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Cher Movies From The '80s To Present To Watch Binge-Watch Today



Known as the Goddess of Pop, Cher has had a successful career in the entertainment industry for the past six decades. Since her acting debut in 1967, Cher has had many roles on the big screen, television, and on the stage. Below, I have picked ten movies from her film career to showcase just how versatile Cher really is.



“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”

Released in 2018, the film serves as both a prequel and a sequel to the 2008 movie “Mamma Mia!” because it is told in both present day as well as flashbacks. Following the passing of her mother Donna, Sophie prepares to reopen her mother’s hotel. During the preparation for the grand opening, Sophie learns more about her mother and the similarities that they shared. Parts of the movie are told in flashback and show a young Donna in 1979, travelling through Europe, meeting her beaus Harry, Bill, and Sam and her eventual arrival to the Greek island of Kalokairi.

Cher portrays the character of Ruby Sheridan, Sophie’s estranged grandmother and mother to Donna. Ruby is a sophisticated woman with a taste for the finer things in life. Ruby expresses her desire to build a real relationship with her granddaughter. As the events of the movie unfold, Ruby herself is reunited with an old flame.

You can stream, rent, or buy “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” on HBO, iTunes, Amazon Prime, or Vudu.




Starring alongside Christina Aguilera, Cher portrays Tess, a retired dancer and owner of a Burlesque club in Los Angeles. Tess struggles to keep the club afloat amid financial issues as well as issues with her talent.

When young and naive Ali moves to L.A., she stumbles into the club and accepts a job as a waitress, despite wanting an opportunity to perform on the stage.

Everyone is surprised by Ali’s talents, especially her voice. Despite this, she must truly prove to Tess that she has the passion to become a Burlesque performer. Amid Ali’s pursuits to become a performer, she also struggles with romantic issues while Tess struggles with greedy businessman eyeing to buy out her club.

You can stream, buy, or rent “Burlesque” on Starz, iTunes, Amazon Prime, or Vudu.



“Stuck on You”

“Stuck on You” was released in 2003 and stars Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear as conjoined twins. They play brothers, Bob and Walt, one extremely shy with an online pen pal and the other an aspiring actor.

When Walt decides to pursue his acting career seriously, he and Bob move to Hollywood, with no plan but a dream.

In Hollywood, Walt lands a starring role opposite Cher, acting as herself, on a prime-time TV show. Cher, upset with her role on a TV show, hopes the project will be cancelled due to the fact that Walt is a conjoined twin, making acting that much harder. However, with the power of movie magic, Walt doesn’t appear as a conjoined twin in the show, which skyrockets to success. As Walt becomes famous, so does Bob.

But life for Bob in Hollywood isn’t perfect. When their physical situation starts to get in the way, the brothers must once again begin discussing the possibility of surgery to permanently separate them once and for all.

You can stream, buy, or rent “Stuck On You” on Starz, iTunes, Amazon Prime, or Vudu.



“Tea With Mussolini”

The film is set in the 1930s, and follows the story of Luca, a young Italian boy who is raised by a group of women called the “Scorpioni.” The woman, a mix of British and American women, all live in Florence, Italy and spend their afternoons together, drinking tea.

The events of the film are set both before and during the events of the Second World War.Cher portrays the character of wealthy American Elsa Morganthal, who sets up a trust fund for Luca when she finds out about the death of his mother.

As the war progresses, Luca’s father decides to send his son to an Austrian boarding school. But Luca eventually returns to Italy, a young man with a passion to study art. Luca becomes extremely close to Elsa and even begins to fall in love with her.

Mary, one of the original “Scorpioni” women to care for Luca, continues to be a mentor for him during a time where his naive and immature actions may cause more harm to the women around him during a war ridden time in their lives.The backdrop of the war changes the lives of all the “Scorpioni” women as well as sets the tone for Luca’s journey to becoming a man.

You can buy or rent “Tea With Mussolini” on iTunes, or Amazon Prime.

PHOTO: COURTESY Matthew Rolston/Hbo/Moving P/REX/Shutterstock

PHOTO: COURTESY Matthew Rolston/Hbo/Moving P/REX/Shutterstock

“If These Walls Could Talk”

The film, released in 1996 and broadcast by HBO, is told in three different segments. The theme of the film being abortion, follows the story of three different women, during three different time periods, but all of who live in the same house during their respective time.

Cher, directed the third segment and portrayed the character of Dr. Beth Thompson.The first story is set in 1952 and follows Claire Donnely, portrayed by Demi Moore. Claire is a nurse who must find a way to terminate her pregnancy during a time where abortion was illegal.

The second story, set in 1974, follows Barbara Barrows, a pregnant housewife who already has four children to care for. Barbara struggles with the decision on whether or not to keep her fifth child, having just gone back to college and already struggling to care for her family.

