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7 Places to Explore Your Spirituality This Winter

explore spirituality

Winter is here and “cuffing” season is almost upon us. Our excuses for bailing on plans, stock of candles, and supply of wine all grow as the temperature falls. Coming home, putting on pajamas, and snuggling up to a friend or loved one I what I live for during the winters months.

As lovely as it sounds, sometimes this hibernation leaves me wanting more, craving a deeper connection, and looking for the motivation to escape my cinnamon-spiced living room.

Ever since I started my spiritual journey at the end of 2017, it has become an essential part of my life and an integral part of who I am today. I know that, while I love a good snow day binge-watching Netflix, I also love the connection I’ve been able to establish with myself below the surface.

I think it’s equally important to have a safe space in your home as it is to have one outside. My desire for connection, understanding, and self-exploration doesn’t go away when scarves become a mandatory accessory.

I also hope that these the winter months don’t deter anyone who’s curious about spirituality to go out seeking answers. If anything, this is the perfect time for reflection and ideal moment to make positive changes in our lives.

Don’t let winter stop you from lifting up your spirit and opening your heart. And, to help encourage your expansion, here are 7 places to explore your spirituality this winter.

1. Go On A Retreat

For when you want to hop on a plane and escape somewhere warm…

There are tons of really spiritual places across the globe from Machu Picchu, Peru to Bali, Indonesia to Stonehenge in England. But where’ the best place to go during these winter months? I’d suggest hopping on a plane to Mexico.

Tons of yoga instructors are creating retreats around Mexico, I’ve had friends take amazing solo trips to Xinalani Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, and I’ve read about amazing spiritual journeys in Tulum. While other places have a powerful spiritual pull, it’s either getting too cold or becoming rainy season. So use this trip to connect deeply with yourself and enjoy paradise at the same time.

2. Relax In A Meditation Studio

For when you want to sit in a quiet space…

My ideal Sunday morning always involves no alarm, strong coffee, and a 30-minute session at my favorite meditation studio in NYC, MNDFL. The studio space is always mentally refreshing and is well worth walking to in the cold. It feels amazing to clear your head, and they even have weighted blankets to use if you’re feeling extra chilly. Not in NYC? I suggest a quick Google search for group meditation studios in your area or yoga studios that offer one-off meditation classes.

3. Visit Your Local Metaphysical Store

For when you need some of those aforementioned candles…

Who am I kidding, I love candles! There’s no shame to stock up for yourself, gifting candles to others, or just going to store for the smell of it. Check out a metaphysical store in your area and ask the folks working there to show you the different candles they offer. Take the time to learn about how different aromas can affect your energy, body, and mindset. You can also take it a step further, and create your own candle based on the scent you most need to continue or expand on your practice.

4. Sign Up For Yoga Classes

For when you want to connect but be warm at the same time…

My absolute favorite place to disconnect with the world and connect with my soul is in a yoga class. I also prefer hot power yoga or hot vinyasa over non-heated forms of yoga, which are perfect for the cold winter months. If you’re in NYC or LA, check out Y7 for a challenging, warm, and candlelit class. If you’re looking to really connect and don’t need the warmth, look up Kundalini yoga classes in your area.

5. Attend Spiritual Workshops & Conferences

For when you want to learn something new…

One of my absolute favorite things to do it attend conferences and workshops. I’ve gone to everything from a panel on holistic wellness to an astrology workshop to a crystal workshop. There are so many experts out there (I am not one of them just yet) and it’s always fun to learn from them; plus, there’s the added bonus of being around people who are also curious about what metaphysics has to offer. These events are usually at least two hours which makes it easier to justify leaving your house. If you’re in NYC, check out events at Awakening NY, Namaste Bookshop, Catland, and Maha Rose.

6. Stay Home

For when you want to explore spirituality, but you want to do it from home…

Sometimes I really don’t want to leave the house, and I’m finally at the point in my life where I don’t let myself feel guilty for that decision. However, I do my best to not entirely cut off communication with the outside world when I do. Consider hosting a dinner party and finding out what people know and what they’re curious about when it comes to spirituality. Think about having conversation cards or even Angel Cards. Just make sure you cleanse your space before people come over!

Pro tip: if you really, really do want some alone time, consider reading a book to expand your mind and intuition.

7. Find An Event

For when you don’t know what you want…

I’m an avid fan of Eventbrite, and I highly suggest you check it out when you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. Throw in generic search terms like “metaphysics,” “spiritual,” “meditation,” “yoga” and see what comes up for your area. When I do this in NYC, I find at least four events each month I’m interested in! If you don’t like going to events alone and don’t have someone who’s as curious as you are, look up groups on Meetup who share similar interests using the same search terms.

Do you have a specific place you go to connect? I’d love to hear it!