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30 Thoughtful Gifts To Buy For Your Significant Other That They'll Love

gifts for significant other

If you’re struggling to figure out good gifts to get for your significant other, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of really thoughtful gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

These gifts are appropriate for any stage of the relationship and for any occasion, whether a “just because” gift, a birthday gift, holiday, or anniversary.

We chose items that can range from $10-$100 price points. And, to further help you nail the thoughtful intent, we’ve categorized each section of gifts by:

Without further ado, here are some amazing-thoughtful gifts for your significant other.

Gifts To Help Them Beautify Their Home

Small home decor make really great gifts if you have an idea of your significant other’s taste, especially if they’re sentimental. Home decor gifts are a subtle way for them to see reminders of how much you care.

Don’t be pushy; if sprucing up your significant other’s home is all your idea and not theirs, the gift may not be well-received. So proceed only if you’ve been paying attention to comments about them needing little things around the house or if your significant other specifically asked for help decorating.

If your significant other simply loves refreshing their decor regularly, then they’ll likely appreciate your decor gifts as well. Here are some gifts that will add beautiful touches to your significant other’s home:

1. Low Maintenance Plants

photo: courtesy costa farms via amazon

photo: courtesy costa farms via amazon

Available on Amazon

Plants are the ultimate home decor, they match every aesthetic, they’re beautiful, mood-boosting, and they’re air purifying. If you make sure to get them a low maintenance indoor plant they’ll get to enjoy their new addition with minimal effort. We wrote an article of low-maintenance indoor plants that you can buy on Amazon and included brief info on their care, give it a read!

2. Wall Art

Wall art is an excellent gift idea for your significant other, especially if you’re really in sync with their design tastes. Target carries really attractive wall hangings that match any aesthetic from modern to rustic and you can grab beautiful portraits from on the cheap.

3. Candles

photo: courtesy target

photo: courtesy target

Available at Target

Allergies aside, everyone loves candles, everyone. My favorite candles in the world are Cashmere Plum and Grey Flannel from The Chesapeake Bay Candle Collection. Those are two great options if your significant other is like me and prefers rich cologne scented candles, if they’re into more fruit or sweet smelling candles there are plenty to choose from as well.

4. Blankets

Like candles, blankets are just no-brainer gifts. Everyone loves a good blanket whether purely for decoration or functional use. We wrote an article about some of the nicest lightweight blankets for warm nights and movie marathons on the market, so give that a read. Otherwise, both Target and Amazon have two-day shipping and a wide array of quality blankets.

5. Picture Frames

photo: courtesy target

photo: courtesy target

Available at Target

Picture frames make great gifts as well. Nowadays people are so into digital images, but there’s something comforting about film pictures and really helping the important ones stand out.

Gifts That Help Them Express Themselves

If your significant other has been looking for a way to express their thoughts and creativity, then they’ll love these ideas. Make sure they know that there’s no pressure to create a masterpiece with these gift ideas.

Instead, they’re just tools for enjoyment. And, whatever they come up with if they had fun in the creation of it, it’s automatically a masterpiece. Here are great gifts for a significant other who would appreciate outlets for creative expression:

6. Journals

photo: courtesy ai-notebook via amazon

photo: courtesy ai-notebook via amazon

Available on Amazon

A nice journal will give your significant other free-range to get their thoughts on paper. There are also journals with prompts available on the market that can help guide them. But, even if they just doodle and that feels good, it’s excellent.

7. Sketchbooks

If your significant other has expressed an interest in drawing, or if you catch them zoning out and doodling, then a quality sketchbook would make a great gift as well.

8. Pottery Kit

Some people just love getting their hands in the clay so to speak and a pottery kit serves as a great gift for a hands-on significant other who would appreciate zoning out and exploring their creativity. You can find the tools, self-hardening clay (no fire necessary), and wheel separately for the highest quality experience via Amazon.

9. Paint & Easel

photo: courtesy mont marte via amazon

photo: courtesy mont marte via amazon

Available on Amazon

Like sketching and pottery, painting is another way to help your significant other express themselves through their creativity. There is a wide price-range of wooden easels available on Amazon. To complete the gift, you’ll want to order them a canvas and paint kit as well.

10. Video Camera

Shooting and editing video is incredibly fun and the learning curve is intellectually stimulating. Anyone can shoot video on their cellphone, but this gift idea is really for a significant other whose expressed interest in creating high-quality videos.

