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Divine Timing Means You'll Never Be too Late for Your Destiny

Cortney White/Unsplash

Cortney White/Unsplash

"Life is about growing into the person you are supposed to be, not being the person you want to be right when you want it. The universe doesn't work on your clock, but it will work in your favor if you allow it to." — Sarah Brown, host of the spiritual podcast,Gnosis.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I think I missed my chance?" Or perhaps you've asked yourself, "Am I too late?" The truth is, you can never be late for divine timing. What's meant to be yours will be. It just might not happen the way you expect it to.

You might be wondering, what exactly is divine timing? To me, divine timing issynchronicity, it's destiny, and it's that fateful occurrence when the stars align for you the way they were always meant to. The reason you can't be late for it is because everything that's happening right now is helping you get to where you need to go. Sure, there's free will and detours on the way — which is why we can't get caught up on the "how" we get there. Instead of focusing on the "how" of divine timing, the trick is believing in it by merely trusting ourselves.

Ava Johanna, meditation instructor and host ofThe Alchemized Lifepodcast, has a beautiful take on divine timing. To Johanna, divine timing "allows us to place trust outside of ourselves rather than feel the burden of responsibility solely on us to make everything happen."

"This may arise in your life as a relationship, career, or dollar amount in your bank account. When we trust in divine timing, we have an opportunity to let go of a layer of control and expectation and practice surrender when things don't go our way or happen in the timing we wanted it to."

While it's a beautiful take, if you're like me, letting go of control can be incredibly hard to do. I used to try and control every aspect of my life. However, once I started to learn more about myself and develop a compassionate relationship with my ego, I was able to loosen the reins on my life. From this practice of self-discovery came self-trust. To practice this trust, Johanna suggested making a synchronicity list of different events in your life that have led you to where you are now.

"This list can contain positives like moving to a new city and meeting your partner, or negatives like getting let go from your job, which then inspired the move to the new city. When we can start to see the interconnectedness of all of life's experiences, we have an opportunity to shift from disbelief into a trust of divine timing. This trust can manifest as not experiencing the same intensity of shame, failure, or disappointment when something doesn't go as we planned. Instead, we use divine timing to remember that something may not be right for us in that exact moment, but if it is meant for us, it will always be ours when we are fully ready to receive it with respect, presence, and gratitude it deserves."

Spiritual medium,Erika Gabriel, describes divine timing as "the concept that things are happening in perfect timing with your life's path here on earth as a spiritual being having a human experience. Those things are timed exactly as they should for your journey." When I asked Gabriel how we canalign ourselves with divine timing to feel more secure, she pointed out that "the only way to truly align yourself with divine timing is to set forth your absolute, ultimate dreams and intentions and then work for them. Doing this is key to surrendering to the universe with calmness and faith."

Similar to my notion of releasing the "how," Gabriel suggests you release the chaotic pressure of when, when, and when. According to Gabriel, "in that constant questioning, you can actually block the flow and crush your vibes. Getting into the flow of timing means having absolute faith that all is well, that everything is happening for a reason, and that the universe is completely and totally taking care of you."

Going with the flow is another concept that once was really hard for me to grasp, especially when things went awry or not in the way that I had planned. For moments like that, albeit frustrating and stressful, Gabriel's suggestion is to "have faith and believe that they're happening at that time for a reason that is serving you and not hurting you. So much of why we're here in this life is to learn these unbelievably intense lessons that we have set forth for ourselves."

Of course, nothing is ever set in stone, and things change. While divine timing is working all around you, you can still prepare for its effects and align yourself with your deepest desires. According to Gabriel, "the key is to make sure you are not blocking the very thing you want to receive. For example, you want love, but you are actually struggling with letting people in or even struggling with believing that you are worthy of love. Make sure you're ready and aligning with the very thing that you want. No matter what happens with timing, if you are not willing to let it in, it may never come."

If you're a seeker like me, there's a bit more we can do to align with our divine timing. Intuitive advisor and spiritual teacher, Joy Strong, asserts that seekers "will use the idea of purpose to help reflect, consider, grow, and ultimately to accept what is. In this way, life becomes richer and more meaningful."

How does that help us align? "It is through alignment with the larger cycles that we can find our greatest influence, empowerment, and even inner peace. Understanding natural cycles and honoring the seasons is part of being in alignment in this way. The study of astrology provides even more details about living in such alignment, as does inner work, like studying dreams and dream cycles," said Strong.

Aren't we all just trying to live our best lives and meet our highest selves? Well, then we're right on track. For Strong, it's "when we are living in personal integrity and aspiring to be our best selves that we are automatically in alignment with divine timing. There is no need to worry about missing our chance or fearing that we will run out of time. Just live on purpose, and everything will be OK."

As someone who typically makes decisions partly through logic and partly through intuition, I lean into this idea of divine timing, but I also battle the fears and doubts that come up as a result. Occasionally, my ego will pop up and tell me that I've ruined everything and that I missed my one shot at manifesting my dreams. How does one counter this negative self-talk?

"Tune in to the calm that resides within you and have faith. Constantly focusing on or worrying about running late, running out of time, or missing your chance will only push you further and further away from the very thing you want. If you take a minute to notice all of the blessings you have in your life, you will see the results of what you have you put in motion," said Gabriel.

What's beautiful about Gabriel's take is it also brings us back to Johanna's suggestion of writing out a synchronicity list. Try making journaling exercises like that more common. Notice the signs, jot them down, and refer to them when you think you're heading off track (which even though it may feel that way, trust that detour was necessary). Perhaps you also keep a gratitude journal to remind you that, at the end of the day, you are (more than) OK.

Perhaps you're already on board, or maybe you're just human and still worried about the inevitable fear that arises when life throws you curveballs.Jenn Stevens, a success mindset coach, puts this fear into perspective.

"Even the bad things in life are not just random; those problems and obstacles are actually the paths to our personal growth. Whenever we feel inadequate in life, it's really just our inner voice of fear. The universe has created this current situation for a reason. Although when you're feeling bitterly disappointed by something, it might be difficult to see what that reason is. Divine timing is just a reminder that the universe always has a plan for us, even though we'll never be aware of what that plan is. We, as humans, are always in a hurry to get to the next thing, but sometimes we need to slow down and learn a few more lessons before we can get there. So don't fret that something has gone wrong. The game isn't over! In fact, you're still playing it, and it's what you do next that counts."

If you've taken all this advice but still feel that tug of worry, it's time to dive deeper into self-inquiry. EXPANSION Coach and Reiki Master,Bless Roxwell, suggests asking yourself, "what am I late for?" or "running out of time for what?" Examine what comes up.

To Roxwell, "these answers can provide clarity about whether what you want is something YOU want or something you've been conditioned to want by society. Feelings of "should" can come from societal expectations, and so I also always encourage people to remember at all times that you make up society, we all do. Therefore, YOU determine for you what your timeline is becausedivine timingmeans we are all exactly where we're meant to be."

As a final piece of advice, take this tip from Gabriel, "we spend so much of our energy focusing on what we DON'T want to happen. Make sure you are focusing on all of the amazing things you DO want to happen." Happy manifesting, y'all.