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20 Aquarius Tattoos That'll Inspire Your Next Original Ink



Zodiac Aquarius is the water-bearer and goddess that gives water to the gods and life to the world. Aquarian women are born between January 20 and February 18 and believe strongly in helping people. They rebel against authority and love progress and social change. Celebrity Aquarians include Kelly Rowland, Elizabeth Olsen, Kerry Washington and Yara Shahidi.

Because Aquarius is an air sign, it can be confusing that they are represented mostly by water. The representation is figurative though. Water represents emotion for Aquarians and how they know and understand the emotions of others, yet are not easily influenced by them.

Many Aquarians keep emotion behind their tattoos; the water-bearer is strong, fair and kind, so their ink reflects that. Here are some of our favorite Aquarius tattoos on Instagram.

Aquarius Symbol Tattoos

The Aquarius symbol shows two parallel zigzag lines, which mimic the appearance of an ocean wave. Zodiac symbol-inspired tattoos are delicate and pretty, and the perfect design for the Aquarian woman in your life. The design is simple, yet tells the story of hundreds of thousands of women throughout history. These are a few of our favorite symbol Aquarius tattoos.

Aquarian Kayleigh Camilleri got these tiny ocean waves tattooed above her wrist to symbolize her zodiac. With a blue outline instead of black, the piece has a softer appearance than most.

These circles and overlapping triangles by Klara Stacova are a sweet nod to the Aquarius zodiac sign. The overlapping triangles reference the air sign, and the flower wreath is a pretty addition.

Tattooer Rêka Bittencourt centers her symbol Aquarius tattoo on the back of her client’s arm. The wavy lines meant to resemble the Aquarius zodiac symbol and the small, drop-down heart is included to be more charming.

Artist Inacio Araujo has a more literal version take on the Aquarius tattoo with a stiff, zigzag-patterned piece. This one is intended to commemorate the Aquarius in the client’s life since it also offers a date to accent.

Jessica Porfirio’s Aquarius tattoo uses the symbol as its home base. The linework is extremely fine and creates a small and relatively unnoticeable tattoo perfect for the Aquarius who wants to rebel but also doesn’t want to do so openly.

Aquarius Goddess Tattoos

The Greek goddess who resembles the Aquarius zodiac is Ganymede. Ganymede was a Trojan princess, summoned to Mount Olympus by Zeus to bear water for the gods. Ganymede is often depicted in Aquarius tattoos as a young woman bearing water-laden vases.

Maggie Cho’s art shows off a very classically drawn Aquarian goddess, cradling her water-urn above her head. Water spills from the urn and down the woman’s side. The goddess is simply decorated, yet enticingly drawn. We love the look.

The centaur/water-bearer by Iris Yang is a definitively more whimsical version of the Aquarian goddess, but we love her look. The girl holds fast to her water-vase, with stars and planets glimmering around her.

We love the sketched quality of this Aquarius tattoo by Bruno Rabello. The design depicts a woman, barely clothed, with wrapped blue hair that favors water. The zodiac wheel sits behind her head as she gazes upwards, with the Aquarius symbol highlighted.

Susi Maria Schwenk’s version of the Aquarian goddess tattoo has an underwater quality to her look. The goddess stares intently from the arm of the client, clutching a sharp spear. She is shaded a light blue, using a watercolor technique that blows us away entirely.

Tattoo artist Brianne Sienkiewicz’s Aquarius tattoo is a massive thigh piece that boldly advertises her client’s zodiac. The water-bearing goddess shown has long, dark tresses which cascade above her head almost as though she is in water instead of pouring it from the urn. The water from the urn mimics the goddess’s hair in the opposite direction.

Tattoo maven Marilen Adrover takes neo-traditional tattoos to the next level with this Aquarius goddess tattoo. She is layered with shades of blues and greens. Her face has a realistic quality, and she drips water from an intricately detailed golden urn.

Aquarius Urn Tattoos

The water vase, or urn, is symbolic of the water-bearing Aquarius. The water flowing out of the vase is significant to the universe’s endless possibilities in the realm of life. Here are some of the best water-urn Aquarius tattoos for the Aquarian in your life.

Tattoo artist Liane Anymark created this enchanting design to pay tribute to the Aquarius zodiac. The urn of the water-bearer spills water while surrounded by giant roses. The urn is actually decorated with the symbol of Aquarius, two ridged lines. Anymark’s shading of the piece is almost-realistic in quality.

Tattooer Mia’s Aquarius tattoo is a gorgeous combination of purples, blues and orangey-tones. The blue water spills out of the water vase and is surrounded by purple smoke. From the smoke and water comes the head of a lion. This tattoo is creative and different, and we love the script leading away from the image that says, “love, laugh, live.”

This teeny-tiny urn by artist Seyoon Kim is absolutely adorable! The water stays in the vase for this one, but in it sits a miniature yellow moon. We really love this one because it’s easily missed, yet very apparent if you look closely.


Aquarius Constellation Tattoos

The Aquarius constellation sits between the Pisces and Capricorn constellations in the night sky. The brightest star in Aquarius is Sadalsuud, glowing a brilliant 600 lightyears away. Constellation-inspired zodiac tattoos are well-known choices for every zodiac on the spectrum, so here are some of our favorite constellation Aquarius tattoos.

This delicate ink from Donghwa Tattoo depicts the intersection of Uranus and Aquarius. This is a beautiful option for the minimalist Aquarian.

Tattoo maven Stacie Harwood takes her time with her watercolor pieces. Harwood’s tattoos take time, and many tries to get them perfect for her clients. This Aquarius constellation is littered with blue and purple watercolor, and it looks incredible inked onto her client’s forearm.

Killer whales are breathtaking creatures, but this Aquarius constellation and killer whale tattoo by Trevor Frasca is something else entirely. The creativity behind the piece makes it about a million times more captivating, and we are loving it.

Aquarius Water Tattoos

Although Aquarius is designated as an air sign, we all know that water is where this sign finds comfort. The water often symbolizes life’s possibilities, as well as fertility, for an Aquarian. Because of this water theme, you may often see your fellow air-dwellers with water-themed Aquarius tattoos. These are our favorites!

Talented tattooer Bere decorated her client with this water-inspired Aquarius tattoo. The pink-and-orange clam is a fetching base to the giant pearl on its pad as well as the silvery-gray pearls draped across the top-and-bottom shells. The silver pearls are actually our favorite part of the tattoos because of the depth Bere used to make them stand out. Your favorite Aquarian mermaids would love this tattoo.

Taís Thorpe’s Aquarius tattoo gives a nod to the Pisces sign as well. Pisces is the fish zodiac, and the bowl on the head of the water-bearer is filled with fish. We love this water-themed Aquarius tattoo because of the magical quality it possesses. It looks both real and imaginary, an appealing juxtaposition.

This water-themed Aquarius tattoo by artist Tram features a girl, filled with the ocean. The ocean part of the tattoo acknowledges the love most Aquarius have for the water. We appreciate the delicate nature of the lines, as they almost look to be drawn free-hand.

Tattoos are an ideal source of so-called rebellion for the Aquarius zodiac, and we love these Aquarian designs. If anyone wants to show the world who’s in charge, these are a surefire way to do it. From water-themed designs to un-inspired designs, the Aquarian princess you know will surely enjoy these tattoos as much as we do.