Not only that but video is an excellent way to capture memories. They can shoot full-on comedy shorts or the funniest youtube videos of their pets being weird. As long as they’re having fun, it doesn’t matter. Here is a top-rated camcorder available on Amazon.

Gifts That Encourage Their Wanderlust & Travel Aspirations

Paying for an international trip for two may be out of the question for some, but there are other ways to encourage their travel aspirations. Instead of shelling out thousands, you can buy them the essentials that they’ll need for their trip.

Whether backpacking or a luxury vacation there are multiple odds and ends you can grab for them. Here are some great gifts for a significant other who’s a globetrotter.

11. Rosetta Stone Subscription

If your significant other has toyed around with the idea of learning a language or they’re planning to travel internationally, you can gift them a Rosetta Stone subscription for pretty cheap on Amazon. Learning the language will help them get more excited for the trip and they’ll also feel more capable of communicating once they arrive.

12. Luggage

photo: courtesy coolife luggage via amazon

photo: courtesy coolife luggage via amazon

Available on Amazon

Luggage gets pretty beaten up and disgusting over time. If you’ve noticed that your significant other’s luggage is hanging by a thread then grabbing them a newer more lightweight suitcase would make a great gift. Likewise, if your significant other doesn’t have suitable luggage at all right now but is planning a trip you should definitely go for it.

13. Traveling Backpack

Is your significant other more of a “backpacker?” If they could, would they drop everything and just go backpacking for a month? Well, rather than luggage you should get them a dope traveling backpack and help them figure out how to pack light. Specifically made to be lightweight and convenient Traveling backpacks have loads of pockets & compartments and make for highly-appreciated gifts.

14. Binoculars

So much to see and so little time when traveling. You find binoculars that range anywhere from $20 on up via Amazon. They make great gifts for your globetrotter as a set of binoculars really gives them a better opportunity to immerse themselves in the sites of their surroundings.

15. Passport Cover

A nice passport cover will help your significant other stay organized and can also help them out in a pinch. When I travel, I pack one credit card with me in a cross body purse and another in a slot in my passport cover should something happen. A passport cover is definitely one of the more practical gifts for a traveler.

Gifts That Help Them Feel Amazing -

While your significant other is amazing, for one reason or another they may not always think so. Affirmation cards are an excellent-loving gift that you can give to help them remember all of their wonderful qualities.

16. Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards typically come in a deck and the messages can range from simple to deeper and more heartfelt. If your significant other is having a tough time, or you would just like to remind them of how much you care about them, then a deck of affirmation cards is a great gift idea. I AM Affirmation cards are available on Amazon.

Gifts That Make Their Lives Easier -

Some of the most favorite gifts I’ve ever received are those that are practical and help me out around the house. It can be anything from something that helps them stay organized to something that improves the environment of their home. Helping your significant other love their home or feel less overwhelmed will definitely be appreciated. Here are our practical gift ideas:

17. Air Purifier

photo: courtesy levoit via amazon

photo: courtesy levoit via amazon

Available on Amazon

Clean air is life changing. It improves your quality of life and the ambiance of your home. This is especially true if you have allergies. Struggling with allergies is miserable and they’re the worst at night and in the morning making those peaceful moments difficult.

If your significant other is constantly battling allergies then a high-quality air purifier is a gift they will appreciate greatly. We wrote an article about the best air purifiers on the market for allergies and notated all of their features and benefits.

18. Robot Vacuum

A clean home is always an instant mood boost. If your significant other is pretty busy or has pets and you know that coming home to clean floors is something they’d really appreciate, then you could consider an automated vacuum.

While these helpful robots were pretty expensive when they first came out there are many more in the market and within a wide range of preferred price-points, like this ILIFE Robot vacuum which is under $200 on Amazon. Some vacuums even have apps so that your significant other schedule cleanings just before coming home.

19. Humidifier

PHOTO: Courtesy OPOLAR via amazon

PHOTO: Courtesy OPOLAR via amazon

Available on Amazon

A humidifier makes a great gift for a significant other who is sensitive to dry air, gets nose-bleeds, or deals with allergies. A good humidifier will help make breathing and living in their home more enjoyable.

