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Gym Selfies: 5 Tips For Better Quality Pictures

gym selfies


After waiting a month, I finally received my iPhone 7. Truthfully I would've kept my iPhone 6 forever, had it not suspiciously started malfunctioning the day Apple announced the seven. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but something stinks if you catch my drift. None-the-less I was excited to give the better camera a test drive. Compared to my old phone the new one has both a better front facing and rear camera as well as a better flash. Naturally, this means I have good reason to improve my selfie taking prowess and share some best practices with you all in the process.

Natural light > Fluorescent Light

Natural light is free, easier to acquire, and it creates sharper shadows for better muscle definition.

Leverage Light Positioning

Light positioning is especially huge for fitness selfies because you always want to capture your muscle definition. If you position the natural light behind, your picture will have a soft, ethereal feel. If the natural light is in front of you, you will get harsher lighting and shadowing which can amplify your muscle definition.

Over-Exaggerate Everything...But Look Natural

Have you ever noticed that even when you're wearing makeup you can take a picture and it looks like you have nothing on your face? That's because a camera doesn't pick up the true vibrancy of colors and shadows, that's why photo editing is typically needed. Therefore, one of the first things I learned from photo shoots is that more is often more. So if you're trying to pull off a more stylish photo wear more makeup than you normally do. Also, when you're doing that side pose, and want to accentuate your hamstring gains arch your back harder than you ever have before. Remember that more is more.

Tighten All Of Your Muscles

Fitness selfies are all about accentuating your muscles, so you want to make sure they pop. Tighten all your muscles, playing close attention to your focal point. For example, if you want to show off your leg gains, tighten your abs and triceps, etc. as well. Flexed muscles will give you a more athletic appearance from head to toe. It's difficult to pull off a full body flex while holding your phone, so I recommend grabbing a selfie stand for ease.

Camera Positioning = Instant Gains

Whatever is closest to the camera appears the largest. So if you're taking a shot of your biceps, you can tilt your camera angle in that direction for a larger appearance.