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We Are Are All Drake, Don't Lie

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The only thing better than hitting a new low weigh-in is arriving at the gym to find it empty. There are no lines for your favorite machines. There's no waiting for the squat rack while someone egregiously works upperbody on it. Oh, and there's nobody around to judge you while you sing at the top of your lungs and dance in between sets. The gym, nay, the WORLD is your oyster. There are however some minor differences between Drake playing Taylor Swift and myself.

On my playlist is usually a song where I would sound decent during karaoke. I sound the best singing Rihanna's Love on the Brain or SheDaisy's Little Goodbyes. So naturally, if the gym is my stage for the night I'm going for those two options. Next is the dance move. Drake busted out a crouching pose, then transitioned into the robot. Both were great moves, but my choice would've been more of a slight twerk transitioning into a moonwalk. Then maybe a slow wind as the finale? Who knows, I could literally do anything because the universe gifted me with an empty gym, FOR ONCE.

Now on the topic of exercises, there's no way in the world I'd bench press or squat in an empty gym and I'd advise you don't either. Stay far away from any heavy lifting when you're alone. Have fun, but don't endanger yourself.

Now it's your turn, what's on your playlist and what's your dance move of choice? Don't lie, we've all been Drake before.