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Food Diary : What I Eat In A Day 4/17

food diary: what i eat in a day 4/17



I woke up and immediately start chugging my 32 oz bottle of water complete with a neon green sippy straw.

Lately, I have had no appetite for a heavy breakfast, which is not my modus operandi. In fact, I usually have a huge breakfast of at least 40g of protein. Then each meal after breakfast tapers down in size. A high protein breakfast is perfect for me because it's satiating, so it keeps me full for a really long time. This morning, however, I wasn't in the mood. So, I opted instead for my favorite snack at the moment, which is Nature Valley protein granola and key lime pie Greek yogurt. It basically tastes like a healthy slice of key lime pie. Seriously, you almost don't realize it's not a real key lime pie....almost. Oh yeah, and I tossed back a couple of fish oil supplements cause I love muscles, healthy hair, and healthy skin yall.

Meal Macros: 21g Carbs | 2g Fat | 16g Protein

Water Intake: 32oz


Slammed with work I floated through the morning without issue on my lower than normal calorie intake breakfast. I didn't even start to feel hungry until close to noon. Still, the hunger pangs were rearing their heads, so it was time for me to whip up my meal numero dos.

My fridge was basically empty if you don't count the four cartons of egg whites that line the bottom shelf. I should probably check the expiration date on those. Anyways, being that I was short on options, I thought it best that I just whip something creative together. I call it creative; you might call it a struggle meal. I had a little bit of smoked salmon left, WHICH IS MY FAVORITE of all time, and some low carb tortilla wraps that were close to going bad. I "cooked" the smoke salmon on my griddle for about two minutes, which was just enough time to knock the chill off. Then, I tossed it on top of the tortilla and added a slice of cheese. I then did that thing where you open your fridge multiple times, even though you KNOW there's nothing in it, just to see if you maybe missed something yummy in the corner. Of course came up empty handed. In the cabinet, I had some of those round tortilla chips, but I can go overboard with those so I decided to play it safe instead. That's when I saw them, on the top shelf of my cupboard and to the right, none other than Orville Redenbacher's best creation, Kettle Corn Smart Pop.

Meal Macros: 39g Carbs | 9g Fat | 31g Protein

Water Intake: 20oz


I smashed a quick Pre workout meal of grapefruit and egg white because I hit pay dirt and found ONE of the cartons hadn't expired yet. I always go high protein and high carb snack as a pre-workout meal as an energy boost and for muscle recovery before a workout. About thirty minutes later I headed to the gym for upper body day.


What followed my workout was a post-workout muscle recovery meal of an Oh Yeah Strawberry Protein shake that tastes like what dreams are made of. Beware, those things are addictive, expensive, and hard to find. I almost wish I'd never picked up the habit. Pretty soon I'll have to start selling off my electronics just to support my Oh Yeah Protein Shake habit.

Meal Macros: 49g Carbs | 6g Fat | 50g Protein

Water Intake: 48oz ( I'm counting the water I drank during my workout, which is always a ton)


It was time for dinner, and frankly, I was over rummaging through my empty kitchen for crumbs. I didn't feel like cooking, and I certainly wasn't going to grab fast food. Therefore, I had but one option, and that was to head to my grocery store to see what pre-made meals I could procure. What came next was the combination of the most random yet delicious meal of my week, and that was a spicy tuna roll and a cobb salad. You guys, it was the bomb dot com.

Meal Macros: 44g Carbs | 20g Fat | 37g

FYI, These macros are taken directly from the nutrition labels on both meals which means I was relying on the grocery chain to provide accurate info. If I'm dieting I usually cook all my meals myself that way I can weigh my portions and ensure accuracy.

Water Intake: 20oz