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21 Dr. Pimple Popper Blackhead Videos That’ll Satisfy Your Senses



Are you apopaholic? A term defined by Urban Dictionary as "one who enjoys or is addicted to popping pimples or watching them be popped." So, do you find yourself enjoying videos of people getting their acne picked at? Such as those pesky blackheads that, when squeezed in just the right way, pop out from under the skin in the most satisfying way. The term "popaholic" was created by none other than California based dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper.

Since 2010, Dr. Lee has uploaded videos of skin extractions on bothYouTubeand Instagram, where she has garnered more than 5.7 million subscribers and 3.6 million followers, respectively. She has done so by offering discounted or sometimes free treatment to patients who will let her record and post the extractions online and on her TV show. Patients travel far and wide to Upland, California, where Dr. Lee resides and has her practice. Many visit her with skin imperfections that they never knew could be removed and look to Dr. Lee for answers.

Now I know we all grew up being told, "don't pick at your skin!" or "don't pop that pimple!". But Dr. Pimple Popper, who is a board-certified dermatologist, has made an empire behind doing just that, poking and prodding at people's imperfections on their skin. However, she is a doctor and knows how to do so cleanly and safely.

Dr. Sandra Lee’s blackhead videos have skyrocketed and have caught the attention of many celebrities such as Shane Dawson, Rachel Ray, Tosh.0, and even Kim Kardashian. While clearly visually entertaining, Dr. Lee also strives to keep her videos educational and teach people about the importance of skin health. I suggest taking the time to read through her captions for herYouTubevideos, where she provides more information on the type of extractions being performed, the tools used, and overall fun facts about acne.

Pop on down and continue reading to watch some of the most gratifying pops. It’s important to note that these videos are not for those with a weak stomach or who get squeamish easily. That being said, it never hurts to watch one and see how far you can watch before you have to cover your mouth and stop the video from continue playing.

On Instagram, Dr. Lee tends to upload daily videos highlighting her best moments that can be watched in full on herYouTubechannel. Her daily videos average one million viewers, now that is a lot ofpopaholics.

Captioned, "Like a good blackhead? Well, Ear You Go!..."Short and sweet, this video was uploaded to Instagram and was used more as a teaser for the full Dr. Pimple Popper blackhead video onYouTube. One person even commented, "Am I the only one that ran to a mirror to check if I have any blackheads in my ears?" That's the beauty of Dr. Lee’s blackhead videos, she makes you realize that blackheads can pop up anywhere on the skin, not just your face. The full extraction can also be watched below.

Now, this next one is for those with a strong stomach. Dr. Lee kept digging into the skin even when I thought nothing else could come out. But boy did she prove me wrong, she even excitedly comments, "Oh, there's a hair in this one! This is a nice one."

The mother of all blackheads, in this Dr. Pimple Popper blackhead video, the patient is clearly not apopaholicand has no desire to see the extraction pulled from her back. But for one viewer, this video was simply described as "Porefection."

Like mentioned before, blackheads love to creep up in the hard to reach places like your back, your neck, and even behind your ears, and the following videos are proof. Speaking of ears, if you see a black speck on a friend's ear, don't always assume it's an earring. Now, I've never personally had a pimple or blackhead in my ear, but according to one comment, "The ones in your ears hurt the most." One video below even shows that just when you think you have removed everything, the blackhead just keeps on coming like anever-endingrope. Talk about being scared of while lies beneath the surface.

As Dr. Pimple Popper says, "Sometimes it'sOKto be nosy, especially if it comes with popping." In the following videos, Dr. Sandra Lee extracts a few blackheads from a nose while having a conversation with the patient.

The patient comments that having blackheads removed by the doctor is "way less painful than my mom," who has used her tools at home to remove her son's blemishes. The following Dr. Pimple Popper blackhead videos made me want to apply a pore strip immediately! Rightfully captioned, "Eureka! We've got a #blackhead blessingtoday!"

It just keeps on coming.Crazywhat Dr. Lee can get to come out from under the skin in this video captioned, "This is what dreams are made of!"

Now you know it is going to be an excellent Dr. Pimple Popper blackhead video when you have to agree to uncover the sensitive content in an Instagram video. Such as this video described as "It's a #jungle out there, you never know what might pop up…"

Looking to dive into longer extractions? Look no further than her YouTubepage, where she posts original content straight from her office. You can find everything from blackhead and whitehead removals, cyst extractions, and educational videos revolving around the world of dermatology.

Next date night idea? Enjoy this "His and Hers Extractions: Blackheads & A Cyst" video that proves that people of all ages need the help from the queen of extractions.

An extraction with a story. In this Dr. Pimple Popper blackhead video, Dr. Lee tackles removing clusters of blackheads from an elderly man who spent the majority of his life as a firefighter in Indiana.

In an exclusive birthday video dedicated toYouTuberShane Dawson-who happens to be a fan of her videos - she released a compilations video of all her best pops. 25 extractions highlighted in a video to represent every year of his life at the time of release in 2017. After watching, you will want to thank Dr. Lee because really it's a present to all of us.

Personally, my favorite videos feature removals that are clean and intact, where everything seems to come out at once and leaves nothing behind but a small, or sometimes large, hole. Some of which the doctor then needs to stitch up. The best part? When the video is edited to reshow, the removal is in slow motion. Talk about rewarding. But sadly, not all removals happen as perfectly as others, which is described by one comment: "When the second one broke apart, so did my heart."

As can be seen in the videos below, where a plethora of blackheads are removed from not one but two mens’ noses. One viewer commented, "Ever felt anxious and calm at the same time? This is me watching these videos."

No show is complete without a holiday special. Dr. Lee blessed her TLC reality series, "Dr. Pimple Popper" with anhour-longholiday episode that showcased 12 removals. The best of them being the removal of a 50+-year-old "dilated pore ofwiner" or simply put a giant blackhead. Who knew blackheads could get so big.

After watching these videos, I'lldefinitelybe watching the growth of the blemishes under my skin a lot more carefully. In the episode, we see a grandson take his grandmother to see Dr. Lee in hopes that she can help his grandmother with her skin problem. A truepopaholichimself, the grandson is seen standing right behind Dr. Lee and next to the action of the extraction.