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5 Reasons To Get Your Astrological Birth Chart Analysis Done

astrological birth chart

Getting your astrological birth chart done is so fun because the information is just soooo good.

If you read your horoscope on the regular, and you often think the predictions don’t really apply to you, a number of factors could be at play, including the time and place you were born. While I embody a lot of the traits of Libra, some of the Libra characteristics don’t really suit me. Because I wanted to better understand my position in the universe, I decided to get my astrological birth chart done. In general, I tend to think of astrology like a maps app for my life. Knowing what’s coming up, and what planets are influencing my chart, can help me avoid some karmic traffic jams.

However, just like a maps app, sometimes those astro predictions direct me to drive into a lake. Ultimately, it’s up to me. Astrology gives me the information, but it’s me who has to decide what to do with it. When it comes to astrology, it’s important to remember that you have free will. While you’re being influenced by the stars, the path you take in life is up to you. Translation — you don’t have to drive into that lake. Think of astrology as your cosmic life coach, and your birth chart as the advice that coach gives you.

The more you know about your chart, the better you’ll be able to understand how certain planets influence your life, which can also help you identify pitfalls and opportunities. “Deep inside your birth chart lays the secret code that will unlock your psyche and all of its potential,” Maria DeSimone wrote for “A thorough analysis of your chart will help you understand not only your talents, but also your short circuits.” If you want to be able to better navigate your cosmic journey, here are five reasons why you should get your birth chart done.

1. Learn More About Your Idiosyncrasies

astrological birth chart

Ever wonder why you get obsessed with something, why you’re afraid of commitment, or why certain things make you frustrated AF? Your astrological birth chart could provide some insights. I tend to get fixated on a topic, person, or group for an extended period of time, and I learn absolutely everything I can. Trust me, when I go down one of these rabbit holes I can beat anyone at trivia if the object of my obsession is on the table. I’m currently obsessed with the true-crime comedy podcast My Favorite Murder, and learning everything I can has occupied most of the very little free time I have.

According to my birth chart, my North Node, which Cafe Astrology explained on its website “represents the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karma,” is fused with Pluto and Mercury. Apparently, this makes me completely obsessed with analyzing and communicating ideas. This matches up with my tendency to become an expert of certain topics, and to explain them to anyone who will listen, and it’s probably one of the reasons I became a writer.

2. Understand How You Function In Relationships


This one was pretty revealing for me. When I get into both romantic relationships and friendships, I tend to sacrifice my needs for the needs and desires of the other person, which usually leads to my feeling trapped and resentful. In some cases, I feel like I’m losing my identity and disappearing completely, and I end the relationship.

While a lot of factors likely play into this behavior, it was revealing to see it explained in my birth chart. Libras tend to be givers and strive for harmony above all else. I often operate on an all-or-nothing plane. If I can’t find the balance, I peace out and don’t look back. This is one of the weaknesses my birth chart identifies, and it’s something I know I need to work on.

3. Learn How To Overcome Your Fears


Public speaking? No thanks, I’d rather stick a pen in my eye. My birth chart identified this even though I gave no information about any of my fears when I had my chart done. The reason I become obsessive about certain things — that whole Mercury-Pluto thing — is also the reason I am terrified of speaking in public.

I obsess so much about how awful I think it’s going to be that I work myself up into an anxious mess. My chart revealed that I’d be better served by grounding myself and expressing how I feel without apology. My birth chart coupled with the fact that I’m an Irish-Italian who was raised Catholic means I apologize for everything, including existing at all. This causes me to bottle up my fears and live in a state of constant anxiety.

4. What You Seek & Why


It’s no secret that Libras like to surround themselves with beauty and harmony. The position of Venus in my chart means I take this to the extreme. I cannot function or be happy in a space that isn’t orderly, soothing and pleasing to the eye, and I work overtime to make sure my home is a beautiful sanctuary. Tension from people, or even the way a chair or picture is positioned in a room, is not my jam, and I work to fix it ASAP.

5. It Puts Everything Into Perspective


Most of the things in my birth chart have been apparent in my life for a long time. What’s more, because of the way I was raised, and because I also battle anxiety and depression, I have to work twice as hard to overcome the obstacles outlined in my chart. Having this knowledge in my toolbox has helped me be a little kinder to myself when something is taking longer than it should.

It helps me to spend less time beating myself up when I fail to stand up for myself, and it allows me to give myself permission to practice self-care when I’m feeling overwhelmed. For an obsessive like me who likes to know everything all of the freakin’ time, getting my birth chart done has helped me focus on the bigger picture and let go of a little control. Want to get your chart done? You can do your birth chart for free on Cafe Astrology.

Have you done your astrological birth chart? Share your experience in the comments below.