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Save Some Cash : Weightlifting's Best Kept Shoe Hack

converse for weightlifting

First and foremost, I want to mention that this is a sponsored post. I'm working with Groupon to save you all some money on workout shoes and who could say "no" to that? Admittedly I didn't even know you could get coupon codes for shoes on Groupon so I'm kind of annoyed at myself for not doing my due diligence. Never ever leave savings on the table folks.

Workout shoes are freaking expensive...

After workout clothing, your shoes can easily be the most costly aspect of a fit lifestyle. The price of good lifting shoes is baffling to me. Have they always been so expensive? It seems like you're guaranteed to spend a minimum $110 for a good pair. Even then, those shoes have an expiration date for when they need to be replaced, and it's not as long as you think. The costs add up, but it's a bad idea to skimp on quality.

The right shoes are important...

Wearing the proper shoes for lifting is crucial. The right shoes help you achieve proper form which prevents injuries as you toss around heavy weight. Still, the biggest and most prevalent issue I see in the gym is people wearing running shoes during leg and back workouts. If you've ever done it, then what I'm about to describe should be familiar to you.

--You go to do a squat, lunge, or deadlift, but you have trouble balancing. Each rep is a bit of a struggle, and not because the movement is difficult, but because your toes are rolling forward causing your body to lean forward. --

Uh huh, yep, you know what I'm talking about.

You may have problems balancing in general, but wearing running shoes while performing lower body exercises makes it 100x worse. Running shoes are created to allow you to run on your toes. Therefore, those shoes are designed to guide your foot to the toe. Running shoes aren't compatible with weightlifting because when you're lifting your feet need to be completely flat and stable on the floor throughout your entire movement. During a strength training exercise the goal is to isolate your movement to the right muscles and have explosive power. Remember, running shoes are for running and lifting shoes are for lifting.

Now for the hack....

So now you have more of an idea of why it's important to wear exercise appropriate shoes. However, we still haven't tackled how to avoid making your wallet cry. When it comes to lifting, the best and cheapest exercise appropriate shoes may not be from the latest athleisure brand. Instead, they’re from Converse. Yep, those ones, the sneakers that the rebel characters in 60's-70's movies always wear. Converse are literally everywhere in entertainment if you think about it and they're easily the most recognizable American shoe. Still, they're extremely practical for lifting, and not many people realize that.

The first reason why they're such a great shoe option for strength training is because of how flat they are. Like I said, your foot needs to be flat to the ground and stable while lifting. Second, they have thick soles, and that is especially helpful for when you need a deeper stretch during a deadlift motion for example. Third, they're cheap has heck and come in hundreds of styles. You can get super cute and practical Converse shoes for $55-$60, and even cheaper if you watch for coupons through Groupon. I think you'll agree that sounds better than $100+ any day amirite?

What shoes do you wear when you lift and why? Talk to me in the comments!