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11 Brands Like Lazy Oaf That Take Streetwear to the Next Level



Lazy Oaf serves up pop graphics with a totally 80s vibe. This British streetwear label boasts on its irreverent attitude and refusal to take anything seriously. Airbrushed kittens and Peanuts characters feature on bubblegum-bright colored tops, dresses, sweaters, and jumpsuits.

Anne Marie has performed in Lazy Oaf. Bella Thorne grams her love of the brand. If Lazy Oaf could be summed up in one word, it would be “Young.” Gemma Shel was a new college grad when she founded the brand, and in less than 20 years, she’s taken it from a one woman stall to an international streetwear label.

As rebellious and childish as the brand portrays itself, though, Lazy Oaf wants their clothes to last a long time and avoid the landfill. The brand is committed to sustainability, transparency, and keeping it weird.

Each clothing piece at Lazy Oaf is artistic, ironic, built to last, with prices that will have you adding to your collection on the regular. The best part about the website, besides the clothes of course, is the pair of googly eyes that follows your cursor everywhere it points.

Are you in on the joke? Do you live for the edgy femininity? Do you need more brands to take your streetwear game to the next level? Here you go, then. I’ve found 11 more brands like Lazy Oaf to cure your craving for this sweet fashion rebellion.

1. American Apparel

American Apparel is tops when it comes to providing wardrobe basics that are anything but basic. You’ll love the ethical sustainability of the brand. You’ll adore scrolling through the fabrics, textures, and colors.

American Apparel doesn’t have the in-your-face pop prints you see in brands like Lazy Oaf, but the streetwear vibe is strong here.

Get Strapless Bodysuit for $12 and the Cozy Long Sleeve Mockneck Sweater for $60.

2. Supreme

Supreme dominates among streetwear brands. Supreme has super loyal fans that will buy up everything they can find. And they pay, because Supreme sells to those who can afford the brand’s big price tags.

Once a New York skate shop, now seriously global, Supreme’s high-graphic look is hip-hop, skater, street cult and we love it.

Get the Jewel Print Track Trouser for $603 and the Checkerboard Camp Cap for $110.

3. Stussy

The bright colors and abstract prints we love in brands like Lazy Oaf are delivered at Stussy as well. Stussy has a more casual, natural fiber vibe than Lazy Oaf.

Stussy is known for t-shirts and hoodies, but the fun feminine style is flirty, cute, and worth searching for at this brand.

Get the outspoken Square Print Midi Skirt for $154 and the very fluffy Menlo Cardigan for $178.

4. Nike

The Nike look is more sleek and streamlined than Lazy Oaf. The pop colors and bold graphics are there. The pieces are more athleisure than some of the younger brands like Lazy Oaf. Think street-grown-up.

What I love about Nike is their diversity and sustainability. They target a more mature moment in my day without taking away the streetwear feel.

Get the Tech Pack Fleece Pants for $66 and the Icon Clash Sports Bra for $40.


MSGM is Massimo Gioretti’s urban streetwear brand. MSGM has nailed the new streetwear trend with its iconic 80’s colors and silhouettes.

In the same way as many brands like Lazy Oaf, MSGM interprets “the past through a modern language.” Many items at MSGM are similar in cut and price to Lazy Oaf, though MSGM carries more basics (and tie-die) as well.

Get the Artist Logo Sweatshirt dress for $330 and the Knit Logo sweater for $207.

6. Adidas

Adidas’ signature black and white color palate is a contrast to the vivid brights found in lots of the shops like Lazy Oaf. But let’s be real, nobody has the streetwear cred like Adidas.

The aesthetic is clean and simple, and unmistakably cool. When your urban-feel needs to stand out without making a lot of noise, Adidas says everything you need to say. There’s no school like the old school, right?

Get the White 3M Edition Nite Jogger Sneakers for $130 and the Large Log Track jacket for $85.

7. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is always on trend. Specializing in the exactly right item for the right occasion, Urban Outfitters isn’t exactly a go to streetwear brand like Lazy Oaf.

But don’t sell it short. Not only are the prices easier on the wallet, they are easy to find and have done a great job this season with their skater, streetwear items.

Get the San Francisco Turtleneck for $69 and the Corduroy Mom-Pant for $59.

8. Maisen Willen

Maisen Willen founder Maisie Schloss uses her brand to create fashion that is flattering AND cool. This Kanye-backed line is, at first glance, very different from the other shops like Lazy Oaf that I’ve featured here.

Up close, though, the LA designer has cleverly elevated the candy colors and bold statements of urban fashion into her form-fitting, sophisticated line. Worn by Kardashians and loved by socialites from continent to continent, really, sometimes an urban girl’s gotta dress up.

Get the Ruched Miniskirt for $520 and the raw felted Slip dress for $840.

9. Eckhaus Latta

Eckhaus Latta captures the same pop-culture boldness as Lazy Oaf. These styles are very avant-guard, crafted in various stages of completion and decay.

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta have made a fun, youthful line of clothes that is as irreverent as any brand like Lazy Oaf. It’s a fashion line you’ll want one of everything from, but here are some recommendations to start with.

Get the Wide-legged Jean for $375 and the Lapped Oversized Tee for $205.

10. S.R. Studio. LA.CA.

S.R. Studio. LA. CA. is gorgeously, darkly, urban. This is Sterling Ruby’s brand of clothing as art medium. Not as playful as some other brands like Lazy Oaf, but still extremely fun.Bold, extreme, ironic, avant-guard in its way, these are pieces to own.

Get the SOTO Mineral Wash Jeans for $795 and the Vampire Sunrise T-Shirt for $350.

11. Off-White

Falling in love with the Off-White brand is easy. The line is decidedly bright, and thoughtfully urban. Virgil Abloh designs for the young and youthful in a style that captures wry luxury as well if not better than other brands like Lazy Oaf.

Logo heavy, on-trend-yet-unique pieces, printed with quotation marks and industrial symbols don’t even try to hide their irony and somehow it all plays out as the coolest line I’ve seen in a while.

Try the Graffiti Tomboy Jeans for $502 and the Industrial Holiday Shirt for $399.