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10 Brands Like AllSaints Fashion Girls Are Totally Addicted to



Chic and edgy are two words that easily describe fashion retailer AllSaints. Founded in 1994, this British brand has seen tremendous growth and global expansion. Its target market is 18-35-year-olds who are youthful, style-conscious and seeking clothing that is an appealing blend of alternative and trendy. Their merchandise is of notable quality and pretty much fits the mid-range to upper-income purse or wallet.

AllSaints’ overall style is said to be quintessentially British, consisting of lived-in denim, leather and neutral tones all cleverly mixed with some great basics. When it comes to stores like AllSaints some of the magic seems to lie in the use of the right mixture of various textures and fabrics. Throw in some timeless accessories and you've achieved that desired look.

AllSaints’ use of social media to engage their customers is brilliant. With over half a million followers Instagram basically serves as an online storefront helping to funnel their heavily sought-after goods to their loyal customers.Listed below are other stores like All Saints seem motivated to stay fresh and remain a tune for the sake of their customers.

1. Free People

Free People opened in the 1970s in West Philadelphia and has since grown to become an international retail success. Similar to All Saints and stores like Free People, their target market is a female, millennial in her 20's with an individualistic sense of style. The brand is bohemian, expressive and very fashion-forward. The clothing is of good quality with prices in the mid to upper-tier range.

Free People are active across several social media platforms. Most Free People fans discover the brand via Instagram, bloggers or branded YouTube videos.

Get the Buttercup Gown$298and the Nicole Denim Shirt Dress$108.

2. Need Supply

Need Supply is a fast-growing apparel company based out of Richmond, VA. They opened in 1996 as a pocket-sized boutique that sold vintage Levi's and has since blossomed into a global fashion brand.

Need Supply is highly regarded among millennials and Generation Z, who are also their primary consumer base. This retailer has a reputation for being adept at serving the young luxury shopper.Need Supply and other stores like All Saints have worked hard to cultivate long-term relationships with their customers across a variety of distribution channels.

Get the Cross Frill Check Skirt for$478and the Stephanie Textured Sweater for $78.

3. Topshop

One of the UK's most prestigious names in fashion retail is said to be Topshop. It was founded in 1964 as a youth fashion brand and later branched out to include men's apparel. The clothes appeal to trendy, style-conscious shoppers who are seeking a unique shopping experience. Their target market is everyone who loves fashion and more specifically 16 – 30-year-old women.

Topshop’s selection is trendy, fashion-forward and can fit almost every budget, with prices ranging from $13 - $470.

Get the Taffeta Mini Dress for$75and ROAR Orange Leopard Print Mules for $45.

4. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a whimsical yet fashion-forward, boho-chic chain that sells women's clothing, home decor, furniture, and gifts, among other items. Their target market is affluent, well-traveled women between the ages of 30 & 40.

Anthropologie boasts a loyal following both domestically and internationally and has future plans to focus on digital strategies. Other stores like All Saints and Anthropologie are known to leverage social media to help fuel their sales. This is a particularly necessary strategy when you factor in their core demographic.

Get the Wanderer Tye Die Camo Pants for$128and the Rike Tunic Sweater for $140.

5. Ssense

Ssense was founded in 2003 and is based in Montreal, Canada. They are a luxury and streetwear retailer that has been growing rapidly and received recognition as a leading men's global retailer.

Ssense customers tend to have deeper pockets and don't flinch from $700 price tags for individual pieces. However, their less affluent shoppers tend to buy single items in combination with lower-priced staples. Interestingly enough, over 75% of their clientele are between the ages of 18 -35.

Get the Beige Villora Leggings for $165 and the Red T-Shirt Mini Dress for $80.

6. Mango

Spanish clothing design and manufacturing company Mango was founded in 1984 in Barcelona, Catalonia. Their style is hands down contemporary and global with some eclectic Spanish influences. The company is very forward-thinking in their strategic approach and the goods that they sell.

This store is a favorite among Millennials and younger customers. It has a specialty store feel, minus the price tag. The clothing is super-chic and its quality is reasonable.

Get the Buttons Soft Dress for$79and the Asymmetric Long Jumpsuit for $70.

7. Moda Operandi

Fashion discovery platform Moda Operandi was launched in early 2011. It gives buyers the ability to shop directly from designers to complete runway collection. This retailer has helped fill the gap between the runway and the bargain bin and luxury shoppers couldn't be happier. The goal of empowerment through fashion choice is definitely being achieved.

Fashion lovers can pre-order designer collections straight off the runway which often requires access to deep pockets since the price points tend to be rather high.

Get the Cotton-Chambray Shirt for $74 and the Gharara Pleated Shirred Denim Wide-Leg Pants for $118.

8. Cult Gaia

Lifestyle brand Cult Gaia was created in 2012 by Jasmine Larian and is known for creating beautiful heirloom pieces that transcend current styles. Their goal is to create timeless, elegant pieces that are a little out of the ordinary.

The retailer sets out to create eye-catching and wearable art at an attainable price point.

Get the Willow Dress Leaf for$698and the Asha Skirt for$418.


Luxury e-tailer Forward was founded in 1999 by Elyse Walker. At the time the Pacific Palisades, California boutique was known for its celebrity clientele and its use of emerging designers. All Saints and other stores like FWRD are next-generation fashion retailers for Millennial and Generation Z consumers and they strive to keep customers engaged with new online content and modern edgy pieces.

Get the Formia Sweater for $795 and the Corset High Waist Leather Skirt for $1,200.

10. J Brand

American luxury denim clothing company, J Brand was founded in 2005. They are known for creating timeless, well-fitting and sophisticated jeans. J Brands' customers are loyal probably due to their reputation for high quality, contemporary denim. Sales have been explosive over the years and they have even received rave reviews from the likes of Beyonce and Kate Middleton.

Get the Joan High-Rise Crop Wide Leg for $198 and the Febe Tank In Volcanic for $178.