The third story is set in 1996 and tells the story of Christine Cullen, a college student who becomes pregnant after sleeping with her married professor. Christine makes an appointment with Dr. Beth Thompson, but things go wrong fast due to an anti-abortion protest.

Demi Moore, who served as an executive producer for the film was praised for her passion to get the film made, a task that would take seven years.

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Margaret, portrayed by Cher, is the perfect housewife with the perfect life. Or so it seems. In reality, Margaret is actually really unhappy in her marriage to Jack, who she believes is having an affair. Which he later confirms. On their twentieth wedding anniversary, Jack gifts Margaret a diamond necklace, and to her surprise, a hitman.

Tony, the hitman, played by Chazz Palminteri, holds Margaret hostage in her home as he waits for orders to complete the murder. As the two wait, they begin to bond.

Tony begins to get cold feet about killing Margaret the more they spend time together and she begins to reevaluate her life.As the suspense of when her husband will call in for the job to be completed, Jack’s arrival to the house where Tony and Maragret have been waiting complicates everything.

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The film stars Cher as Rachel Flax, mother to fifteen year old Charlotte, portrayed by Winona Ryder, and nine year old Kate, portrayed by Christina Ricci. Rachel has a complicated relationship with her eldest daughter, who calls her Mrs. Flax.

Rachel also has a horrible relationship with men and is used to moving her family from town to town when her relationships end. The movie starts with Rachel moving her family to a small Massachusetts town after another failed relationship.

Charlotte is tired of her mom’s actions and often feels like she's the parental figure in the household, not her mother. She plans to become a nun in the future and practices the Catholic faith, despite her mother’s constant reminder that they are Jewish.

Charlotte’s life becomes even more complicated when she begins to fall in love with an older man who works for the local church, leading her to believe that her thoughts and actions are sins.

Rachel decides it’s time to move her family to a new town, but events will lead the family to reevaluate what they want and need in life moving forward.

You can buy or rent “Mermaids” on iTunes, Amazon Prime, or Vudu.




Released in 1987, the film stars Cher and Nicholas Cage. Cher portrayed Loretta, a widowed 37 year old Italian American, living with her family in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Loretta is in a relationship with Johnny, who proposes to her before travelling to Sicily to be with his dying mother. While he is away, Loretta begins to fall in love with his younger brother, Ronny, who is portrayed by Nicholas Cage.

Ronny and Johnny have a complicated relationship and despite Loretta being engaged, Ronny has no problem pursuing his brother's girl.

“Moonstruck” was nominated for six Oscar’s at the 60th Academy Awards, with Cher receiving the award for “Best Actress.”

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“The Witches of Eastwick”

Starring Cher, Susan Surandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jack Nicholson, “The Witches of Eastwick” tells the story of three women who become seduced by a mysterious stranger who arrives in their small town of Eastwick, Rhode Island.

Alexandra, Jane, and Sukie have become widowed, divorced, and abandoned by their husbands. They have become lonely and often dream of the perfect man walking into their lives.

Unknown to them, they are all witches, and when a mysterious man, Daryl Van Horne, comes into town, he helps the women tap into their powers while seducing them all at the same time.

Daryl will turn out to be more evil than the women could have imagined and turns their lives upside down, even leading the women to become social outcasts among the town.

The film holds a 74 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is described as “A wickedly funny tale of three witches and their duel with the Devil, fueled by some delicious fantasy and arch comedic performances.”

You can buy or rent “The Witches of Eastwick” on iTunes, Amazon Prime, or Vudu.




“Mask” is a 1985 biographical film that was based on the real life and early death of Roy L. “Rocky” Dennis, who suffered from an extremely rare disorder that caused him to have a disfigured and extremely enlarged head and face.Rocky was portrayed by Eric Stoltz and his mother, Rusty Dennis, was portrayed by Cher.

Despite his physical deformity, Rocky is intelligent and outgoing. His mother, Rusty, wants nothing more than for him to live a normal life and attend school, like any other kid his age.

Rocky had always been accepted by his mother, and even their biker gang family. At school, Rocky quickly wins over his peers, making friends, becoming a tutor and camp counselor, and even falling in love.Through her portrayal of Rusty Dennis, Cher received the 1985 Cannes Film Festival award for Best Actress.

You can buy or rent “Mask” on Amazon Prime.


Today, Cher continues her career in the entertainment industry. At 72 years old, she is no where near slowing down.Over the years, Cher has held three Las Vegas residencies. With the third one ending on September 1st, 2019.

Through her many roles in the industry, she has won many awards, including but not only: A Grammy, an Emmy, an Academy Award, and three Golden Globes. She has transcended and become one of the best selling musical artists in history.

In 2018, via social media, Cher announced she is working on new projects, including a Christmas album, an autobiography, and a biographical film about her life.