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This Doggie School Bus Driver Created His Dream Job & It's Adorable

doggie school bus

Remember the good old days when you would jump on the school bus and everyone would rush to the get the best seats, which were always the seats in the back? Once everyone was seated, the bus would take off and eventually someone would whip out their iPod and play the latest banger on the radio. Everyone would nod their heads to the song and grin ear to ear as they laughed with their best friends, who were seated next to them.

Nothing gets better than that, right?


Three words for you: doggy school bus.

Arat Montoya, who resides in Oregon, is the owner of Doggy School Bus, which is exactly what it sounds like. One day, Montoya decided to decorate his gold scion car with the words “Doggy School Bus” written across it, then added striped lines to make the car look like an actual school bus. Within two weeks, he already had 16 customers.



Montoya’s service is pretty simple; he’ll pick up your dog in his adorable “school bus” along with all his other clients’ dogs and take care of them for the day. On his highest day, he had a whopping 35 dogs to pick up (bless this man). All the dogs are so excited to hop aboard the coolest bus in town; some of the dogs even wait by the window, waiting for Montoya to arrive.



But this is a school bus afterall, so these dogs have to go to school! Their school happens to be a beautiful five-acre property near West Linn, Oregon. The dogs get to run around and play with each other all day. Why couldn’t school have been like that for us?

When “classes” are finished, he drops his happy students back home.

This is such a great idea for these adorable pups. Instead of staying home all day, feeling lonely, and missing their human pals, they spend their days hanging out and playing with their best friends. They are learning great socialization skills, staying active and healthy, and gaining so much happiness! Happy wife is a happy life? More like a happy dog is a happy life!

His business got attention when a video of one of his client’s dogs went crazy in excitement for the doggie school bus to pick him up. In the adorable video, the dog hears his owner say, “Is that your school bus?” and the dog runs down the stairs, begs his owner to open the door and flies across the yard and jumps onto the bus. The dog didn’t even give a goodbye kiss to his owner, he was way too excited! The video has over 2,500 views, and some of the comments are downright hilarious:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids going to school felt the same way hahaha!!!!”

“I bet he’s pretty darn smart too!”

“Obviously more fun than human school!”

“Awesomeness, love it! Thanks for a good smile inside!”

In an interview with the Oregonian, Montoya reveals how he came from a family of bakers, but Montoya’s heart was always with helping animals.

“I just love dogs,” Montoya said to a reporter who asked where this idea came from.

Before Doggy School Bus, he worked for another dog daycare service and then had his own doggy daycare from his house, but on a much smaller scale than his current business.

Customers can’t rave enough about Montoya and his business. All of them say how happy and excited their dogs are about this doggy daycare. Here are just some of the glowing reviews Montoya has received from his customers:

“Arat is so patient with my anxious Australian Shepherd. This is an amazing service to offer our doggies!”

“Merlin loves Arat and his school bus! He waits by the front window every morning, and comes home happy every evening. Arat shares vids every day of his students having a blast, and I know my boy is happy and well cared for. Two paws up for Doggie School Bus!”

“My dog Loki loves Arat and his doggie school bus! He has such a great time running around with the pack. He comes home and is a tired and happy dog. It is so nice to have someone who cares so much for my little guy. Arat loves his dogs and sends videos and pictures to show you how the day is going. Don't look anywhere else; Arat is the perfect place to send your loved one.”

“I tell him in the house, “Do you want to go to school?” and he runs to the door!”

“He’s always happy when he comes home, and he loves going!”

Turns out this was a great business idea for Montoya because he now has more than 300 customers! He has so many furry friends to pick up that he actually had to get a bigger “bus” (which is basically a minivan). Not only is Montoya doing one of the most fun jobs in the world, he also makes a healthy income. “I’m the happiest man in the world,” says Montoya.

Reddit users are going crazy over this video!

Bridget_Bishop: “ he hiring?”

Iamreea: “I would love to own a plot of land and have a doggy daycare. That sounds amazing. Host doggy birthday parties? Omg yes. I know what I want to do when I retire.”

Wilmaaaa68: “I am stuck in a cubicle all day at my job, but would much rather be outside surrounded by happy dogs!”

wthElle08: “Best job ever!”

Chicaburrita: “Wow, 20 dogs a day at $30 (which is an absolute STEAL btw, my doggie day care in Tahoe wanted $85/dog for 8 hours and their hours of operation were outside of my working schedule), is $600/day!!! And he said he goes up to 35 dogs a day! I think there's always a way to think outside the box and create a life for yourself that isn't the 9-5 office, dead end job. So, if you are feeling down and need a change PLEASE take the leap of faith for yourself. This is coming from someone that was terrified to start her own business, but my life has transformed. I believe in your success!! after all, no one ever succeeds if they don't try.”

Sitnthinks: “I once met this guy at a party in Seattle who did this. He was very happy, and whipped out his phone to show me pictures of his “clients” (dogs) doing different things which included napping and being cute... I left very happy and inspired.”

I can’t help but smile when I see stories like this. First of all, these dogs are absolutely delightful. I wish I felt that way when I had to go to school (though to be fair, playing with your fellow furry friends all day hands down beats having to spend all night studying for that insanely hard chemistry test you had the next day). The excitement, happiness, and joy that radiates from their faces makes me smile so hard that it hurts.

These dogs were wagging their tails so much, I was worried the tails would fly off! Dogs deserve the world; all they want are endless snuggles from their human pals and some yummy bacon treats. It’s so nice and inspiring that there are people out there like Montoya who dedicate their life to ensuring animals feel loved and happy (side note: If you’re thinking of ways to give back to animals, you can always give up one of your Saturdays and volunteer at your local animal shelter. I’m sure those animals would love some new faces to play and cuddle with).

I think we can all take a chapter out of Montoya’s book. He was able to turn his passion into a reality by making it into his dream job. It made me think, if he could do that, why couldn’t you or I do the same? Luckily, I have some pretty awesome jobs that I love, but if you find yourself hating your current job or not getting anything fulfilling out of it, I encourage you to think outside the box like Montoya did. Think about the things that truly make you happy in life, then figure out a way to make that into your career. I mean, if you think about it, we work for basically our whole lives, so we might as well love what we do for work.

Montoya literally gets paid to play with puppies all day; he’s honestly living his best life and he inspires me to do the same! Montoya, if you ever read this article, hit ya girl up. I would absolutely love to get paid to play with these precious pups. These students could always use more chaperones, right?