemed limited for brunettes, until now.

Grey was a popular hair color trend a few years ago. You know what happened to those grey hair lovers? They've been having a lot of fun with silver.

Unicorn hair is one thing, but fairy hair is quite another. A cute fairy hair look combines rich multi-colored dye with technicolor strands for extra sparkle.

Make your rose gold ombre hair really shine with matching gold strands highlights.

Get battle-ready for the weekend and coordinate a sparkly hairstyle with your makeup look of choice.

The next time you feel like being "too much" - which for us is just the right amount - pair an over-the-top outfit with wild extensions.

If you're itching to chop off your dye job but are worried you'll miss your length, add in some matching sparkle and turn your mane from drab to fab.

Add it sparingly throughout your locks for a subtle shimmer effect.

On the other hand, you can totally make a bold statement by adding some to your sleek ponytail. To achieve this unicorn ponytail look, just add pastel colored extensions throughout and get ready to be the talk of the party or festival.

"Shimmer" is the new highlight.

If you've got Euphoria fever and want to experiment with some of their signature eye makeup looks, add it to your hair to match.

Plum is totally going to be on-trend this fall. What better way to embrace this moody color than with matching tinsel for an understated glitter effect?

Only the brave dive in on the grey hair trend. It's really easy for that aesthetic to look matronly. If you've been considering going great and need ideas for zhooshing it up, then add grey strands for some sparkle.

A blended gold metallic look is a stunning addition to dark roots.

Pair a bold color-block hairstyle with a few strands for a subtle touch.

Add multiple colors to your locks to achieve a fun fairy look.

Channel your inner Mad Max with a glittery faux hawk.

@beautytrends55 says sparkles aren't just for Christmas and we have to agree. Add it to your holographic hairstyle for a look worthy of celebrating.

Like Keash Braids, Goddess Glitter Hair is also ahead of the trend. Portland-based Goddess Glitter Hair both makes and installs their 30'' Goddess Glitter Strands, helping ladies achieve the coolest styles.

North Carolina based AVL Fairy hair specializes in all things fairy. So, of course, they're ready and willing to install your fairy extensions for a magical aesthetic.

Gold hair tinsel is the perfect addition to rose gold highlights. Have fun watching your hair twinkle from every angle.

An easily recreated shimmer-goddess look.