Like air purifiers which can also drastically improve your significant others living space this gift idea is also incredibly thoughtful. Honestly, there are few ideas more thoughtful than caring about someone’s quality of life.

There are a ton of humidifiers to choose from based on the size of your significant other’s bedroom and your preferred price range.

20. House Cleaning Service

Even if your significant other is pretty good about keeping a clean house, having a cleaning crew come in one time and deep clean their home top to bottom can be a huge weight lifted off of their shoulders. You can find a house cleaning groupon and put the certificate in a card.

21. Decorative Mini Fans

photo: courtesy target

photo: courtesy target

Available via Target

Regulating body temperature is a constant dance. If your significant other tosses and turns at night due to an inability to maintain a comfortable body temperature then a nice decorative fan at bedside can help a lot.

Gifts That Indulge Their Alone Time -

A great way to show that you care is by encouraging your significant other to indulge in their alone time. Self-care is important for both women and men and is crucial to a healthy relationship. A major aspect of self-care is having ample time to decompress and relax, so we put together a quick list of gifts that say “your quiet time is important to the both of us.” Here are our gift self-care gift ideas:

22. Good Books

What’s your significant others favorite book genre? You can browse best sellers in their favorite genre and order them several to choose from. Although a book may seem like a simple gift, for a reader, it demonstrates that you care about and appreciate them having time to immerse themselves in their own interests. Here are some of the best books of the year, that are also orderable via Amazon.

23. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

photo: courtesy Bambooware via amazon

photo: courtesy Bambooware via amazon

Available on Amazon

Taking a hot bath is great, but taking a hot bath with all your feel-good creams and scrubs within reach via a bathtub caddy is even better. Giving your significant other all of their bath essentials in one place is a surefire way to ensure they never want to get out of the bathtub. And, what an amazing gift it is to encourage them to be more mindful of taking care of themselves.

24. Massager

Back pain is incredibly common and most people just learn to deal with it. A great gift for your significant other in their alone time is a nice massager or massage stick to run over their back, shoulder, and legs. The result will be a more relaxed and loose feeling, they’ll love it. This massaging wand is one of the best for sports recovery and muscle aches.

25. Wireless Speaker For Shower

Singing in the shower is both calming and energizing. If your significant other is the type to sing in the shower, even if they sound horrible then a waterproof shower speaker is a great way to show that you care about what they enjoy. The is the top-rated bluetooth shower speaker on Amazon and it’s under $50.

26. Bathrobe

After your significant other finishes singing through three of their favorite jams, you can help them step into a luxurious feeling robe so that they can extend that relaxed feeling a bit longer. Whenever someone thinks of a luxurious bathrobe, they’re almost certainly thinking a terry cloth one. These terry cloth robes are available on Amazon and will make a fairly inexpensive gift for your significant other.

27. Slippers

Just like a bathrobe, bath slippers simply help them stay in the relaxing zone of their shower or bath. A true relaxing evening definitely ends with your significant other slipping their feet into cute slippers.

Gifts That Help Them Laugh & Play More -

I don’t know that there’s anything that helps bring people together more than laughter and having fun. That’s why these next gifts are all about encouraging your significant other to have a good time. Here are some gifts that are sure to inspire good fun:

28. Boardgames

Photo: courtesy secret hitler via Amazon

Photo: courtesy secret hitler via Amazon

Available on Amazon

We wrote an article about the 10 best boardgames for a chill night in. You can get info on some of the most popular boardgames on the market and compare the list to boardgames your significant other already has.

29. Outdoor Games

photo: courtesy kan jam via amazon

photo: courtesy kan jam via amazon

Available on Amazon

Fresh air and gameplay make the perfect gifts for someone you really care about. Gifts like ring toss, and bag toss are great for entertaining and for taking to the park and just enjoying the day. One game that’s pretty popular right now is called Kan Jam, you can play in teams of two and the goal is to successful throw your disc into the can. It sounds simple, because it is, but it’s also really fun.

30. Karaoke Machine

photo: courtesy bonoak via amazon

photo: courtesy bonoak via amazon

Available on Amazon

For nights that you don’t quite feel like going out, but still want to party, you can bring the karaoke to you. All you need is some snacks, a couple boardgames and a small karaoke machine and not only will your significant other get to play the good party host but they’ll have a blast too. Karaoke machines are relatively inexpensive ranging from about $30 on up for some of the more professional ones.

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