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These Fall Nail Designs & Color Trends Will Get You Ready For The New Season



Fall is the best time of year for being creative with our nails. With inspired color palettes in the most fabulous muted shades, the season gets our blood pumping. Falling leaves, pumpkin spice and monsters, oh my! Check out these nail designs that will be everywhere this fall.

Fall Nail Designs

How can you incorporate fall greens into your favorite trendy nail art? The Nail Room & Co. (@thenailroomchats on Instagram) demonstrates with this calming double-wave design.


While these nails aren’t painted with an actual color-- other than clear-- the nude is essential to their design. Betina Goldstein (@betina_goldstein on Instagram) creates these rhinestone cuffs with Swarovski crystals. If we had these nails, we’d never look back.

Ruby (@nails_ruby on Instagram) puts the gradient nail trend to the test using these soft browns with slight purple undertones. I am absolutely a fan of these and hope to see them more often.

Jessica Harris’s (@perfect10customnails on Instagram) jade stone nails are press-on and fit for any gemstone lover. The intricate balance of the teal with the white is iconic.

Tony Ly’s (@tonysnail on Instagram) deep red suspended-glitter nails are flawless and we love them. The fiery glow of the sequins excites me and reminds me of a cool evening with a burning sunset.

Chaun P. (@chaunlegend on Instagram) has a knack for fade nails and these are no different. He uses bright, rust-orange polish to complete this fall nail look.

Nail artist Gracie (@nailart_bygracie on Instagram) introduces pumpkin spice season with these beautiful olive and nude nails. The pumpkin tips are the perfect accent for fall.

These wood resin nails are incredible. Nail guru Luma Larregui (@larreguinails on Instagram) gets our hearts pumping with this unique blue and brown design. She actually embeds tiny bits of wood inside the nails.

Candy corn is totally underrated, so these gorgeous rusty candy corn nails by L (@elleaseen on Instagram) are IT. They blend four shades of rust into one delectable set of fall nail inspiration.

Spooky eyeballs are one of my favorite Halloween-inspired candies. These half moon spooky eyes by Betina Goldstein (@betina_goldstein on Instagram) get us ready for the witching hour in the most satisfying way.

Fall Nail Color Trends

I was ready for summer to be over within the first few weeks of it (for us Floridians, that means April-- four. MONTHS. AGO). Let me tell you, it was a LONG summer.

We had dripping hot temperatures close to 100 degrees, and the inability to cool off because the beaches were out of order (Tampa Bay had flesh-eating bacteria, yikes). But, here we are with the taste of fall on our tongues, soon to be officially christened as of Labor Day weekend-- we’re almost there!

Fall 2019 is sure to be an epic season because DUH, our favorite colors are back and bigger than ever. Yes, sure, they look a little different than they did a year ago, but so do we! Speaking of new shades, here are six of our favorite fall colors that are brand-new for Fall 2019.

Green Fall Nail Color Trends

Green nails are difficult to pull off on a good day, but these fall-toned greens are perfect for the 2019 season. They are much darker and more muted than average, so anyone can pull them off.

Nail artist Vlora (@rajanas_nails on Instagram) loves this satin-finished green shade and we can see why. The color is rich and streak-free, a major plus in the nail world. It’s the perfect green and we love the single matte nail on each hand. Nice choice, girl!

Utah-based nail artist Kylie (@naillovebykylie on Instagram) is ready for fall with these sublime, matte army-green nails. The shade is pretty neutral as far as greens go, so you don’t even have to worry about them matching your outfits. This is the ideal green for fall.

British nail guru Marta B. (@nailsonthames on Instagram) shows off the next big green for fall, straight from OPI’s Scotland collection. Shade Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green is described as an edgy green with brown undertones. Fall 2019 better be ready because this color is one of my favorites.

This deep emerald green nail polish by Marc Jacobs Beauty will be your new fall favorite. While green nail color is can be daunting, this sweet green is deep and sensual. It will make you feel sexy, elegant and alluring. Take your power and get this nail color at Sephora.

Nude Fall Nail Color Trends

Nudes and neutrals are ordinarily straight-forward and mostly the same year to year. We have more of a variety now though. The fall 2019 season is meant for nudes with brown and pink undertones and other less common neutral shades.

Millennial Beauty (@millennialbeauty on Instagram) gives us a taste of the pink nude trend for fall. These creamy, pink-nude nails with gold-glitter accents are the perfect accessory for an autumn wedding.

Marta B. (@nailsonthames on Instagram) showcases these bewitching, dusty-mauve nails by OPI. Another color from their fall 2019 Scotland collection, shade You’ve Got that Glas-glow is as enchanting as it is creamy.

