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Is Apple's Nike Watch The Running Buddy You Never Had?

apple watch nike plus

I'll be honest, I'm totally an Apple fan girl. I get excited when they unveil their new products but lately I've been a tad underwhelmed immediately after.

Still, I'm a fan girl. They make really solid products, that seem to never break, at least for me. Please note that I'm not at all referring to their screens or chargers. However, I digress, so naturally when they unveiled their Nike Plus watch my ears perked up. My two worlds were colliding. I love any motivation to get me through cardio, and it's usually a combination of my go-to music and my stats. Therefore I can understand the appeal of having real-time stats viewable right from your wrist during a run.

Compared to the Series 1 Apple Watch, with Series 2 you're going to get a built in GPS, water-resistant form factor up to 50 meters, a faster processor, and a brighter display. The Nike Plus watch comes with extra exclusive design elements. For starters think of the Apple's collaboration with Nike as the Nike Plus app embedded in the Apple Watch.

The watch's form factor comes complete with the perforated wristband for aeration but the casing is the same aluminum material. Two of the watch faces are now dedicated to running metrics and display key running elements like stopwatch and weather. You also get to see all your running data at a glance. I thought it was pretty cool and a snazzy play on the athletic wearables market, and I expect even greater growth from the collab.

Admittedly I'm easily tempted by a sexy gadget. Alas, this one is not for me. When it comes to running or cardio I prefer shorter distances and don't generally run outdoors. I'm not enough of a running fan girl to justify purchasing the Nike Plus Apple Watch. However, what is a running buddy but someone to help push you further and keep you motivated? I think this watch could do just that for the right person.