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Best Winter Travel Destinations For Your Zodiac Sign

doors to the king’s palace fes morocco

doors to the king’s palace fes morocco

The countdown to the winter holidays has officially begun, and after all of the family drama that accompanies said holidays — hopefully you won’t end up with a turkey in your lap like the iconic Thanksgiving movie “Home for the Holidays” — you’re going to need a vacation. Not sure where to go? Fear not my friendlies because millennial-vacation expert Topdeck Travel has shared their best winter-vacay destinations based on your zodiac sign. If you’ve ever gone on a trip with a friend, then you know that what’s fun for a Virgo can be a nightmare for a Libra. This is why it’s a good idea to try a sign-specific trip at least once in your life.

Some signs love nothing more than a strict travel schedule that allows them to pack in as much as possible. Other signs like to vacation itinerary free and see what unfolds naturally. Before you book your winter getaway, make sure you and your travel companions jive, and this includes determining knowing whether or not you’ll enjoy the same destination, activities, and schedule.

One person’s ski trip is another person’s not-in-a-million years. One sign’s sunny-beach getaway is another sign’s sunburned nightmare. And there’s nothing worse than traveling with people who have an agenda opposite of yours, which can quickly turn the best friendships into fighting. If you want to keep your relationships intact in 2019, while also enjoying a totally boss vacation, consider planning your winter travel based on your zodiac sign.


Aries, as the trendsetter zodiac sign, you’re going to want to travel to a far-flung locale that’s not on everyone’s radar. For your winter getaway, Fes, Morocco, has everything you could want in a post-holiday vacay. You can explore the city on your own, visit the royal palace, uncover the city’s labyrinth of souks and cobblestone streets, and employ your Aries instincts to bargain and haggle you way through the local markets. This trip will definitely provide more than enough Instagram-worthy opportunities to give all of your followers FOMO.


Taurus, your best winter getaway based on your sign provides a bevy of beauty in one of the most breathtaking places on earth. Head to Reykjavik, Iceland, to bathe in the famed Blue Lagoon, witness the nightly display of the otherworldly Northern Lights, and spend your days basking in a winter wonderland. Take a food tour and a beer tasting, or rent a car and drive around the countryside. No matter what your agenda, Iceland is guaranteed to bring the magic.


Gemini, your twinning nature means you’re going to need a trip that caters to more than one side of your personality. For your winter vacay, pack your bags for Lisbon, Portugal. Explore the country’s storied history by day, then spend your evenings indulging in wild nightlife, hip eateries, an underground art scene, unique architecture, and countless opportunities to find live music and cocktails. Live tweet your adventure to let everyone know what they’re missing.


Cancer, as the most sensitive zodiac sign, you’re going to need a winter getaway that speaks to your soul, and because you’re likely in love, you’re probably going to want to bring your BAE. Your safe, cozy, and fulfilling winter vacay is Sorrento, Italy. Take in the unparalleled beauty of the the Amalfi Coast. Featuring dramatic cliff faces, sky-blue seas, pastel-hued houses, and endless options for homemade pasta and Italian wine, this cozy-AF trip is one getaway you’ll never want to return from.


Leo, it’s no secret that you love, love, love to be that star of the show. This is why you’re going to want to embark on a winter vacay where you can take center stage. Look no further than the Swiss Alps where there is no short of thrills guaranteed to keep all eyes on you. Enjoy night sledding, skiing, skydiving, or a helicopter tour of the mountains, all of which will allow for plenty of Instagram-worthy opportunities.


Virgo, remember that episode of the OG “Full House” where Danny Tanner made the family follow a vacay schedule called “The Clipboard of Fun?” Danny was likely a Virgo, and my dear Virgo, everyone knows you like things just the way you want them, and you want to see it all. Because you prioritize self-exploration and reflection, Amsterdam, Netherlands, is your perfect winter destination. The city boasts over 51 museums to explore that you can schedule to meet your desires, as well as options to take in the city on a bike tour or cruise along the city’s famed canal on your own time.


Libra my love, I am you, and I know that like me, you’re not a planner and making decisions is not your forte. You need a winter getaway that’s uber flexible and allows you to change plans on the fly depending on how you’re feeling at any given moment. For the indecisive Libra, head to a locale like Berlin, Germany, that allows you to see it all. You can take in historical attractions while also sampling some of the most famous nightlife in the world. Basically, you really can’t go wrong on this one. Because, there’s no need to decide on one thing when you can have all of the things.


Oh Scorpio, you mysterious and moody wonder of the zodiac, you need a winter vacay that caters to your hunger for the exploration of death and rebirth. Head to the city of lights, Paris, France, to embody all things French, including the total celebration of acting aloof. From history, to culture, food and wine that will give your friends FOMO, Paris is sure to capture your heart and soul.


Sagittarius, out of all the signs in the zodiac, you’re the one gifted with the most wanderlust. You never need an excuse to travel. But if you’re not sure where to head next, Rome, Italy, has everything a free spirit like you could want and more. This foodie mecca is filled with ancient architecture’s biggest players like the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum, and more. Eat and drink your way through this ancient city like a boss.


Capricorn, you’re the most hardworking sign. This means that while you’re the sign most in need of a vacay, you’re also the least likely to take one. Put down your iPad, clear your schedule, and pack your bags for a winter getaway to Europe where you can embark on a multi-country journey that takes you from London, to Venice, to Prague, and more. Country-hopping will satisfy your need to learn and grow while also giving you a much needed break from your nose-to-the grindstone daily life.


Aquarius, you’re the most go-your-own way sign in the zodiac. This means that your idea of the ideal winter vacay may not jive with that of your BAE or bestie. If you want to head out for a solo sojourn, it’s Prague, Czech Republic, for you. Aside from its scenic views combined with unique attractions like the Marionette Puppet Opera and Museum of Miniatures, you’ll appreciate a city where beer is cheaper than bottled water.


Pensive Pisces, you know that all who wander are not lost. If you want to take your self-reflection across the pond, head to Granada, Spain, for an adventure that lets you set the pace. Lose yourself in the city’s secret gardens, take in the smell of the fragrant rose bushes, enjoy the famous tapas and wine, and explore the city’s beautiful architecture. Whatever your jam, you can make it happen.