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10 Guided Meditations For Every Stressful Situation


Each of these guided meditations help with stress and are less than 30 minutes long. Enjoy!

Life can certainly be stressful. We all get overwhelmed. We all get anxious. We all let little things get to us. We are all human and these reactions are normal.

What helps during these stressful situations is mindfulness and taking a moment to, relax and center ourselves. Because, how we react to stressors is the secret to living a more mindful and balanced lifestyle.

Mindfulness takes practice but gets easier over time. Still, by taking the time to breathe, sit, and be, we become stronger, wiser, and more equipped to take on the world. When we prioritize ourselves and our well-being, we become better at self-care and more aware of who we are and what we need.

So, I offer you 10 guided meditations. Each of these meditations is under 30 minutes and are aligned to a variety of potential stressors throughout the day. So, take a breath and exist in the moment.

For when you miss your morning gym class - 10 Minutes

Woke up too late to make your cycle or yoga class? You may not have been able to workout, but you can still have a successful start to the day through this practice,.

For when you haven’t had your morning coffee yet - 10 Minutes

This guided meditation will help make you feel happier and more awake. Step away from the coffee machine and give this a shot!

For when you are running in between a million meetings - 5 Minutes

Are you moving a million miles a minute and can’t keep up? Take just five minutes to get back to Earth. That’s all it takes - you have 288 of those in the day so you can spare just one!

For when you forgot to eat lunch - 3 Minutes

Once you make the time to eat, try to avoid eating too quickly. Learn how to more mindfully eat and savor each of your meals. See how your relationship with food will change!

For when your coworker does something that makes you want to pull your hair out - 30 Minutes

Through this meditation, you’ll be able to find common ground in order to better handle conflicts with authentic communication. To be kind to others, be kind to yourself first.

For when you receive a rude email - 10 Minutes

When the anxiety really starts getting to you and building up, this is when you should just take yourself out of the situation instead of reacting automatically. This ten-minute love-kindess meditation will help you do just that.

For when you are falling asleep at your desk mid-afternoon - 1 Minute

Couldn’t spare time earlier? How about one minute? When you’re quickly fading and need a little bit of a boost - gift yourself just 60 seconds for a jumpstart.

For when you want to go home but have 237 more things to do - 12 Minutes

What you need right now is the focus to be able to take care of the tasks ahead of you. Take a second (or twelve minutes in this case) to get grounded. You’ll get everything you need to get done, with the right headspace.

For when you get home but you’re still thinking about work - 30 Minutes

The best way to let everything go after a long day is to do a full body scan and recognize how you are feeling - physically and mentally. Find your inner home.

For when you’re going to sleep and hoping for a better tomorrow - 10 Minutes

What’s done is done. Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity, and a new beginning. This 10 minute meditation by Spiritual Guru Sonia Choquette will help you get to sleep.