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Once You're In A Feud With Bad Neighbors, Can You Get Out?

Photo VIA Universal Pictures

Photo VIA Universal Pictures

This is a serious question plaguing me right now. I feel like I'm in my very own The Neighbors movie. Except I haven't unknowingly moved in next to a frat house. I've been quietly living in my second-floor apartment for nearly three years without issue until two young ladies moved in above me. While I feel 100% in the right, I'm starting to question if being right in this situation is even worth it. In short, I want out of the feud, but I also think my neighbors are too immature to adhere to a cease-fire. For context, I'll give you my account of what started the feud.


My upstairs neighbor had been having some sort of gathering that for the first few hours was tolerable. Sure, it was loud, but it was Saturday so I expected that although I'm at home watching video game streams, alone others might would kickin' it.


Around 3 a.m. is when things started to go South. One of my neighbors has a chronically belligerent-drunk boyfriend, and he started a wrestling match. All of the sudden I hear running, bodies slamming, floor shaking, and screaming. It didn't sound like a domestic violence issue, but more like someone who was out of control.

I'd like to note that this isn't the first time the upstairs neighbor's boyfriend has been in their apartment acting belligerent. I've heard the sweet melody of their toxic relationship many times before in the middle of the night but never said a word. This time, however, I decided to say something. So I put on my bathrobe, tied my headscarf tight, slipped my booties on and rode the elevator one floor up to the beginning of my nightmare.

SUNDAY 3:05ish A.M.

I knocked on the door once, and I could hear people arguing over who if anyone should answer the door. I knock again, still more indecision about whether or not they're going to acknowledge the unknown in the hallway. A third knock led to the door swinging open and no one standing in the entryway. I suppose they decided that they would both answer and not answer the door, clever I suppose. What laid before me was my neighbor sitting at her kitchen counter like a deer in headlights. Two men were in the living room, and one such belligerent boyfriend was hiding behind the door. I knew in that instant that this shit was about to get real.

I told them that I knew they were having a good time but if they could keep it down, I'd really appreciate it. Belligerent boyfriend slammed the door in my face, and it took nanoseconds for my blood pressure to hit the roof. I yelled "you know what, I'm gonna call the cops if you don't keep it down" and retreated back to my apartment.


The wrestling and screaming, continued and I sat in my living room for another hour hoping they would just relax. At 4a.m. I requested a cop come over for a noise violation and afterward they calmed down. It wasn't until 5 a.m. that I was able to get any sleep.


Since that night she's been stomping on my ceiling in protest. I've been up there a few times, but she never comes to the door. Apparently, she prefers to communicate using Morse Code through the floor. My apartment's management has gone to speak with her, and she leaves them in the hallway knocking as well. They've sent letters and tried to call her, but nothing. So here's my dilemma: I'm clearly dealing with a person who is incapable of having an adult interaction, but I'm at a disadvantage now because she can and does intentionally disrupt my peace daily.

I went back and watched The Neighbors for a morale boost and also for some guidance on how to handle bad neighbors. If I follow Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne's plan I would set up my neighbors by disrupting party fliers throughout the neighborhood. Once a party they had no intention of throwing was in full swing, I would then alert the Dean so that their frat gets thrown off campus. That was an ingenious plan. Sadly, that solution isn't really applicable here. So, what the hell do I do? Once you're in a feud with the neighbors, can you even get out?