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Bank Accounts REJOICE : Amazon To Lower Whole Foods' Prices

whole foods amazon

A super secret source has revealed that Amazon plans to cut Whole Foods' Pricing.

I had but one, okay, maybe two wishes once the news broke that Amazon would be purchasing Whole Foods. The first wish was that my favorite impulse purchase two-day shipping online store would ship my organic everything groceries to my doorstep. The second wish was that they'd lower those absurd prices. Why must I go into debt to buy your avocados Whole Foods, why?

Well, ladies let your purses REJOICE because soon you will be able to buy your organic-yogurt-covered-organic-almonds for a much lower price. We'll have to wait until federal regulators and shareholders approve the deal to see what those prices end up being, so patience will be key. Still, a "source" went to Bloomberg and revealed that Amazon plans to nix Whole Foods' pricey image while retaining the food quality.

This news is HUGE because it could make quality food more accessible to lower income people, which is a topic close to my heart. If you haven't already, please read my Fitness is A Privilege post where I talk about the barriers that many low-income fitness aspirants face as quality foods, gym memberships, & proper gym wear come at a premium cost.

The deal is set to finalize in the second half of this year, so I'm sure there will be more news to come. However, I'm excited and foaming at the mouth with anticipation. Apparently, this low-cost effort will be combined with their no-checkout technology where essentially you would walk into the store, pick foods off of the shelf, place them in your basket and be automatically billed. Mind blown, right? Well, Amazon has a convenience store in their headquarters of Seattle where this technology is already at play. It's not hard to feel like we're being thrust into the future of commerce, but I'm game. I just really want my organic water delivered directly to my door within two days. I'm kidding, there's no such thing as organic water, right?

So let me ask you, what does this potentially mean for your grocery bill? Did you shop at Whole Foods before? Will you after the Amazon deal is complete? Speak your mind in the comments.