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6 Brands Like Athleta Fashion Girls Take to the Gym



You’ve been there. We all have. The day is perfect for athleisure. You are going to rock this exciting trend. You grab your favorite leggings from the chair by your bed and oh no! You are not wearing those ratty things anywhere.

It’s embarrassing but fixable. Jeans are cute for now, and you see your opportunity. You’re already logging in to your Athleta account to spice up your activewear wardrobe.

Is looking good at the gym your sole motivation for going? Is the athleisure trend your only reason for leaving the house? Maybe, and every fashion girl knows brands like Athleta carry the office-to-gym versatile goods.

Whatever your interest, whatever your exercise style, Athleta keeps you up to date on the trends and tech you need in workout gear. Shop Athleta by activity or category for this moment’s fashion at the tap of a finger.

Athleta is the Gap’s sporty sister. The team of designers creates from first-hand experience. Athleta believes a garment isn’t ready until it’s been worn in the studio, down a trail, or on the court. They stay active and create clothes that keep you active.

Women’s bodies in motion are the focus of every product. Female movement, female curves. If a fabric doesn’t work for a design, they invent something new. Whether for performance or lifestyle, Athleta designs with the ideas of sisterhood and sustainability. Athleta is a B Corp, with best practices focused on maintaining a world where we can keep on playing. Athleta believes business is a force for good.

Their clothes are seriously cute, at a price that keeps you shopping. And the wide selection you’ll find online might be good enough. But what’s better than good enough? How about even more brands like Athleta to expand your activewear game to pro-level?

1. Sweaty Betty

The company itself defines a Sweaty Betty as, “someone who works out but definitely likes cake.” While Athleta features slacks and dresses as streetwear, Sweaty Betty is all the workout wear you need. They are London based with world-class online shopping.

You’ll appreciate their commitment to elegant functionality. You’ll admire their closed-loop leggings recycle program. (You get a sweet coupon, the fabric never sees a landfill.) As with all brands like Athleta, the best part of shopping Sweaty Betty are the clothes. Shop by activity. Check out the Ski Shop. Save $35 on a matched set. Take care of that leggings issue, for real.

Get the Super Sculpt Yoga Leggings for $110 and the Speedy Seamless Running Jacket for $195.

2. Alo Yoga

Wear this eco-chic brand “from the studio to the street,” and vise-versa. Celebrities are snapped wearing Alo Yoga all the time. Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner just call it daily wear. And why wouldn’t you? Collections range from goddess, to airbrushed, to ripped. There is yoga wear for your every mood.

The activewear is mindful and modern. Solely focused on yoga wear and yoga life, the line is more limited than other brands like Athleta. Shop online for leggings, coverups, and terrific gear. Read about their commitment to all the good yoga can do. Follow Sweaty Betty on social media for your daily style inspo.

Get the hideaway jacket for $116 and the Urban Moto Sweatpant for $98.

3. Carbon 38

Shop high-fashion active-wear and ready-to-wear at Carbon 38. Here is the place to indulge in athleisure for the fashion girl. Look for a broad range of colors, textures and details. Your barre-sesh or brunch-fest outfit will stand out. Are you looking for crocodile leggings? A sleek blazer to wear with your sweatpants? It’s all here.

Most brands like Athleta are focusing on fit, function, and fabric. Many items in their shop will be perfect for your workout. Carbon 38 wants to use this trio to enhance every part of your day. Let them do that. Carbon 38 is a confident, stylish brand you could not regret shopping.

Get the Contrast Stitch Jumpsuit for $198 and the Mesh Dress for $178.

4. Lululemon

British Columbia’s Lululemon calls itself a “technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running, training and most other sweaty pursuits.” Could you call brunch a sweaty pursuit? Because Lululemon is perfect for that activity as well.

Lululemon is one of the first brands like Athleta to really focus on technical clothes for women. They have long been at the forefront of the athleisure aesthetic. Lululemon is an on-trend, multifaceted brand to shop for that perfect outfit. Whether it’s the outfit in which you run a marathon or the outfit for that short walk to the sofa, you know you’ll be looking good.

Get the Speed Wunder Tight for $148 and the Vindur Wool Dress for $178.

5. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is an empowering activewear brand like Athleta. Their website is colorful, cheerful, and body positive. The brand has got a size, a style, and a smile for everyone. You can’t help feeling great when you shop Girlfriend Collective.

Work out, hang out, and play all day in the fun styles of Girlfriend Collective. Their streamlined, minimalist styles will round out your collection of basics. You’ll wear them all the time, and when they are worn out, you can upcycle them for a credit toward another pair. That is a friendship worth starting up.

Get the Lily Bodysuit for $58 and the Gazelle Short for $55.

6. Outdoor Voices

Do you remember being a kid and just playing? No step counter. No accountability app. Just play? Welcome to Outdoor Voices. Built for recreationalists, Outdoor Voices wants you to shake off the pressure to perform and go do things. Move your body, have fun with friends.

And Outdoor voices wants to dress you in some truly breathtaking colors and textures, too. All the brands like Athleta in this list will get you out and about. Outdoor Voices is creating a community of happy customers who believe in the power of having fun.

Get the Freeform Unitard for $90 and the Mini Mesh Tank for $36.