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How a Blue Aura Affects Your Relationships, Career, and Health



What are auras? Let’s set the mood: Auras are our energy fields. They project from us and into the world by about three feet. They either attract or repel specific people and events in our lives. Each aura has colors that correspond to mental, spiritual, and emotional characteristics.

While each personal aura is a unique blend of colors, there is usually one dominant color at any given time. Learning what this dominant color signifies will help you see where you are thriving, and what may need work in your life. Being in tune will “level you up” to the next plane of existence. without further adieu, let’s learn about blue.

What Does Having A Blue Aura Mean?

Blue, in general, is a powerful color. It is proven to invoke feelings of both calm and inspiration, serenity and responsibility. The color of the sky, the color of the ocean, and the color of twilight (just a few of the awesome blue things out there). Blue is the color of the divine. So, people who have blue auras are seriously spiritually connected.

When I say seriously connected, I mean seriously connected. Blue aura people are so in tune with the Universe and so intuitive, they are almost clairvoyant. These are people who know there is something more, and equally know they are a deep part of it. They understand their place in the Universe. They naturally have deep wisdom and a sense of responsibility that translates into how they communicate.

They are people who are super secure in who they are. People who don’t have a problem expressing their true selves and living their authentic lives (like we all should). People who don’t hold back from life, while also having obtained the perfect balance between desire and action, thinking and saying.

In short, these are folks who know where they stand in the world. They are sure of themselves and therefore project calm, serenity, and understanding. They rarely miss opportunities that would benefit them (a fun night out as well as spiritual and intellectual opportunities). And they are happy to help guide others to higher planes of being.

A Blue Aura and Health

Blue auras are directly associated with the throat chakra (which is also blue) and the thyroid. It is important blue aura people take impeccable care of both. How? For starters, make sure you have your thyroid checked regularly. The thyroid is responsible for many things. I’m talking hormone creation, metabolic rate, brain development, muscle control, and so much more. Make sure you stay on top of ensuring it is functioning properly.

Be extra vigilant when it comes to caring for your throat. I’m not talking about putting on creams to make your skin glow (although by all means do if you feel like it—“glowing” is an excellent confidence booster). I’m talking about taking care of what’s on the inside: The thing that helps you swallow food, allows you to breathe, and most important to you blue aura people, allows you to talk.

Because a blue aura is so closely related to the throat chakra—the chakra responsible for self-expression and communication—you need it to be continuously in tip top shape. You don’t want your most useful blue aura tool to become damaged.

Tea and lemon are your best friend; add some honey on days you’re feeling a bit “scratchy.” Feel a sore throat coming on? Don’t skimp on a doctors appointment again and hope it will just go away on its own. Care for your throat as if you were a warrior and it was your prized sword. Or better yet, act as if you are truly the goddess you are, and your throat was the source of all your magic.

A Blue Aura and Love

When it comes to the world of love and relationships, it is important for blue aura people to look for partners who will commit to the relationship on the same level as they are. Commitment, faithfulness, loyalty, and communication are the cornerstones from which a blue aura person will build their strongest and most lasting relationships. With this, however, comes a blue aura person’s desire for things to remain consistently the same.

Fear and the unknown aren’t things blue aura people are exceedingly comfortable with. After all, they are used to seeing and intuiting things on a regular basis. As we know, the only thing in life that won’t ever change is change itself.

It is important that blue aura people use their intuition and communication skills to take stock of life. They should look at how their life (and the lives of their partners) relates to their relationship. Then make adjustments as necessary without trying to control the relationship. Easier said than done, for sure, but necessary. For a blue aura person, learning to go with the flow while in a relationship will be key.

It is vital for a blue aura person to find someone who is emotionally available and willing to commit. They need to be provided with a certain level of security and certainty if they release control of all situations. Blue auras partner well with yellow aura people.

A Blue Aura and Purpose

So you have a blue aura...what should you do with your life? The main thing to know is this: Those with a blue aura are naturally called to help and guide others. With their unique combination of love, level-headedness, and ability to understand and interpret the world around them in a way many of us can’. They are designed to take on positions of trust.

Careers and paths like becoming a counselor, shaman, guru, or teacher (of any kind), are excellent options. They each tend to leave blue aura people feeling at peace, fulfilled, connected to the divine, and content with their lives. Additionally, positions like nurses, doctors, caretakers, or simply volunteering for a cause close to their hearts are wonderful options.

What is essential for blue aura people to consider when pursuing a passion or career is not, “Will this make others happy?” but instead, “Will this help others and make me happy, without draining my physical, mental, and emotional resources?”

Self-Care for a Blue Aura

Speaking of resources, ensuring their personal resources never become depleted is essential for blue aura people. In fact, it is necessary if they wish to maintain a vibrant blue color and maintain a positive and happy life.

When a blue aura becomes “muddied” (it isn’t a pure blue and seems dingy and a bit more grey or brown), it means either fear is taking over, and/or too much is being given without caring for yourself in return. Blue aura people need to learn to say no. They also need to learn to listen to their intuition to benefit themselves.

The saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” applies directly to how blue aura people need to care for themselves. You must show yourself love, kindness, and care to such an extent that your proverbial cup is overflowing. With this excess, you can give light, love, and wisdom to the world.

Another tool blue aura people can use to keep their own cups full is the healing crystal Amazonite. Keep a piece in your pocket, in your car, on your desk at work, wear it as a piece of jewelry, meditating either on it or with it.

Amazonite is a healing crystal that works directly with a person’s throat chakra to help them move beyond their fears of needing to please. It lets the user’s own unique voice be heard. It helps to reassure people that their authenticity and differences are what makes them, them, and should be celebrated, not hidden. It also is a wonderful meditation stone and can help to energize the heart so there is more to give.

Your Aura Analysis

People with blue auras are wise, spiritual, trustworthy, and have a calming presence. They have so much to offer the world and can help guide humanity to a higher plane of existence. However, they need their “me time.” They need time to relax, recharge, and enjoy life if they are to use their unique gifts to the best of their abilities. Very personable, responsible, and ultimately totally true-to-themselves individuals, blue aura people are some of the best humans in the world.