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The History & Benefits of Using Crystals for Confidence


Crystals have been used by thousands of years to release mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks. We are naturally receptive to the vibrations that crystals transmit, and crystals can have a powerful effect when it comes to reflecting and receiving energy.

Even if this energy exchange makes you skeptical, crystals serve as a simple tool to help our conscious thoughts connect with the present and the physical. They’re especially a powerful tool to use if you’re in need of a confidence boost, are struggling with self-limiting beliefs, or on a journey of reinventing yourself.

Confidence is linked to the solar plexus chakra. This is the chakra that governs your self-belief and personal development. When your solar plexus is blocked or weakened, this can result in manifesting self-doubt or insecurity. Crystals can help balance that energy.

Which crystals to use to build confidence

Unsure which stones to use? According to Carrie Pitzulo of Ancient Magic, Modern Living, if you want to increase confidence, look for yellow stones. Yellow stones will resonate directly with your solar plexus. A few non-yellow stones such as aventurine, peridot, and clear quartz are also said to help boost a sense of confidence.


The bright yellow stone naturally emits positive and joyous energy. When it feels like your confidence is weighted down by some negative vibes or a cloud of doubt, use this sunny stone to elicit cheery vibes to help you reconnect to your purpose.


This beautiful stone is perfect to wear as a talisman for nurturing natural radiance and lifting yourself up. It helps draw out your personal strength while also providing soothing and comforting energy.

Yellow Jasper

This is a great stone for support when it comes to self-consciousness, especially when this is linked to comparing yourself to others or worrying about what others may think. This powerful stone can shield you from jealousy and help you focus on your own level of worth.


If you’re a sensitive spirit, Sunstone is an awesome crystal for you to use to clear negative thought patterns and invite self-esteem to rise. This stone embodies hopefulness and will allow you to alleviate pessimism. Although it’s associated with the sacral chakra, it is an all-around chakra cleanser and helps with a variety of intentions.


Pyrite is a protective stone and keeps negative energy at bay. This is my favorite stone to use for confidence because it helps me attract abundance while shielding me from environmental changes. This is a really powerful stone to use for your personal development.

Rose Quartz

Although this stone isn’t associated with the solar plexus (or yellow), it is a stone that helps boost self-love and self-compassion. If your lack of confidence comes from a place of needing to be a little kinder to yourself, this is an excellent stone to incorporate into your spiritual wellness routine. It carries warm and loving energy that’s said to bring peace and allow you to forgive yourself for your worries.

Of course, if none of these stones speak to you, don’t worry. Pitzulo adds, “Don’t be afraid to follow your intuition when choosing stones. If you are drawn to something, it’s probably for a reason.”

Have you ever been attracted to something without explanation? It’s a wild and crazy connection, and when we peek beneath the covers to see why it was introduced into our lives, there’s often an obvious link.

Your murkiness with confidence may be coming from a completely different place or cause; you’ll be led to the right source of power by following your intuition.

How to use the crystals for confidence

Once you’ve selected your solar plexus stones, there are many ways to use these crystals to empower yourself and activate your self-worth Allow these crystals to serve as tools to help you re-discover your highest potential and tap into your true confident nature. By incorporating these crystals into your daily routine, you can give yourself the gift of clarity when your confidence is lacking.

Meditate with them: Since confidence originates in the solar plexus, it’s a great idea to place the stone you’re working with on your solar plexus (stomach/abdomen area). You can either meditate or relax with the powerful stone connecting you to your Manipura chakra. There is also the option to hold the stone in your hand while you meditate. Once you have charged the crystal with the positive energy, I suggest holding onto it for the rest of the day to remind yourself of your intention.

Carry them: I’ve carried crystals on dates, job interviews, and for travel plenty of times. Having a crystal in my pocket helps me connect to that inner confidence, and holding it in my palm when a wave of doubt comes through helps me re-center. Whether it’s magical or not, having the stone makes me feel safer, stronger, and more resilient. I think these stones are particularly more effective when I attach an affirmation. So, if I’m carrying a stone for confidence, then I’d tell myself something like, “I am poised and prepared for whatever is ahead of me” to activate courage.

Wear them: Morgan Moss, owner of Inked Goddess Creations, suggests “wearing one of these gemstones as a pendant can help awaken those energies inside of you. Also, simply gazing at the sunny coloring of these gemstones is sure to brighten any negative disposition.”

Many metaphysical shops, and even mainstream stores like Urban Outfitters and Francesca’s, are now carrying power stones in a variety of different jewelry settings or keychains. Pick what speaks to you and wear it with confidence, literally.

Display them: Sometimes all you need is a little reminder. Place the crystal somewhere you need or want to see it. Maybe it is near where you get ready each morning, or perhaps it's on your desk at the office. Let it serve as a signal that will instantly evoke a sense of confidence.

Demystifying why crystals work

Not confident about using solar plexus stones? I hear you.

As someone who used to be skeptical about the effectiveness of using crystals, I wanted to understand the science behind it. While I’m fully confident in the metaphysical attributes of crystals at this stage of my spiritual journey, I know everyone else may not be. So I spoke to Stacy Dockins, author and yoga teacher, who painted a logical picture of why crystal healing can work, for everyone.

"As effective as the use of crystal healing may be, most medical doctors and researchers would agree that as far as we can scientifically measure, the real medicine is in the power of the placebo. The placebo effect refers to a result that cannot be directly attributed to the applied substance or modality, therefore is explained by the power of belief. The person believes that there will be a positive result, so there is.”

Have you ever picked up a lucky penny and instantly felt brighter? Have you ever held someone’s hand and immediately felt happier? Do you ever play with a make-shift stress relief tool to ease your nerves?

There’s power in touch and in what we hold, and this is only magnified by us attaching meaning or intention to the object. We’re creating energy all the time, so if we tag a certain object with a specific quality, we’ll end up manifesting that energy naturally.

Dockins went on to say, “Modern science often makes a full circle back to ancient wisdom, so maybe, one day, science will prove the efficacy of crystals. Until then, you may not want to abandon conventional modalities of medicine in favor of crystal healing, but go ahead and slip on that hematite mala if it heightens your confidence and positivity. You might just be summoning the most magical power of all––your mind."

As for the science behind it, Estefania Rodriguez Orta of Glamping Hub, blew my mind when she told me how old the practice was.

“The use of crystals, for their energetic benefits, date as far back as 1550 BC when Egyptians referenced crystal therapy in their Ebers Papyrus. Crystals are infused with the magnetic energy emitted from our Earth’s core, and being that we are comprised of energy ourselves, crystals and humans vibrate in synergy.”

Don’t underestimate the power of your mind and don’t underestimate the power of using crystals to help build your frame of reference. Whether you pair your crystals with a spiritual practice or just use them for display, I encourage you to try using them to tap into your innate confidence.

Once you tap into your confidence and balance your solar plexus, you’ll be better prepared to make mindful decisions and go in the direction of your purpose. When your self-assurance is activated, your energy will supply you with the clarity you’ve been looking for.