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Don't Just Exercise For Abs... EAT For Abs!

exercising for abs

Want Abs? You have to both exercise AND eat to see them!

Performing endless ab workouts may genuinely be the biggest fitness blunder I see and simply because of how prevalent the misinformation is. It's not that ab exercises aren't necessary, they are, extremely. A strong core stabilizes your back and helps you increase your strength in lower body and back exercises. However, the vast majority of women are dedicating most of their gym time to crunches because they believe it will give them abs.

You Already Have Abs

The truth is, you don't need to "get" abs because you already have them. They're there, and they always have been, they're just hidden. Still, loads of women every day bust their butts in the gym earnestly doing ab workouts hoping for that trim tummy. I respect and appreciate the effort behind it, but it's just not how these things work. Instead, you should refocus your energy on a strategy that is actually proven to give you a lean stomach, which is where this post comes in.

A Body Is Like Tiramisu Cake

When considering the best way to illustrate my point I kept envisioning a woman's body as tiramisu cake. I don't know, I love tiramisu cake, so just go with me on this one.

Imagine this slice of tiramisu cake. No, you will not eat the cake because you want abs, imagine this slice of tiramisu cake is your body. You have a layer of bone, a layer of muscle, a layer of fat, and a layer of skin.

Exercises for abs

What you see in the mirror every day is these layers under your skin coming together to form your physique. Your muscles protect your bone, your fat covers your muscles, and your skin protects all your innards. Your skin is simply a durable blanket. Your muscles and fat are the only types of mass in your body that you can actively increase or decrease.

When there is a little to no fat layer between your skin and muscle, you can visibly see the defined outlines of your muscle. The excess fat in between your skin and muscles hides your abs and in the case of your thighs and butt your skin shows that visible rippling effect known as cellulite. As you can see, it's not that you don't have abs it's that there's a layer of fat standing in your way of seeing them. It's not enough to grow your abs, you've got to burn the fat covering them too. Free the ab!

Now that you have a better understanding of your abdominal situation, you're so much more close to a slimmer stomach than you were before. You've been doing the physical work; now you just need to align the proper diet with it, because that's the key. If your diet follows these simple guidelines, you're in good shape.

It's About Your Diet Most of All

Here's what your diet needs to be to help you burn the fat and eventually reveal your ab muscles.

  • Slightly fewer in calories than you burn.

  • About 40% Protein. Your protein sources can be animal or plant proteins.

  • Low sugar and this does not pertain to the natural sugars found in fruits and veggies. Low sugar refers to the added sugars not naturally found in foods.

Truth Time....You've Been Mislead

Now it's time for an additional shot of reality. Always remember that body fat cannot be spot reduced. What the term "Spot Reduce" refers to is the notion that you can choose an area of your body to lose fat in at will. Here are a few misleading statements I see floating around the internet. All of them incorrectly lead the reader to believe that you can target belly fat. Oh no, my friend. If you see statements like these RUN, and keep reading to learn why.

"5 Exercises to Blast Ab Fat"

"Get Washboard Abs by Doing This Workout"

"30-Day Six Pack Ab Challenge"

"Reveal Your Six-Pack With This Fat Blasting Ab Sculpting Workout"

"20 Minutes to Flat Abs"

"The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat"

this list can go on for an eternity, but here's the truth.

It's About Your Genetics Also

Your body burns fat in an order determined by your genetics, so if you generally carry your body fat in your stomach and love handles it will take you some time to see waistline progress. You can be as sweet to your tummy as you want, sweet talk it, or whisper sweet nothings in its ears. But you're not going to get it to burn anything by itself. So all these "blast belly fat" marketing gimmicks are HOOEY. Don't be discouraged, you will most definitely achieve your sculpted tummy, but depending on your genetics it may take some time.

The Last Bit of Fat Over Your Lower Abs is The Hardest

The last bit of belly fat that covers your lower abs is the most stubborn of all. Generally, it's the last bit of body fat to go for everyone. Still, there's no secret sauce to burn it. Instead, you have to clean up your diet, even more, increase your intensity among other things. I created my break through your plateau guide to teach you how to step by step, no b.s., lose those last few stubborn pounds and reveal your lower abs. You should click the link if you're curious and would like more information.

Now, I'd Love to Know...

What has your experience been with achieving visible abs, and what has been your biggest struggle? Put your response in the comment's section below. Thousands of other women come here with a similar struggle, and your comment may help them feel motivation and not alone.