These soft tan and yellow nude nails by Valori Boss (@gaudyoctopus on Instagram) are enticing and the fitting accent to a fall wardrobe. Because every color involved is a neutral (even the black), they match anything and everything.

Essie’s Wild Nudes nail polish collection is only available online through Ulta, but it brings the ultimate definition to the phrase “unusual nudes.” Nude colors are typically pretty basic, but these babies come out of left-field with their color choices, and it couldn’t be better. Color Clothing Optional is the ideal shade of pinky-brown nude for the fall 2019 season.

Plum & Brown Fall Nail Color Trends

Purples and browns are some of the most popular nail colors year-round, so why should fall be any different? These plum purples and nude browns are ravishing and command attention.

Nail artist Larissa (@polish.lab.rat on Instagram) tests out one of OPI’s new Scotland Infinite Shine shades for her Instagram post. We adore the perfection of the glowy plum tone. Shade Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me is available at Ulta Beauty.

Rachel (@rachels.nailspiration.station on Instagram) is a self-proclaimed “dip-powder enthusiast” and loves to use the powders in her nail looks. This pretty purple-toned red and rose-gold combination is in our book of fall ‘19 looks to try.

Nail enthusiast JoLinn (@jolinncreates on Instagram) takes fall nails to the next level with these matte pinkish, coffee-colored nails. The matte quality of the color makes them appear almost velvety and we think it is incredible.

Purple shades don’t have to be difficult to embrace this fall season with this combination of purple mini polishes by Deborah Lippman. Available at Sephora, this set combines inky plum with soft lavender and literally every purple shade in-between.

Deep Blue & Dark Teal Fall Nail Color Trends

Blue is a popular shade for summer, but darker versions of blue and teal are essential to your fall color palette. Here are some of our favorite shades.

Marta B. (@nailsonthames on Instagram) is on point with her color-testing. This shade from OPI’s Scotland Infinite Shine collection for fall 2019 is the crown jewel. Shade Nessie Plays Hide and Sea-k’s glitter is multi-faceted and deep, although it does appear to be a much brighter color on the Ulta website.

While navy blue is a foolproof transitional shade for fall, Antonia (@mausigrau on Instagram) featured this deep Essie blue in mid-May. The color is hot and definitively perfect for both seasons, but particularly for fall.

Vixxen Nails (@vixxen_nailz on Instagram) knows how to work fall blues with this sexy set. Her blue shade is rich and decorated with golden gems and a gold-glitter underside.

Get your favorite fall 2019 blue nail polish at Target for cheap. Essie nail polish is long-lasting and insanely good quality to boost your manicure for the autumn months. After School Boy Blazer is a gorgeous shade of navy, a perfect transition from summer to fall.

Maroon & Wine Fall Nail Color Trends

As I’m a redhead, I tend to wear wine and maroon all year long. Everyone else? Well, the best time for maroon is autumn! Fall is here and so are these sexy reds. Check out our favorite shades.

This pretty wine shade, worn by Jennifer Dye (@chroma_nails on Instagram), is the irrefutable winner for best fall reds. The color is sweet and really does resemble a glass of wine.

These nails by Erika (@erikasnailstudio on Instagram) are giving us major fall vibes. She alternates the design on each nail, featuring watercolor, glitter and a regular satin-finish.

Michelle Lee’s (@heymichellelee on Instagram) geometric, negative-space nails feature a solid maroon shade. It looks brilliant in its simplicity.

Mischo Beauty’s Front Row Creme nail polish is the obvious choice for a toxin-free nail color with durability fit for a queen. Their Scarlet shade is the all-around best shade of deep red for the autumn months. Don’t just let us tell you this, get it at Macy’s and try it yourself.

Rust Orange Fall Nail Color Trends

Orange reminds me of Halloween, and Halloween is right around the corner. These rusty orange shades are impeccably suited for the current fall season.

IBD South Africa (@ibdnailsa on Instagram) has the right idea with these rust orange stiletto nails. Not only is the color attractive, but they are extremely eye-catching when paired with the stiletto length.

Delphine (@delphine_debray on Instagram) is winning with her short, rust orange nails for fall. We are here for it, girl!

OPI’s Scotland collection has us covered for this year’s fall favorites. Available at Ulta Beauty, shade Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith is a “copper-kissed orange” that will wow anyone who sees it. The color is the perfect rusty orange to get your autumn leaves on, seen here on Marta B. (@nailsonthames on Instagram).

So What Do We Think?

Fall is our favorite time of year, and we cannot wait to see these gorgeous colors in action. The deeper shades of purple, teal and blue are quintessential to the summer-fall transitional period and add a bit of depth to the traditional fall color palette. Every year rusty shades of orange, olive and maroon come back full force with slight variations. We love each one more than the last, and couldn’t be more excited to give them a try ourselves.