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These 15 Face Masks Are Some Of The Prettiest To Pamper Yourself With

beauty face mask

While at-home spa nights are always fun, sometimes you want to reach for something a little more special than your run-of-the-mill clay mask. Bring a whole new element to your skincare routine by trying out one of our pretty face mask picks, infusing your self care day with sparkles, rose gold tints, luxurious lace, and glamorous ingredients like real ruby and pearl powder. It’s time to take “treating yourself” to a whole new level.

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1. Masque Bar Metallic Masks)

Gold Foil Sheet Mask, $4, Masque Bar

Give yourself the gold treatment by trying out Masque Bar’s Metallics Collection. Grab a glass of wine, bundle yourself up in your favorite robe, and try out one of their rose gold, silver, or gold sheet masks to hydrate and soothe your complexion.

glam glow

glam glow

2. Glam Glow Glitter Mud Mask

Gravity Mud Glitter Mask, $60, Glam Glow

Turn your face into the night sky with this constellation-packed glitter mask. Not only do you get to sparkle and shimmer during your at-home spa day, but the Mud Mask delivers mega-targeted ingredients like licorice and marshmallow leaf that help tighten and lift your skin.

3. Glam Glow x My Little Pony Glitter Mask

Glam Glow x My Little Pony Glitter Mask, $60, Sephora

If you grew up with My Little Pony then you’re going to love these three highly pigmented, glitter-packed firming treatment masks. Meant to tighten your skin and shrink your pores, you can pamper your skin with these important ingredients while simultaneously channeling your favorite characters. Be Princess Luna with a black sparkle masks, Pinkie Pie the bubblegum pink shimmering mask, or Twighlight Sparkle with the magenta facial.

4. Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask

Purifying Pink Clay Mask, $50, Sand & Sky

This purifying mask goes on pink, dries on white, and feels thick and luxurious on your face, making you feel like you’re in an actual spa and not curled up on your living room couch. Not only is it pretty, but it’s a game changer for your skincare routine. Their pink clay is one the purest clays in the world, and it deeply cleanses and purifies the skin, combating everyday pollutions. Just check out their before and after blackhead and pore photos, and you’ll be scrambling to try it out yourself.

5. Dr. Jart's Shake & Shot Rubber Masks

Dr. Jart's New Shake & Shot Rubber Masks, $12, Sephora

On the outside, this looks like a creepy milkshake. On the inside, it’s a K-beauty rubber mask that, once applied, will moisturize your skin, fix any red patches, and improve your skin’s elasticity and firmness. You use the bottle to combine the ingredients and make the DIY rubber mask, and then you use the straw (which has a spatula scoop on the bottom) to spread it across your face. Fun, weird, and definitely effective.

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6. Masque Bar Bubble Mask

Oxygen Bubble Sheet Mask, $10, Masque Bar

Pull your hair back, place this unassuming sheet mask on your face, and watch your backlog of murder mystery shows as your face slowly morphs into a fluffy cloud of bubbles. It’s as fun as it is nourishing, where the oxygen in the mask deep cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes your skin.

7. I Dew Care Sugar Kitten Mask

Sugar Kitten Mask, $23, Ulta

Add some glam to your sweatpant-clad nights with this holographic peel-off mask from Korean skincare brand I Dew Care. Not only will you glisten like the inside of a seashell (thanks to the real ruby and pearl powder inside,) but it also has rose water and hyaluronic acid to give your skin a revitalized, dewy glow.

too faced

too faced

8. Too Faced Glow Job

Too Faced Glow Job, $42, Too Faced

Can you imagine the KiraKira Instagram selfies with this on? It’s a sparkle jackpot. Infused with real gold, this radiance-boosting peel-off glitter mask will leave your face feeling smoother, softer, and glowing.



9. “Pretty Sure I'm Gorgeous” Charcoal Creme Mask

Pretty Sure I'm Gorgeous Charcoal Creme Mask, $22, Revolve

Just imagine opening your bathroom cabinet, and there is your face mask, reminding you you’re a knock-out each morning. Not only is the label adorable, but this charcoal mask helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and blemishes while also delivering moisture to tired skin, making it the perfect mask for acne-prone and oily skin.

10. Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm

Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm, $14, Revolve

Using egg yolk to hydrate and smooth the skin, the interesting thing about this egg mask is its warming quality. It’s a self-heating balm that removes blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin cells with a targeted steaming effect, making your face feel like silk afterwards.

11. So Over It Papaya Enzyme Exfoliating Mask

So Over It Papaya Enzyme Exfoliating Mask, $22, Revolve

Voicing exactly how we feel about dull, dry skin, this enzyme mask increases cell turnover, giving you a brighter, healthier complexion. This gentle exfoliant is made with papaya and pineapple enzymes, delivering you a dewy complexion.

12. Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, $45, Sephora

Millennial pink, bouncy, and jiggly, this mask is almost as fun to play with as it is to wear. But once you put it on your skin, you’ll instantly see the benefits. A breathable sleeping mask, it hydrates and smooths your skin as you sleep, and its formula is transfer-proof and pillow-proof, meaning it won’t smear all over your bed sheets as you snooze.

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13. Starskins Lifting Lace Sculpting Mask

Starskins Lifting Lace Sculpting Mask, $15, Barneys

Bust out the special lace tonight - but rather than your best bra, bring out your best face mask. This breathable lace mask was inspired by medical science and compression treatments to tighten and lift your complexion. Acting like a face lift, it uses breathable, stretchable cotton fibers to deliver anti-aging formula while simultaneously reshaping your skin.

14. Green Tea Water Bomb Mask

Green Tea Water Bomb Mask, $30, Revolve

It’s an intense water bomb for your face! This bright green mask uses hyaluronic acid to deliver water to thirsty skin cells, while green tea soothes any redness and delivers antioxidants to your complexion.

15. LUSH Mask of Magnanimity Face and Body Mask

Mask of Magnanimity Face and Body Mask, $15, LUSH

Sometimes you body needs a mask, too! This particular formula can be used both on your face and your body, where it uses ingredients like honey and kaolin clay to rid your skin of impurities, and peppermint oil gives you a tingly clean sensation.