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10 Brands Like Unif That Cool Fashion Girls Adore



If you’re like me, you just finished bingeing every 1990s teen drama you can find and basically now you want all the clothes. Welcome to the UNIF line. Their website is a perfectly on-trend time capsule of lotuses, fairies, midriffs and faux fur. Baby doll dresses and knee length dusters grace every earth toned page. I am completely smitten.

A fun benefit of this style trend is how put-together some of these outfits can look. The sweaters and shirts, textures and colors, all come together to create inspired outfits. Christine Lai and Eric Espinoza have crafted a brand that is, as they put it themselves, “pretty and soft… and dark and grimy…” What’s not to love?

Do you know what’s not from the 90s?

UNIF’s shopping experience. It’s easy to order from whatever device you like after surfing the cute and sassy pics of every item. It’s easy to shop and easy to pay, because prices for these pieces are affordable, which of course means there’s more to shop for.

Just to make the experience that much better, scroll all the way to the bottom right-hand corner and click UNIF Radio for their extremely cool Soundcloud account. I’m listening to the Taiwan Tapes mix while I write this.

Lucky for you, that music will play in its own tab, because the flirty fun is just getting started. Here are 10 more brands like UNIF just for you because this is a trend you will want to make the most of right now.

1. Sister Jane

Sister Jane adds its own sense of whimsy to this raved-up look. Sister Jane has a more modern look than other brands like UNIF, but some fun elements found at UNIF are there.

Puff-sleeves look like fairy wings, tailored tops are made from shear fabrics. Sister Jane clothes have a college campus, preppy style mixed with a younger wildness.

Get the Courtly Rabbit Dress for $98, and the Well-Done Ruffle Shirt for $47.

2. Joanie Clothing

Decidedly more vintage than UNIF, and designed to look as British as can be, Joanie Clothing does have a few pieces with that witchy-schoolgirl vibe other brands like UNIF have.

Joanie’s Designer created calls upon a favorite aunt as style muse. Every piece is created to be stylish and nostalgic.

Get the Polka Dot Jersey Dress for $43 and the Strange Magic Tee for $31.

3. Wildfox

California brand Wildfox has a loyal fan following, and of course they have fans. They rave over the color and texture of this cozy line.

Wildfox’s style is retro with a beachy twist. It shares a witty love of girly design with other brands like UNIF.

Get the Royce Tank for $139, and the Emma Wrap for $188.

4. Urban Outfitters

Always current Urban Outfitters has your 90’s girl dream clothes ready to go. The world-wide brand is just catching on to this trend, so there are some great pieces waiting to be snatched up.

Urban Outfitter’s prices are easier to handle that some brands like UNIF, which makes jumping on this trend a little safer to try.

Get the Velvet Tie Mini Dress for $65, and the Self-Love Tank for $34.

5. American Apparel

American Apparel is a store that sells not so basic basics. Known for body-con everything, American Apparel carries plenty of clothes you’d expect to find in brands like UNIF.

As always, with American Apparel, the clothes are great and the price is even better, so you can mix and match the trending outfits and stock up on all your faves.

Get the Sleeveless Mini Dress for $17, and the Crop Cardigan for $34.

6. Need Supply

The Need Supply website displays beautiful, well designed products in a unique, gallery-like online store. Their brands are curated to give offer new up and coming brands and designers you know.

This store definitely carries brands like UNIF. There is the cutie-grunge trend all over the site. The brand caters to older Millennials, and there is plenty for the Z’s to adore at a broad range of prices.

Get the Stelen Kimm Dress for $28, and the NEED Maxine Heal for $208.

7. Acne Studios

Acne Studios comes out of Stockholm with a very modern approach to fashion. Clothes look grungy and chaotic, but are fashioned with a great attention to detail.

You’ll find tailored, current pieces that comment on retro ideas, rather than copying them. How does it fit with brands like UNIF? Acne Studio’s high priced, designer pieces take the 90’s girl look to a more mature level.

Get the Recrafted Midi Dress for $590, and the Crewneck T-Shirt for $170.


ASOS carries all the trendy basics, upgraded with designer flair and displayed with an attitude of bombshell chic. Brands like UNIF all offer world class online shopping, and ASOS has been a leader in get-me-that-dress-now technology.

ASOS markets their vibe as “authentic, brave, and creative,” and you’ll find yourself feeling just like that when choosing your new favorite pieces.

Get the Babydoll Bardot Mini Dress for $174, and the Metallic Two Piece for $42.

9. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is here for every girl. We are all growing and working on our grind and we deserve some tuff and evolved clothes that match our bad boss attitudes. And like all brands like UNIF, Nasty Gal delivers.

The site is arraigned to cover all the important departments covered: Dresses, party, and Shoes. Prices are comparable to UNIF, and hosts some awesome sales.

Get the Knit Me Up Crew for $36, and the Cupped Mini Dress for $36.

10. Hot Topic

If I am going to talk about 90’s fashion at all, how can I not talk about Hot Topic? All these brands like UNFI are perfect for rebellious souls, and counterculture is Queen at Hot Topic.

Hot Topic has gone from “loudest store at the mall” to a sleek online experience. Now you can crank your own tunes at home and rock on completely while you buy the clothes that sing to your soul.

Get the Chiffon Moon and Sun Tank for $18, and the Skin Pin Adorned Mini Dress for $32.