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These 20 Fade Nails Designs Are Instagram Worthy



Fade nails are fabulous and all over the internet. Think about it. More than one color on your nails at once? YES! It’s the greatest thing since gelato cafes decided to let us pile more than one flavor into their single serving cups.

Fade nails are definitely the new “it” nail look and we are loving it. I first saw these beauties about a month ago and fell in love with the look. There are literally a-thousand-and-one ways to do fade nails, and that makes them all the more unique and awesome.

The ones I originally saw combined a sweet, nude pink and a soft, mellow green that together made me think of watermelon. What better way to enjoy the summer than to combine our favorite shades into sweet summer favorites.

These nails are going to get everyone talking and asking who did them. Flaunt your fierce and sexy self with your fade nails this summer.

Even celebrities like J Lo. (who is already well-known for bringing her own swagger to the nail game) and Selena Gomez are jumping on board the fade nail train. Tom Bachik displays his talents on their beautiful digits.

On May 20, J Lo.’s nails were showcased by an incredible set of rust-colored, glitter fade tips that blended perfectly with her nude base. I am loving this look, and I hope she continues to embrace the trend.

In April, Bachik painted Gomez’s nails with a black glitter that faded prettily out into a silver tip. That is dedication to the look because I can tell you it is incredibly difficult to create a decent, much less perfect fade nail using glitters.

Kylie Jenner is a fan of the look too, demonstrating her love with this gorgeous pink set of fade nails. I am living for the look and I am not ashamed. I love the way the pink french tips fade into the pretty nude of the nail base.

Fade Nails Inspo Courtesy Instagram

Fade nails are taking over Instagram as we speak, and here are some of my favorite fade nail looks to date!

These pretty cotton candy fade nails were done by nail technician Tabytha Scott, and I am in love! She blends a smooth, baby blue into a sweet, candy pink into a look that is perfect for a summer day at the fair. I’d love to be in line for these babies!

Bianca Delgado created this sweet set in late June, and it’s as fresh a day summer day. When I see the blue, all I can think of is a cloudless sky fading into the horizon at the beach. The transparent, flowered accent nail is beautiful and she did an impeccable job with the fade!

Nail Pro Magazine featured this awesome set of fade nails by Nail Hause’s Vanity Johnson. The blue set displays a fade tip that is overlaid with swirls of white, resembling clouds. I think these are a perfect summery look, and they remind me of how the sky typically is during the day on the Fourth of July in Florida! Send me some watermelon and fireworks, and we are set!

Nail Pro Magazine also featured this look by KK Nails on their Instagram page in late June. This one is a glittery, silver masterpiece that uses the fade technique to swirl white and silver into the tips of some of the nails (primarily the index and middle fingers). They are absolutely stunning and remind me of the Mother of Pearl we see on oyster shells! Honestly, I think that Mother of Pearl is one of nature’s prettiest patterns, so this look is one of my faves.

If you ever have been like me and got stuck trying to pick between two nail colors, have no fear! These insanely gorgeous fade nails by Cathy C give you two for the price of one and are perfectly put together to boot! She totally kills it with the fade on the middle fingers, and I am utterly obsessed with the dual look.

Elle Ward’s rainbow fade nails are the perfect accent for literally every outfit this summer, as well as the perfect accessory for Pride month! The colors she uses are intense and bright, and I am here for it! My favorite part is the red-and-purple blend, and can you blame me? Because they’re complementary colors, it’s like three-in-one!

These fantastic fade nails by Rebecca Bernard feature pink tips and black palm tree silhouettes, and I dig them like sand. Just in time for Summer ‘19, they look as perfect as a sunset on the beach. My favorite part is the crystal crown accenting the finger at the base of the photo. It’s a gorgeous pairing with the rest of the look and I’d give this artist ten out of ten stars for her work if I could!

Early June brought these perfectly peachy fade nails by Shannon Connor to the forefront of our minds. Being a peach-lover myself, I think this set is incredible! The glitter on the pinky nails accents the fade on the middle fingers perfectly-- it’s just peachy!

All these sexy and sweet strawberry bath fade nails by Sha remind me of boudoir photos shoots! The foamy pink fade nails are accompanied by partly covered and blended strawberry appliques and they are insane! I would never have even considered this style, but I have to say they accomplish their task and look almost exactly like their inspiration.

To go along with the neon shades that became so popular this year, Rimma Nechai’s take on the fade nails trend is exactly what we love! A combination of incredible styles, bright color AND glitter? Sign me up! I love the way the neon yellow is faded into the nude base of the nail. Intense!

Nail technician Kam’s fade nails are the most delicate, simple French tip. The white of the tip fades delicately into the light pink base, and the simplicity is perfectly desirable. They are the ideal nail style for a glam bride, and just another way to add to the perfection on your big day! I mean, your nails have to match your gorgeous dress, am I right?

Jocy Silva debuted a sweet blue fade nail on her Instagram feed in late June. They are beautiful and dainty and remind me quite clearly of Cinderella and her glass slipper. The light blue tips fade impeccably well into the base of the nail, and I adore the bedazzled bits on the ring finger and base of the index fingers!

These fade nails by Shannen Griffiths are the perfect complement to your summer glow. The fade of bright peach to smooth tan is delightful, and I love the glitter tips on the accent nails! I definitely have to try this look the next time I get my nails done because it is so cute.

The bright swirls of color and golden moon and stars on these fade nails remind me a lot of my favorite clothing items from when I was a girl-- can you tell I like to reminisce? Nail artist Ashleigh Holgate brings this fun nail look to life with glitter, fades and appliques; I love a good rainbow myself, and these nails are fabulous!

For all you artistic and edgy gals out there, this one’s for you! Don’t be afraid to try intricate patterns with your fade nails. Nail tech Laura uses a snazzy orange and blue combination for her fade nails and overlays it with a dope double-chevron pattern. This look both follows the fade nail trend and creates its own at the same time. Don’t be afraid to get creative, ladies.

We think fade nails should stick around for as long as possible. The designs are incredible and there are so many ways to pursue the look, it’s mind-boggling. Even when the look fades out (haha, get it), I will more than likely keep the trend alive myself because I like it so much, but that’s just me. We will have to see what the world wants, and can only hope and dream.