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5 Fun Types of Fitness Hashtags To Start Using Right Now

fitness hashtags


1. The questioning your life's purpose post workout hashtag

This hashtag is appropriate after an intense workout. Your adrenaline and endorphins are coursing through your body, and you feel on top of the world. After a hot shower, you drift into a deep slumber then wake up the next morning too sore to move. The only option that makes sense is to capture a picture of your immobile-lifeless body along with the hashtag:


2. The All of the Sudden I Have a Butt Hashtag

This development seems to come out of nowhere. All your life you wore pants that had a bit too much room in the booty and your mission was to grow some bigger and rounder glutes. So week after week you put your butt through vigorous squats, deadlifts, and kickbacks. Then one day you casually walk past the bathroom mirror and notice something in the corner of your eye. You pause, look harder and realize it's not a shadow or smudged toothpaste in the mirror. No, it's a BOOTY.

P.S. You have Bubba Sparxxx to thank for this one....


3. The Document Your Cheat Meal or Else It Didn't Happen Hashtag

This type of social media post gets a lot of flack. However what people don't realize is that when you've earned your cheat meal by sticking to your diet 100% for 1-2 weeks, you want to be able to remember its greasy ooey gooey goodness. Furthermore, you may want your friends and family to look upon the miracle that is this burger, pizza, or cake, etc. Snap a picture of that burger in all its glory with the hashtag:


4. The Faux Modesty Gains Hashtag

This picture is innocent and doesn't have a purpose being showing off some newfound muscle definition. This is a gains-only picture, and you're posting it because you're proud of it. Feel free to flex those triceps and use the hashtag:


5. The Word Vomit Hashtag

This hashtag might be my favorite because it isn't just ONE hashtag at all but rather a mashup of the mental chaos. Use this type of hashtag at will and especially when your mind is telling you one thing, but your stomach or heart is telling you another. To help us visualize your inner turmoil make sure to take a picture of yourself in deep thought.

#AbsAreMadeInTheKitchen #ButSoAreTheseCookies #HowIsAGirlSupposeToChoose #OkayMaybeJustOneCookie #ManThatWasAGoodCookie